Krillin was impressed with all the lore that the group was being able to see and Dende proceeded to create a new set of Dragon Balls. Krillin questioned him if he had seen an android, the man stating he did not know and then proceeding to describe Krillin cutting him off as he was boarding his skateboard without coming to the conclusion that it was the same person.

After Piccolo concluded that the group would need to search the city to find the androids, Krillin complained with the others before going into the city to begin searching. Krillin stared at Android 18 and tried bringing himself to press the detonator, though he was unable to convince himself to do so without speaking with her first, yelling out and gaining her attention. After Bulma mentioned her last conversation with Vegeta a year and a half ago, Krillin remarked that her breasts looked amazing. Goku was followed by the androids into the arctic, Android 13 afterward arriving and Future Trunks and Vegeta combating the other two androids while Goku fought him. Yajirobe drove to the group with the Yamcha song "Cat Loves Food" playing and handed Goku Senzu Beans before driving off, leading Krillin to question Yamcha about the song. | Standard melee range. Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100X Fitness! Nappa knocked out Piccolo after returning, leaving him with Gohan and Krillin to fight. After Cooler said that his ruling was far different since it was New Namek as opposed to Namek and thus different, Piccolo stated that it was about as different as he was from Freeza and Krillin shouted that shots had been fired, prompting Cooler to order his minions to kill him, though Krillin tried to get the last laugh in stating that Freeza had done this before him as well (not that it did anything for him since he still got thrown to the plateau).

Because the disk is so sharp and made of energy it can cut through opponents that are much stronger than him (with the exception of Cell who was so much stronger that the disk disintegrated when it hit him (in the Manga this doesn't happen and it's actually stated that the Kienzan can cut through anything)) In spite of the fact that in most situations it's practically a one hit kill, he never seems to use it when it counts either from not having enough energy or just forgetting that he can use it. Krillin pointing out that it was cause he was holding 18. Krillin was tasked by Goku with retrieving Gohan, who he went after with glee as it proved he was being of assistance, though he was soon blocked by Sansho, the latter falling through the floor to Piccolo who's intervention prompted Krillin to proclaim that he was on their side.

And all I have to do is push this button her explode...everywhere. Gohan arrived at that time, Krillin explaining his plan to him and encouraging him to stop talking when the latter surmised that Kame House would be the second place the androids looked. Krillin is called out on this fact as there were many situations where he could have solved everything with it. Krillin was 31 years old in the Android/Cell Saga. Krillin appreciated Cell's comment on how even though he was getting his butt kicked by the Cell Junior, that he was still trying.

[20], Since training with Mr. Popo, Krillin has maintained a fear of him, crying upon being asked how his training had been. This shows just how much Krillin has matured throughout the series, becoming the stalwart soldier and ally that everyone can turn to, if not for his physical power, then for his loyalty and strength of character. They were easily defeated despite their combined efforts, with both of the copies falling into the original Krillin as he landed on the ground first after being punched by Nappa.

Krillin in his frustration was able to destroy the remaining Saibamen apart from one, though he quickly realized he was not capable of doing any serious harm to the Saiyans as Vegeta compared their superior power levels to that of the Saibamen he had killed. Be strong for one second in your worthless life, and push the stupid button!

Krillin with Future Trunks after being hit by the door of Goku's home after Chi-Chi opened it on him. In the ensuring fight, Vegeta attacked Super Android 13, only to be bested and thrown into Krillin, who afterward asked if Goku was okay following him being punched in the penis. Krillin noticed Piccolo's reluctance to confirm the Dragon Balls were not of use and discovered that they no longer existed after Tien outright said it following still being confused. This can be assumed based on his commentary of saying that he "can taste that" when he senses power levels. Ki: The fighting power and life force of a martial artist, a tangible energy derived from the user's vigor, courage, and mind. [28], Krillin has a one-sided friendship with Vegeta. | Standard melee range. He was easily bested and recovering from the attack, bore witness to Cell approaching Android 18 with a widened tail. Future Trunks asserted that his father would be shattered by the revelation that he had been surpassed by his son, leading Krillin to question if it was due to this that Android 18 had to die, revealing to Future Trunks through his tears that he was attracted to the android.

Another running gag is when a character is either injured, humiliated or destroyed, Krillin yells "SENZU BEAN!" Dislikes

and tosses a Senzu Bean at them. Krillin afterward began to watch reports on events in Ginger Town and asked Bulma after calling her if she was by the town since "shit" was going on down there, which he further clarified as not good. Krillin walked over to Raditz with the assumption that he would be featured in future events since he was Goku's brother, only to be knocked into Kame House by him. Krillin's reasons for not intervening stemmed from him feeling outclassed by the Super Saiyans, Piccolo, the androids and Cell, soon afterward justifying his time on Namek as being another contributing factor as he recalled when he was stabbed and blown up. After surviving an encounter with the Saiyans on Earth, Krillin left the planet to journey to Namek. [45] Dende's dislike for Krillin continued posthumously, as even after being resurrected he was reluctant to bring back Krillin with a wish from Porunga, doing so per Gohan's request. Krillin indirectly suggests that Vegeta should retire and promptly receives a blow to the face.

By the time Krillin arrived at the scene of the fight between Goku and Piccolo and Raditz, Goku was near death after having held Raditz down so that he could be shot with Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and was also struck. [41], Krillin developed a one-sided friendship with Dende while on Namek. While Vegeta hates Krillin, he is still only "the second most annoying bald person he's ever had the displeasure to work with", the first being. [21] To the credit of his opponents, these fights generally are the result of his initiating as he started the fights with Nappa, Lord Slug and Cell by attacking them with some level of confidence in his ability to win, though in Cell's case it was mostly due to his anger with losing Android 18.

Right after this, Krillin launched himself toward Dr. Wheelo who promptly knocked him back down. The pair agreed, Android 17 even saying he was about as "threatening as a cocker spaniel", which Krillin thought was a "fantastic point" and opted to continue standing around and doing nothing. Krillin complied. 18 reveals that she hadn't truly left, questions him on why he would use a wish granting dragon on them, leading to a rather touching moment where it is implied the two might have a future together, much to the disgust of Piccolo. Krillin was surprised by the schematics stating Android 17 and 18's real names and Android 16 being modeled after Dr. Gero's son, leading him to tell Trunks that he sounded as though he was making everything up and they prepared to leave as Trunks contemplated letting Cell go since he had never done anything wrong. While they were looking around, Krillin, Gohan and Future Trunks noticed some slaves and came to speak to them, one being whipped by a minion and seemingly calling him "Daddy" as he whipped him, Krillin reacting in surprise until learning the name of the minion sounded similar and as the group began to engage the minions, Krillin tried portraying himself as a threat and instead appeared to be mentally ill, leading to the soldiers retreating as Krillin threw his fists around and Goku teleported directly into one by mistake. Bulma left him and while he thanked her, Krillin noted to himself that the remote was a lot heavier than he expected. Krillin shouting in frustration "Who made those rules" Popo says 'hi' as to indicate it was him, to which Krillin comments how reasonable and fair the rules are. 1 PICCOLO - 7'5"/226 cm. [29], While cowardly, he has also proven to be brave on occasions, attacking the Saiyans after Yamaha's death,[27] When Vegeta commented after a insult by Cell directed toward his mother, Krillin asked why he had taken his shirt off and questioned Roshi when he switched the channel back to pornography. When she revealed that she did not love him at all, he become disappointed but asked if they could at least try "the sex stuff", prompting Maron to elaborate further that she was never really his girlfriend and that he had just confessed to a lot of fraud, revealing her affiliation with the State Fraud Bureau. Android 18's absorption brought Krillin to tears, the latter attacking Cell with a Kienzan shortly after he asked who would fight him first.

attacking Freeza after being healed by Dende,[29] launching an assault on Sauza, confronting Androids 16, 17 and 18 over their intention to kill Goku[10], trying to defend Android 18 from Cell[20] and refusing to let Vegeta get rid of an unconscious and freshly regurgitated 18. Stellar with ki blasts and attacks.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Krillin is a former monk of the Orin Temple who ran away to train under Master Roshi, eventually doing so alongside Son Goku, who would grow to become his best friend..

Episode 6: No One Ever Listens to the Magical Dragon, Episode 7: Saiyans? His love for Android 18 is mature, consummate, and healthy, and genuinely cares for her as a person, and extends his love for 18 to her loved ones as well, such as volunteering to help Android 16 on the sole basis of him being 18's friend. Krillin bravely protected her until she was absorbed by Cell; his feelings were evidently reciprocated as she indicated interest in him shortly before being absorbed. Range: Standard melee range. Krillin showed intense interest in her breasts and mentioned them to Gohan as being as big as the size of his own head. Krillin teamed up with Piccolo again, this time making multiple copies of himself to combat Nappa. Krillin stating that it makes him 'one of them'. Race Krillin gets rammed through the wall of a plane by Cell.

Recovery Edit. The one surviving Saibamen tried attacking Gohan and was killed by Piccolo, who Gohan, Tien and Chiaotzu all complimented for his feat despite Krillin's attempts to remind them that he had killed more of the Saibamen. Krillin then flew down to Vegeta's body and dismissed Cell's comments toward him, telling Vegeta to say goodbye to the pair. Krillin remarked that he had used Tien's attack.[13].