All market data delayed 20 minutes. In some cases, he said, police release selective information to justify the shooting. #justiceforjames, He wasn't even the suspect they were looking for. Recording of the Phoenix police shooting death of James Garcia. Police talked to "several people including a man inside of the vehicle in the driveway," said the spokeswoman, Mercedes, in the YouTube video. “He didn’t let go of it.”. "Officers talked to the man for approximately 10 minutes, asking him to leave his car so they could secure the scene. Phoenix police have not yet identified the officers. (Phoenix Police Department). ", On Facebook, PLEA defended the officers, saying "It was a criminal suspect's actions that left our officers with no other option but to use lethal force to protect themselves.". "That's f----d up.

It was later revealed that Garcia was just sleeping inside his vehicle and was not, in fact, the aggravated assault suspect the police were looking for. "He's dead man. "Releasing body-worn camera (BWC) footage from the officers directly involved before all witness and officer interviews are completed could compromise the investigation.".

Police confirmed no officers were injured in the shooting, and said both officers were wearing body cameras. One of the officers yells into the vehicle, "Stop (expletive) moving, I will shoot you.". "The investigation into this shooting is still in the early stages," said Sgt. "It is premature for Phoenix City Council member Carlos Garcia and other elected officials to jump to conclusions about the situation and make inflammatory comments about Phoenix police officers without all of the facts," London said in a statement. A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. "I think the political climate that we're in regarding police shootings has made police departments, including the city of Phoenix, more willing to provide information on the onset of such a tragedy," said Daniel Ortega, the lawyer representing Garcia's family. Fox News Flash top headlines are here. The video that has been circulating online is just over two minutes long, showing four officers surround a four-door beige vehicle on a driveway. Phoenix police release bodycam video from fatal officer shooting … "There's no bigger shock that comes to a parent that their son or daughter has been fatally shot," Ortega said. Family of Phoenix man shot, killed by police demands 'every … Phoenix police under fire after viral video shows officers fatally …

Wagner said she’s known Garcia for about two years, adding that her son’s known him longer. They were planning to go somewhere when Garcia waited in his car in the driveway while Hansen got ready, Wagner said. "This hurtful rhetoric is creating more division and distrust within our community and is significantly impacting morale within the Phoenix Police Department. The Phoenix Police Department is under scrutiny again after the fatal shooting by officers of a 28-year-old man in west Phoenix on the Fourth of July. According to Phoenix police, officers told the man to exit the vehicle but he refused and instead armed himself with a handgun. After they killed my brother they found the suspect they were looking for had nothing to do with my brother," she wrote, before adding that she and her mother are planning to take legal action against the Phoenix Police Department. On Tuesday, two state Democratic lawmakers demanded that Phoenix police release all body cam footage from the shooting. WATCH: Video Shows Phoenix Police Shooting of James Garcia | … Advocates have protested the Police Department for years, decrying the high-rate of police shootings and the lack of access to basic information such as the police report, 911 calls and on-body camera footage for cases that were recorded. "Releasing the information which we are asking for will not negatively impact the internal investigation in any way, but it would go a long way in establishing a greater level of trust between the community and law enforcement," Quezada said in a statement. In 2019, the Police Department was involved in 15 shootings, the fewest number of cases in a decade. We want every single body camera," Poder in Action executive director Viri Hernandez said to the crowd. What the f—k man?" New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Wins by Landslide in General Elections 2020, 'Don't Worry, Monkey Vaccine Is Fine': UK Minister Blasts Russia Over Spreading Fake News on Oxford Vaccine, 'Witch' and 'Vampire' Murdered Woman From Tinder and Cut Her Body Into 14 Pieces.

“He was very well mannered, very well-dressed, was pretty much an all-around good guy,” Wagner said. He is heard saying to other officers, “Where’s the gun?”, WISCONSIN POLICE OFFICER FATALLY SHOOTS BLACK MAN ALLEGEDLY WIELDING KNIVES, FAMILY SAYS RACE PLAYED ROLE, “It’s in his lap,” he is told. Garcia's head is rested on the window sill as officers keep yelling, pointing their weapons at him, the footage shows. I will f---ing shoot you," one of the officers says to Garcia. Her 26-year-old son Shawn Hansen, who lives at the home, considered Garcia his best friend, she said. 64-Year-Old Disappeared During Hong Kong Protests Says 'I Was Afraid I Would Die', Social Media Influencer Who Believed Coronavirus 'Does Not Exist' Dies After Contracting COVID-19, Racist New York Man Abuses Asian Journalist On Camera, Threatens To Infect Him With Coronavirus [VIDEO]. Police did not say if Garcia was the man the 911 caller had referred to. Rising Project.

"Stop f-----g moving. Officers had initially responded to the scene after a report of an aggravated assault case. She recalled a time when Garcia jumped on a chair during a barbecue when a mouse scurried across the patio. Phoenix Police Department released body cam footage of an assisting officer not involved in the shooting death of James Garcia.

They want the City Council to take away funds from the Phoenix Police Department and invest them in social services that help reduce crime.

Ortega, Garcia's family lawyer, said he wants the Police Department to release the full-body camera footage of the officers who shot Garcia and the ones who were on the scene when it happened. International Business Times, Singapore Edition, Chinese Customs Allegedly Block BTS Merchandise, 'BE Water' Promotion Linked to Hong Kong, Rapper Brags About Unemployment Benefits Scam in Music Video, Gets Arrested for Defrauding over $ 1.2 million, Frozen Food Packaging Contaminated With Living Coronavirus Can Cause COVID-19, Warns Chinese CDC, Who Is Grandma Wong? Fortune said police went to the scene in response to a 911 call from a stabbing victim. We cannot allow for dishonest narratives to be built by violent departments. The footage belongs to an officer who was not involved in the shooting but arrived on the scene to assist in the aftermath, the department said. He did not drop the gun but began to lift it. The man repeatedly told officers to shoot him and lifted the gun toward officers. The caller said he was hospitalized after the man stabbed him a week before. The department did not specify what social media claims were false. The Republic has also found that a majority of Phoenix police shootings since 2010 have been in low-to-middle income neighborhoods where Hispanic people are the majority. Viewer discretion is advised), Garcia Had a Gun and Refused to Exit Vehicle, Say Police.

Another officer on the other side of the vehicle then appears to strike the car's window with a baton before multiple shots ring out. The July 4 shooting of James Porter Garcia, 28, sparked protests organized by Black Lives Matter and Poder In Action, Fox 10 Phoenix reported Monday. What are you guys doing," the bystander adds as officers continue to point their weapons at Garcia. Phoenix PD put out a YouTube video Monday that included the body cam footage.

"We want every single video. He was unarmed and shot at close range. Ortega said Garcia's mother was devastated. SAN DIEGO POLICE SHOOT MAN THEY SAY SLIPPED OUT OF HANDCUFFS, GRABBED OFFICER'S SPARE GUN. ", Griselda Alvarez said she met Garcia through a mutual friend two summers ago. “Everyone kind of feels like they (police) murdered Jay.

She said Garcia refused orders to get out of the car, rolled up the windows, and pulled out a gun.

“I keep thinking it’s a bad dream and we’re going to wake up and we’re all going to laugh about this, but unfortunately I walk out to my driveway and I realize that it's real,” she said. Bodycam footage shows an officer putting on surgical gloves, moving towards Garcia, and pulling a handgun out of the vehicle. "Officers ordered the man to drop the gun but he refused. “It sounded like a war had broken out in front of my house,” she said. The footage shows the moment one officer breaks a passenger side window. "The sooner the family can get answers as to what happened, the better for everyone," he said. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Wagner said she didn’t know police were outside the home until she heard gunshots. For more stories that matter, subscribe to