[7] He later said, "They preserved the basic integrity of the book and its main theme. Confidential was nominated for. [13] Crowe studied Sterling Hayden in Stanley Kubrick's The Killing "for that beefy manliness that came out of World War II". [11] As he did with Crowe, Hanson taped Pearce and showed it to the producers, who agreed he should be cast as Ed. [9] Milchan was impressed with his presentation and agreed to finance it. [6], (Type "L.A. New Zealand-born Crowe has a unique and sexy toughness; imagine Mickey Rourke without the attitude. Another reveals treasures hiding in plain sight in Los Angeles. I knew I could grow to respect and understand him. The exceptional production design and costume design coupled with the films noir-inspired cinematography and its careful lighting choices create a vibrant and authentic recreation of the City of Angels at this time in history, with all these qualities combining to make the city almost feel like a character itself. | Oscars news of the Academy Awards from the Los Angeles Times. [3][4] It was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture, winning two: Best Supporting Actress (Basinger) and Best Adapted Screenplay; Titanic won in every other category L.A. No. [39][40], TIME magazine ranked L.A. Oscars news of the Academy Awards from the Los Angeles Times.

At the time, actors Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe were relatively unknown in North America. Based on the novel of the same name by author (and possible lunatic) James Ellroy, the story for L.A. When a police officer is murdered in what looks like a robbery gone wrong, a trio of mismatched detectives quickly stumble across a conspiracy that connects organised crime to those at the top of the LAPD. Polanski’s request to restore film academy membership denied, A judge has denied Roman Polanski’s request to restore his membership in the organization that bestows the Academy Awards two years after he was expelled from it for raping a minor, When are the Oscars? I didn't want actors audiences knew and already liked."[13]. Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers aren’t buying Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Borat’ excuses. Nathanson loved it, but they had to get the approval of New Regency's owner, Arnon Milchan. You don't like any of these characters at first, but the deeper you get into their story, the more you begin to sympathize with them.

Confidential is a 1997 American neo-noir crime film directed, produced and co-written by Curtis Hanson. Confidential should have won over Titanic at the Academy Awards… The Oscars celebrating the best of 1997 was a ceremony dominated by … Confidential gets just about everything right. [14], Before filming took place, Hanson brought Crowe and Pearce to Los Angeles for two months to immerse them in the city and the time period.