Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!

Goku & Vegeta should win this.I don't think Darkseid is fast or durable enough to survive against these two at SSJ4. But I think he was brought back and saved by Fu or Hearts since we currently have Turles and Bojack who were saved by Hearts brought back and even Heart's is somehow back. I just wish Goku had met him. He was literally becoming Trunks' entire timeline and was eventually gonna corrupt the entire multiverse. vegeta was actually at the power level of around 18,000 when he was on earth facing goku, he was up and around 24-34,000 on namek meaning that his power level would have been significantly lower when he was younger, as he was constantly on the battle field since then, i would put king vegeta at like 11-12,000. thats not much higher than bardock being at 10,000, ignoring the near death smack down he got from dadoria, if he had healed from that, bardock would probably have been at a power level of around 16,000-20,000. bardock was the strongest saiyan when the planet exploded, unless youn include broly, however broly is not canon as the movies are not considered canon. For characters who arent Rivals, whatever measures that Metric, there is no boost. the japanese versions the only version you should count. Unless you count the power of baby Broly, and he was born with the same level of power as Bardock when he was being treated by the doctors! Just gonna put this out there, I don't inherently agree with it yet its a major highball, but a huge portion of DBS fans have been telling people that even DBS Goku is already multiversal himself far before that Heroes episode. Exactly, Fu's too cocky and he's using all his pieces for his game too quick all while doing the typical anime villain announcing their plan to all the MC's so they get stopped gimmick.

Potara Fusion was retconned by making it so that Mortal fusions do not last Forever btw, meaning there IS a time-limit for Vegito, just like Gogeta. If fusions are involved, Vegito is already clearly superior to Zamasu so it's a foregone conclusion. And yeah ss Bardock is cannon. It broke my heart. Team 2 stomps. They are like background stories to the real story like the future Trunks came from and the story of one of Goku’s parents. I'm guessing his power might have gotten up to maybe even 20,000 while fighting his way up to Frieza.

Exactly bruh its ridiculous, but even on this site where there seems to be a hate boner against DB Goku it seems most people have begun to accept that Goku is at least universal and all that. Tokeupdude, I just stated that King Vegeta did fight other than against Frieza. Type: Tien This feat just confirms that Vegeta and other DBH characters scale to multiversal levels in not just AP but also in DC. try and watch the REAL version of dbz then say all that bullshit. To Sovereign Vance...Oh..ok,Well I'm not never give up or brainiac 1.0, Fighting with blast might be worst for Goku and Vegeta that would tire them out really fast. I think that this is made most evident on his trip to attack Frieza. Agreed too many people try to lowball DB without realizing that current Goku is 1000s of times above his SSG self from BOG fight with Beerus. King Vegeta's debut appearance. He reminds me of Gohan so much, and this trait may have been how Gohan gained the ability to gain boosts in power based on emotions. There's nothing Goku and Vegeta can do to win since they are already behind in power to composite duo even if Goku and Vegeta fuse and stack their strongest forms, and even assuming they had the edge in power and can permanently stay fused there's still nothing they can do to put down Zamasu who would eventually get stronger then Vegito/ Gogeta or manage to overwhelm him with 100s of clones. Not even Mafuba would work since too many Zamasu's and astral Zamasu and IT/ Kaikai (also would have knowledge of mafuba). Totally agree, there's no way it's just 1 normals sized universe since everyone in DBH is multiversal by default, so it's got to be stronger then all 12 universes and or bigger. 23:23, January 18, 2013 (UTC). Are people just ignoring Infinite Zamasu? I think that Bardock’s power was probably up in the 15,000s or more!

For the Saiyans to win, Goku and Vegeta needs to use their strongest forms (SSBKKx20 and SSBE) and pummel Black before his esoteric abilities of portals and creating clones would come into play, as well as his ability to improve, though given Black's insane durability they wouldn't pull it off that easily. It's not like we can be 100% sure anyways of who is stronger anyways, Frieza defeated them both Easily. I honestly have no idea why he's trying to make a universe when he has other means of doing so. Unless Goku and Vegeta kill Black instantly they lose. If you only consider canon events king Vegeta would defenetly win since he is a high class saiyan and Bardok is  a low class, regardless that king vegeta's son(Vegeta) is stronger than him as child.

CN  Leave Me A Message  Contribs      23:46, February 7, 2013 (UTC), and bardock survived a whole death ball/supernova to the face. I think context needs to be addressed here. People state that King Vegeta didn't do nearly as much damage as Bardock caused during the rebelion against Lord Frieza, but it should be noted that King Vegeta didn't want to destroy Frieza's ship (since he thought the prince was onboard) so he held back some power.

El retrasado Vs. El principete...FACEBOOK: WEB: http://yunaiker.comQUIERES UN SALUDO POR AUDIO? Goku and Vegeta win. He is the grandfather of Trunks and Bra, the children of Prince Vegeta. Don't get me wrong when he got beat up from dedoria on planet meat his power level sky rocketed, but not that far. Of course he is! Not to mention that Goku and Bardock showed strength that exceeded that of Vegeta and King Vegeta. Gallery.


In this state, he is the personification of Mechikabura's magic power. Descárgate esta aplicación gratuita para que te lleguen primero a ti mis nuevos videos :D compartir el video y seguirme en mis redes sociales! and if you count the the episode of bardock as cannon which it is then bardocks stronger. Unless Fu's universe is gonna be much larger than a traditional DB universe or is going to consist of something different. Fu needs to get his priorities straight smh. You're right that there's a retcon there though. Goku may not be smart but he a superior fighter to both Superman & Darksied...I have only seen two people survive that technique and they had access to things Darksied doesn't.

Honestly man, I don't understand where people get the notion that Beerus is 3/4th of Whis's staff speed, it makes no sense to assume so for many reasons. King Vegeta attempted to kill Paragus with an Execution Beam, but this failed to kill Paragus.

We never really get a grasp of King Vegeta's power level, as he is never shown in a real fight, though we do know that he is signifiacantly weaker than Frieza who was at 530,000.

Though, his body and its power being diminish would be troublesome for him, and Goku could likely spirit bomb him, which proved enough to defuse him back when Trunk's Sword of Hope removed Merged Z. Goku and Vegeta can use fusion, which would be an easy wash of a win. So that should cement it tbh. You look just like that saiyan I had a skirmish with before I destroyed the planet. It's hard to gauge his power level from that. Though I do not think that Bardock could have been healed in time before Frieza came to the planet and if he did I think that his base power would be beyond that of King Vegeta. King Vegeta's only official kills prior to his death by Frieza were those few low-class soldiers on Frieza's ship and when he executed a low-class Saiyan soldier with Execution Beam after the Saiyan soldier told him that they couldn't conquer a planet due to a three-day waiting period until the planet's full moon appeared (this was in the anime as well). However, one blow that looked to be an uppercut killed him.

If Bardock was healed from his injuries from Dodoria’s Mouth Blast, the assault against Frieza’s soldiers and from some sort of freak explanation of him surviving the Death Ball his power would be beyond imagination! I think that Daisenzhuu 7 also confirms Potara's superiority in power as well compared to the Dance.