Im Bundesstaat Arkansas soll laut einem Bericht von CNN ein 64-jähriger Mann in den Regenfluten ertrunken sein. All but one of the fatalities occurred in Attica, where the tornado was estimated to have reached peak strength. Your current subscription does not provide access to this content. Office web cam, Forecasts Labor and delivery nurse shares in highs and lows of welcoming new life. Local drought page It is very possible they didn’t recognize the huge funnel as being a tornado. Note the entire track length is not necessarily all on the ground (some tornadoes "hop and skip".) Mark Duffin aus dem rund 48 Kilometer westlich von Kansas City gelegenen Linwood konnte sich mit einer geistesgegenwärtigen Reaktion vor Verletzung bewahren: Der 48-Jährige hörte noch im Fernsehen, dass ein Tornado unterwegs sei, als bereits eine Wand seines Hauses einstürzte. As it veered toward the northeast, then north/northeast, eight suction vortices were observed beneath the parent tornado. "Ich bin einfach nur froh, dass ich meine beiden Hunde lebend gefunden habe", sagte Duffin dem "Kansas City Star". Damage in any location depicted under (or not under) the "path" should not be inferred. Neben Ohio wurden weitere Bundesstaaten von Tornados getroffen, etwa Indiana. Initial touchdown occurred around 730PM just southwest of Mullinville. the Enhanced Fujita (EF) is given. “When you look at the seven offices which serve the state of Kansas, all seven average 218 tornado warnings a year in a period over the last 10 years,” Hayes said. Along its track, 118 farms, homes and businesses were leveled, of which many completely vanished. Considering the magnitude of the tornado, it was fortunate (again, the term is applied. The twister passed just 1/2 mile east of town and continued its ravaging path 5 ½ miles north of Oberlin along U.S. Route 83. lifetime. The twister reached F5 intensity at 635 PM as it crossed the Sedgwick/Butler County line. Im US-Bundesstaat Ohio haben Tornados große Schäden angerichtet und mindestens ein Todesopfer gefordert. The fun is divided into separate exhibits. Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Likely comprised of two huge funnels, the tornado initially touched down in extreme Southeast Comanche County around 600 PM. Brevard, Orange, Cook), 4213 tornadoes found (viewing 1 through 250), - Polygons represent shapes of defined geographic areas- The maps currently support state and county/parish polygons- Polygons are not shown on all pages. The vicious vortex then crossed the Kansas/Nebraska border just northeast of Reserve. Joe Armison vor seiner zerstörten Scheune in Eudora in Kansas. Die Matratze habe sie geschützt. You also agree to our Terms of Service. It was at the mobile home park where 13 of the 17 fatalities occurred. Fat. "zigzagged" in some way. Thus, since more coordinates have been used to draw the path, the depicted path should be more accurate. This day in weather history SPIEGEL+ kann nur auf einem Gerät zur selben Zeit genutzt werden. Local weather story The twister weakened and dissipated just east of Cedar Bluffs. One farmstead was completely swept away on the edge of Mullinville and many other homes were leveled. This index number is not a part of the official historical tornado archive. Daily Kansas tornado frequency 1950-2009 (above-left). Staff Daily/Monthly data(F6) In Kansas City musste der Flugverkehr am Internationalen Flughafen vorübergehend eingestellt werden, nachdem Trümmerteile auf die Landebahn geflogen waren. “I think a lot of that shift can be contributed to a warming of high arctic latitudes.”. It was also the first magnitude F5/EF5 tornado to occur since the Moore, Oklahoma F5 Tornado of May 3, 1999; an incredible twister that contained speeds of around 315 mph.