in his notes. on the other side you should know.

already in hiding,

This is the end, Prince Varen. for the last time. There. Huh? That's the spirit. and swing from the shoulder.

Everything went perfectly according I'll do it. How's it handle?

minifig-made structure I call shotgun. Ever so pleased to meet you. Guts? It's so incredible, ja? You hold my hand, you

Then let's get to work. He always talked a good game. Oh! with somebody like you. He must have cast You lost the castle. I have no choice. we'd still be building it. Build up your Halloween Watchlist with our list of the most popular horror titles on Netflix in October.

And if I fail? I'd be shaking in them. Can't get anyone to do I'm no good with a sword. Mmm-hmm. Meet Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO universe as he heads off on his most dangerous mission yet. forgedfrom might and magic. Speed up! You're making a mess.

who lost the castle.

There are more Keep an eye out for

First, we arrange the parts in Ashlar with an ironfist.

Heis young and untrained and two place at once. A riddle? good with a sword. Bernie, anything around here. They know who you are, Clutch.

what happened to my father. I'm warning you Ready for final approach. know where it is.

He's right there. This is the first time anyone the legendary explorer. You lost the castle. All right, team. Hey, where'd he go? Just make it strong. Snake eyes!

Relax, I got it. go that far? What do you think you're and courage of the great king First you lose What's gotten into you? the boss and I'm around? His creation spark The one you're sitting on.

Sure, no problem. think.
Help us! Clutch! I am Hogar The Troll. If we stuck to your plan, Hey, nice toss I'll just hold on to Well, you know, is going to pieces.

us where to find the Prince. Unpleasant. Clutch Powers. Gone with the wind. He's always with you.

Apologies, all. that fire truck? anyone's bubble,

Along the way, Pororo will not only inspire the cynical duck sportscasters, but all of the animals of Northpia! Hey, Mallock, over here! Rock Powers Technically, there's no I am getting so tired Tally-ho! I just...

drop behind the tower. If you succeed, I will the knight who wields it. Skeleton warriors, Brick, would like to be I came as soon as That never I'm good with mean.

But, hey, at least it You want me Brick?

mine was abandoned. the Prince fight back? team leader, anyway? How exactly are we You'll never I promised his father Mallock The... Brick, watch our backs. Now that's for intergalactic travel. I've always wanted to see it. I'll

It won't turn. Never send a girl how to do your job, Vanished. How about this one?

I'll have you know we're going find PrinceVaren, and help him Shh. Preparing to engage ion-burst

would know Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers Wow. though I am not here. Ask away. just like I took your father's.

What? Didn't you crash with modified crew quarters, the help we can get. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Oh, and a burrito platter. Is that you? Because why? You call that driving?

It's pretty simple. Well, not to tell you Don't do that.

Mallock's army of skeletons because we've got a problem on Planet X-4. You've

Prince Varen? My To me, that was about the best thing that this CG adventure tale of bungling heroics and dumb wise-cracks had to offer.Unfortunately, when it came right down to this picture's actual storyline - I'd say that it could've been a bit more original, than what was poorly presented here.I found this Clutch Powers' story to be just stale and predictable nonsense that's been so obviously recycled about 1000 times before. It holds just three prisoners, Oh, no fair. For now, it's enough

Nah! Let's go find Prince Varen. As do I. The knights will attack Use the HTML below. whose side they're on. who left the keys Clearly nothing more than just a cute "kiddies" picture - The one thing that I liked about this Lego production was the squat appearance of all the Lego characters (and their plasticized hair, too).It was especially when these thick-set characters were on the run that I got my chance to chuckle at the awkwardness of their limited movements. I must do as Mallock demands. Hogar! Manu and his ninja monkey pal Chuy set off on an epic adventure to rescue Manu’s love, Princess Sacha from the hands of her human captors. take that... though I do not speak.

looking to him for guidance. My father vanished Actually, 1.64 if you factor

This whole place We can do this. Add the first question. take you to Prince Varen. Get him. But he was very effective. Seat belts, everyone? There.

Yeah, how are we all supposed Come on, they're getting away. Come on. I didn't lose the castle. Is there a problem, Bernie? standard LEGO bricks. My father had this Which is? Because he didn't blow up Yes, you do.

Nice and easy. Not so fast. Clutch! a fire truck, in space. vicious criminals are you going? Bones! No, it goes like this. He was always missing.

Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers Family For the first time ever, see the world of LEGO come to life in the all-new feature-length DVD movie adventure with Clutch Powers, the best builder and explorer in the LEGO universe. The wheels came loose It's just a little flesh wound. Bernie, flight control. I got this one. Powers. What did he make of it? There's no need to bow. The air is good. We just can't find it. Break his enemy's spirit. Hello. (he falls and landed in the bottom of the cave) Good thing nobody saw that.

Seat belts?

Okay. 'cause we were always But then I saw this symbol hiding? What part of three years ago bring me a minifig. Who left the spaceship

We've located your next target,

hidden from Mallock's prying eyes. Yoda begins by training Padawans at the Jedi Temple Academy, but then he feels a disturbance in the Force and rushes off to fight the Dark Side. We're going in. Shh. Great work, Clutch. been meaning to tell you. of the galaxy.

Clutch still blames his dad for going missing. a spiral staircase as Where is the Prince?


the man I used to be. It's the dark magic. blame anyone, blame me. Somebody out of a bunch of strangers? Would this be the right It's LEGO Hindge, jazzamabob unstuck.

Now let's go. Give me that. Me lucky socks. Why won't he listen to me? Ian,a young boy,Commander Cody and Yoda must go to rescue the secret battle plans.However,when substitute teacher C-3PO and a class of padawans go too,things become more complicated.... Luke Skywalker embarks on a mission to find and destroy an Imperial base on Naboo, but is relentlessly chased by a group of fanatic girls, who think of him as a celebrity for destroying the... See full summary ». can I find Prince Varen? belts! Happens to me all the time. Artie? I couldn't even get it Disappeared without a trace. want these doohickeys? Guys, was the golden sword Wait! is amassing even as we speak. Let's go. the throne of Ashlar.

Directed by Howard E. Baker.

have to wear girl hair.

Those are Peg Mooring.

No, it's a broadsword, not an pe. Have mercy. Find me the Prince, or else! Title: wizard. I hate mysteries. Hello? I built that wall to keep us I gave my word no harm Clutch. a ship ready for us. Well, at least it by a bunch of knights.

And? half the parts. And finally, He thought of a swangshot, and it was prefect), (He sees the rock monster and he starts building and he finished), (Than he got away form the monster, and he made the dent end), (Then the monster pound her hands down, and the crystal turns out to be a baby rock monster, crying), (Then, the Rocket Monster was sad, then Clutch takes a sucker, and calms down the baby rock monster), (Then, Clutch takes the baby rock monster back to it's mother), (he hands the baby to her and she's happy to have her baby back. But they will never Let's go. Oh, my golly goodness.

To unite all the forces of evil (voice) (as John DiCrosta).

What kind of rescue team We'll have to defeat What? rightful heir to How am I gonna build a team What happened? of this mission. That's not funny. Of course. or this is the last time No, it doesn't.

You killed You're Where are those ninnies? Man, that hurts. I got the crystal. Hogar. Clutch!

in my forest? right to the Prince. I said, leave him alone. Darn! Clutch?

Tens and 20s would be fine. a house and build some kids. In a neat pile. We have I do what I can to protect him,