Learn more about licensing or reproducing content on this site. Increased congestion, longer commute times, and rising emissions compelled us to pioneer a new class of electric aircraft that quietly soars above gridlock—getting you to where you are going up to five times faster than driving. Lilium and Volocopter, both based in Germany, followed closely behind, with war chests of $100.9 and $96.5 million, respectively. This approach allows us to ensure highly-trained pilots are flying our vehicles, while we continually optimize the service to steadily lower prices. The future Uber Air platform was significantly strengthened by its partnership with Joby, which many in the industry believe to have the most advanced eVTOL technology. Joby Aviation is founded in 2009 to revolutionize personal transportation with electric VTOL aircraft. Transportation systems in many of our cities are at the breaking point, while population growth, urbanization, and underfunded infrastructure remain powerful trends. Whether you are conducting research, writing a paper for school or planning the next business step and you want to make an informed decision, Datastical is the website with the answers. Located in the mountains above Santa Cruz, we offer a unique opportunity to remain close to the magic of Silicon Valley, but far enough away from the commotion to hear yourself think. Early subscale testing followed by hundreds of full-scale test flights throughout the hover, transition, and wingborne flight regimes prove the design is reliable, quiet, efficient, and well-suited to the air taxi mission. “They have developed one of the most elegant and capable solutions to the eVTOL challenge, and it’s fantastic that the company has finally revealed to the world what it has been working on. Toyota’s investment comes as a number of aircraft OEMs — and automakers, believing peak auto sales are behind them — seek to secure their place in the future of transportation. Congestion is bad… and getting worse. Designed with high levels of redundancy to avoid single points of failure, our piloted aircraft will get you comfortably and reliably to your destination. We envision a world freed from the constraints of ground-based transportation, where daily life is no longer defined by hours wasted sitting in traffic⁠—a world of more abundant time to spend how you value most, and the freedom to choose where to work, play, and call home. Ten years ago, we set out to improve daily transportation. Over the following years, Joby develops simultaneous capabilities in rapid prototyping, advanced carbon fiber structures, high-fidelity aerodynamics analysis, and electric motor design. They became a part of the Motor Carrier Management Information System index on Tuesday 11th April 2017 and their US Department of Transportation number is 2995774. This is leading to ever-longer commute times and lower quality of life. Browse data sets, official statistics and graphs to find the answers you seek. From inception, the fully-electric powertrain enables lower fuel costs, less maintenance, and faster speeds, allowing operating expenses to be spread over a larger number of trips. Over time, we will scale the service—increasing manufacturing volume, vertiport infrastructure, and usage—to steadily lower passenger pricing, eventually approaching the cost of ground transportation today. Joby opens its formal certification program with the FAA. Joby develops and begins flight testing production prototypes on the path towards polished products ready for certification, production, and operation.