leo. This affair no matter how romantic will always include some form of power struggle even in the most intimate aspect of their relationship.

Leo genuinely adores other people, and innately gets that the more people you know, the easier life can be. Sure, there may be power struggles involved in this friendship. Leos believe that they were born to lead. They are fiercely protective and their willingness to support the Leo friend to reach to the top makes them very dear to the latter.

"Friends" is one of Leo's favorite words, and Lions are known for collecting friends—but not in a transactional way. Love & Sex Psychics Tarot All → Subscribe.

But getting to know a Leo on a deeper level can be challenging.

This pal would never let you talk the night away with spinach in your teeth. The Scorpio Zodiac sign is transformative. Leo love to be admired and idolised, and Scorpio love to be appreciated and commended as well. Leo And Leo Compatibility, Love, Friendship. They have an obsession for the knowledge of the underworld. Food tastes better, jokes seem funnier, and colors look brighter when you’re together. Leos are very loyal.

Leos are warm and fiery individuals who are not afraid to shine brightly just like the Sun.

Betrayal of trust will certainly earn her ire. If the Scorpio takes it upon themselves to inspire the Leo native to execute their creative projects, the Leo shines brighter.

Leo’s home is his/her castle and enjoy nothing more than sharing hospitality with others. They should learn to minimize power struggles and be less demanding of each other to make it work. This intensity could therefore bring in a heaviness around their bond which may be overbearing. Of course, it’s a little hard to put up with this pal’s indecisiveness. On the other hand, when Leo and Leo come together in a romantic relationship, it's going to be powerful, exciting, dramatic and highly competitive. Leo friendship compatibility: Friendship between a Leo and a Capricorn or Pisces could be extremely difficult. You like to be the head honcho in any relationship, but the sure-footed Goat actually trumps your leadership skills. A Leo won't have a lot of trouble getting their fellow feline into bed and two of them will surely have a great time between the sheets. They hog the limelight always and might turn jealous as well at times. You're loyal and open-minded -- people are naturally drawn to you and many are just happy to bask in your reflected light. They also have a lot in common below the surface.

Get the scoop on how best to deal with your friends, and make most of your relationship! A friendship between a Leo and a Scorpio is an active and powerful combination between two people who comprehend each other very well. Even when they have their hearts broken, they will hold their head up high and will move on with life in a very regal manner, searching for adoration and attention on other places. Similarly, the Water-bearer won’t have the slightest idea of what you mean when referring to your thousands of grooming products. Both are experts in performing and being who people want them to be, yet they can let their guard down with each other. These individuals always seek attention, so they have to feel really special and valued before they loosen up sexually. How do they get along? Scorpions are willing to fight behind the scenes while keeping the prestige and honor of Leo intact. They are very determined and have a serious outlook towards life. With Leo and Sagittarius bringing out each other's daring sides, and they make an unstoppable pair. The main question in Leo and Leo marriage is who's going to be in charge? Leos are extremely sensitive and their feelings can easily be hurt, even though they do not appear very emotional on the surface. Although Leos possess irresistible charm, they are trustworthy when committed and expect the same from the people they give their hearts to.

Leos love people who aren't afraid to live life out loud, and they'll pay attention if you compliment them (because they also love compliments), make a joke, or stand out in a crowd. They’ll go through immense changes in their lifetime and stun the Leo with their ability to reinvent and present themselves in a new light. On the other hand, when Leo and Leo come together in a romantic relationship, it's going to be powerful, exciting, dramatic and highly competitive.

They’ll take loyalty very seriously and if either one of them feels the slightest hint of treachery, they’ll lose interest in carrying the baggage of a companion that does not respect core values and limits. Their brilliance shines through their communication and work. But, in order to keep their relationship strong and healthy for a long time, they must have their own space. Furthermore, Libra’s taste in art is impeccable -- this is the first friend you go to for movie, book, and music recommendations. Secretly, you wish you had your friend’s gift for saving money, while Taurus yearns for your fashion sense. If there’s one thing these individuals can’t stand, it is the negativity and moodiness in others. Leos are loyal, loving, generous, passionate, and protective individuals that need a lot of affection and adoration.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, the Lion is so energetic, warm-hearted and sociable that it is impossible not to be endeared to his personality.

Even though being Leos, both partners can be arrogant and selfish, their shared sincerity, optimism, and warmth will help them get through tough times. In return, you bolster your pal’s fragile ego with effusive compliments about their intelligence, efficiency, and practicality. In order to use this website we use the following technically required cookies: wordpress_test_cookie,wordpress_logged_in_,wordpress_sec.

This pairing is truly a sight to behold.

Show up. After all, it’s nice to have someone brush fluff from your collar and arrange your hair in the interests of making a perfect appearance.

They are honest and sometimes, their brutal honesty could be hurtful but Leo would be convinced of their dependability as the friendship matures. Sometimes being friends with moody Cancer can pose something of a challenge to you. Neither one of you will let up until your opponent is reduced to rubble.

The Leo King and the Commander Mars will have a friendship filled with fun. They’ll defend each other to the best of their abilities and will fight to the finish to complete their joint endeavors.

The Leo male wants his ego stroked and complimented for all the little efforts he makes.

Two Leos have similar interests and share an active social life, so they'll spend hours in fiery dialogues about everything under the Sun. Who knows They might even forego adventure altogether and just sit in quiet conversation over a nice cup of tea. Both of these partners love attention and enjoy the finer things in life. Lions love to be admired not only for their looks but also for their accomplishments. They have a sweet disposition, are wam, loyal and honest. Any act that will provoke jealousy will certainly create a dent in their relationship. Leo loves to be the center of attention. And although Lions are friendly, they won't share their inner emotional life until they're really close with you. These two regal Lions have a passionate connection, often with soulmate potential.

That’s especially true with upbeat Aries, who is extremely appreciative of your passion for life. For nearly 15 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of the zodiac signs, their characteristics and personality traits, their compatibility, their relationships and their passionate loves, with all the beauty but also all the complexity this can entail.

So, when they devise a perfect style of communicating their needs and expectations, they’ll leave a magical legacy behind. All she wants in return is sincere devotion from her man. Your Scorpion pal is also drawn to your warmth and vibrancy, which helps them from giving way to their darker impulses.

They prefer to surround themselves with equally optimistic people. Leo Friendship Compatibility Leos take pride in their friendship. In fact, you become so childlike in each other’s presence that a food fight is likely to break out at your table.