The family's fifth-born, Jake Smollett, is a 31-year-old American actor. His children appeared together in the 90s popular ABC series,'On Our Own'. He has been nominated 11 times and awarded 12 times. Stay with SuperbHub for more entertainment news. As far as concern, his celebrity daughter has an estimated net worth of $2 Million from her successful acting career. They also appear on TV shows in order to raise awareness about the disease. Your email address will not be published. Jazz and Troy together work in the entertainment world. She’s attracted media attention thanks to the success of her children. He is an actor and the CEO and founder of Hosted, an app designed to "revolutionize the way we plan.". As of now, his children who are in the media industry are all doing well and are able to increase their paycheck. Fly High Daddy.”.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He started his career at the early age of five as a child actor in 1987 featuring commercials and films. She was born on 1st October 1986. Born on October 8, 1956, Joel Smollett was the son of Peter Smollett and Molly Hirschenson. BroadbentJurnee and Hydeia work with various institutions like Black AIDS Institute, Red Cross, and many more. Celebrity News, Entertainment, Bio & Article, Joel Smollett death: A huge loss to Family. Jussie isn’t the only one from his family who is involved in the entertainment business, in fact, the entire Smollett family is. He was also blessed with an inherent love for acting, which made him a popular choice for playing little boys of color in television series. Janet was born on 27th November 1952 and is 67 years as of September 2020. Besides, his death was a huge loss for the Smollett kids. Fly High Daddy.”. Joel Smollett may not be a known name in the movie and film industry but he is sure a successful man in the industry. Joel Smollett Sr was the kind of father who was always there for his children from their early years to adulthood. He is not an actor but he has invested so much in the film industry through his children one of which is the multiple award-winning actor, Jussie Smollett who is best known as Jamal Lyon following his role in the critically acclaimed TV series, Empire. All of his children are successful in their respective careers.
Keeping this in mind the father of famous actress Jurnee Smollett is someone who did his best to uplift his children’s career. In his tribute to his father on his Instagram page, the Empire actor referred to his father as the family’s inspiration, king and Champ. mode: 'thumbnails-b',

His grandparents are Dawley Levy and David Smollett. Jurnee Diana Smollett is the fourth child of Janet and Joel Smollett.

I thought too myself what a gorgeous bunch of youngins they are, and as I see them now all grown up and living out their dreams and pursuing successful careers, just want to say God Bless Them Always and job well done to their parents.

Joel Smollett was born to father, Peter Smollett, and mother, Molly Hirschenson on October 8, 1956.Likewise, his grandparents are Dawley Levy and David Smollett. Joel was married to his adorable wife, Janet. Thank you for the information shared here!!! What Is Wrong With Barron Trump, Is He Really Autistic? You Live on. Born on June 21, 1982, Jussie is an actor, photographer, and a singer by profession. They regularly visit schools and educate people about HIV AIDS. Best couples are no different; we've seen marriages between lovebirds crash when... One would like to think that being a billionaire would at least solve the problem of greed, instead, the reverse is the case for... Instagram was launched only about a decade ago, but today, with its more than half a billion users, it has since joined the big... Charles Barkley is famous for being one of the most phenomenal American basketball players of all time. Copyright © 2020 Celebrity Biography & Gossip News. The rest of the Smollett family is also involved in the entertainment business in one way or the other. Out here in NOLA loving every moment, I’m with my fam, get to see the one and only @jussiesmollett perform at #EssenceFest tonight and it’s lit! With all his hardships, Joel Smollett… We ate gumbo and food for our soul by @CastlesCatering. He is an actor and producer for movies like Roseanne (1988), City of Hope (1991), and The Practice (1991). Joel’s family was big with a total of eight members to feed. Jocqui Smollett, born on August 2, 1993, is the youngest and talented sibling of the Smollett family. Jazz often assists her producer husband Mr. Warwell with his movie projects as a co-producer and an actress. }); Your email address will not be published. Who is the oldest Smollett sibling? Joel Smollett Sr. was the head of the famous Smollett family. Joel Smollett Sr. - On Our Own Actor Jojo Smollett's Deceased Dad. Jessica Nigri Net Worth: How Much Money Does The Cosplayer Make? According to World Atlas, there are 180 currencies in circulation that are recognized by the United Nations across the wide world and these are... Those who can tell a thing or two about Kristen Welker will quickly point out that she is a media personality known for her... Autism is prevalent and can affect people of all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic groups. The young celebrity is a great singer and actor.

Joel Smollett daughter Jazz Smollett and her husband Troy Warwell married happily. Jazz has not been awarded yet, however, she has attended several award ceremonies. His children keep on remembering him. Having entered the world of showbiz at a very tender age, Jake grew up in front of the camera, a fact that explains the confidence he naturally exudes as a performer. Copyright © 2019-2020 Free Articles by, All rights reserved. Joel Smollett was the son of Molly Hirschenson and Peter Smollett. Jussie's father, Joel, was born on 8th October 1956. The family book which was published in 2018, serves as another source of income to Joel’s family. When you add the baggage of struggle with alcoholism and bad press... Daniel Tosh is an American stand up comedian, actor, writer, executive producer, and television host. Mais tarde, ele co-estrelou os filmes The Mighty Ducks (1992) e North (1994). 20 Strongest and Most Powerful Currencies in The World (Updated 2020), Little Known Facts About Kristen Welker’s Career, Parents and Husband. Additionally, he worked as a cable splicer before his death in 2015. He married Janet Smollett. His father worked for the film industry as a film editor and later was known as the union organizer. Jurnee has been working to prevent HIV AIDS and help the victims since she was eleven years old. This New York socialite is known for her legacy in fashion designing, acting, and writing. She got married to Troy Warwell, a renowned film producer, in the year 2012. Janet who is an American citizen was born on November 27, 1952, in New Orleans,  Louisiana. You showed deepest strength and dignity until your last breath. He is known for playing the role of ‘Jarreau Jerrico in On Our Own. Jurnee has been awarded as the ‘Best Younger Performer’ for the movie ‘Choice’ and for outstanding actress in a motion picture in 2008. Jake was nominated for a young artist in the category of the best actor under ten on playing the sitcom on our own. His daughter Jurnee posted a heartful post on Instagram on the Fathers’ Day with the caption as: Love You Dad. The answer is Jojo Smollett, born on 28th August 1977 in California.

However, as per reports, he was born back in 1958 and died at the age of 58. He belonged to a family migrated from Russia & Poland and had a Jewish ethnicity. Joel Smollett is not a well-known personality but rather known through his famous children. You are a Champ!”, “I love and honor you and will continue to work hard to make you proud.

Required fields are marked *. “My family lost our king. He is also known as ‘Justin’. He was battling against cancer which led him to death. He got married to beautiful African-American women, Janet Smollett. Jojo Smollett has appeared in the show  ‘On Our Own’ with his siblings. Today, Janet is referred to as one of the founders of the fantastic film Black Panther. See Who Is Richer Amongst The Two. Well, the death of his father has touched him a lot. We danced to the amazing sounds of @lemarcarter, @cmuzic, @alexkyhn, and beautiful @maiyasykes. She started working in the campaigns that help prevent HIV AIDS from the age of 11 years, inspired by a girl named Hydeia Broadbent, a survivor of full flown AIDS back in 1989.

May his soul rest in peace. Choosing a career is not often an easy task but when you have the likes of Joel Smollett as a father, then you are sure of making the best choice. August 8, 2020 1:38 am.

You are not just a fighter… You are the CHAMP.”. You are a Champ!”, “I love and honor you and will continue to work hard to make you proud.
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