News? The name is not given by Fonda, but late lunch and skipping the dinner leads to 14 hours fasting a day which is an effective process for fat loss. As she has gotten older, Jane transitioned from the rigorous, high-impact aerobic exercise she extolled during the 1980s to gentler, lower-impact workouts. The actress shared she is not gluten-free or 100% organic, but she does "eat healthy, fresh food, minimal red meat." “I try to eat fresh foods. “After I turned 60, I began to understand who I was, and became young again.”. “I don’t run, I walk. Fonda says one should set the goal of fitness and health as per one’s own body. Now, she adheres to a fashionable color diet. Chewing food properly and slowly is a must, as that prevents mindless eating. Health, Beauty, Fitness, Diet, Style & Relationships, Jane Fonda, 77, Dazzles Golden Globes: Her Low-Carb Diet and Exercise Plan. As reported by Yahoo, the talented actress has admitted that she isn’t able to do her favorite aerobic exercises anymore because she has one knee and hip replaced. In 2019, the actress was arrested multiple times for protesting the climate crisis. The recipient of the American Film Institute’s AFI Life Achievement Award believes that everyone should do some form of exercise on a daily basis. Scroll through to read all of her rules to live by. Well, speaking to Well + Good in July 2020, Jane Fonda revealed her conscious eating includes "fresh fruits and vegetables every single day. These days, she's taken to TikTok to share even more fitness tips. Anti-gay street preacher charged for allegedly breaking Vancouver man's leg, Rebel Wilson Just Wore the High-Waisted Leggings Practically Every Celeb Owns, Matthew McConaughey turned down a $14.5 million offer after vowing to no longer make rom-coms: 'F**k the bucks'. Her career has spanned over 60 years with Fonda getting her start on the stage before snagging the cover of Vogue and making her mark as on-screen actress in 1960's Tall Story. I don’t downhill ski; I cross country ski when I can. See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed, 5 things that could change fast if Trump loses, Demi Lovato doesn't back down with anti-Trump performance at Billboard Music Awards: 'I literally don't care if this ruins my career', Saskatoon police hand out more than 30 tickets to people allegedly taking photos of fatal crash, A sheriff's sergeant is questioning the rescued Zion National Park hiker's story, saying there's no way she could have survived for 2 weeks off river water, Epstein’s ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell Accused of Sending Girls to His Powerful Friends. “I … She prefers having a late lunch and a very light dinner. I still work out, although these days I do it slowly,” she tells DailyMail. New South Wales: A 40+ Dating Site That Actually Works!