It's plot revolves around the newspaper business like so many did then, think It Happened One Night, His Girl Friday and Platinum Blonde. This movie and “The More the Merrier” — I can’t even let myself think about them or read about them, because then I have to just drop whatever extremely responsible thing I’m doing and go watch them…, I also love the part where Bill’s learning to fish in the living room of that fabulous apartment…. Darn it! Thanks to your blog I am expanding my horizons. I was hooked on it from the get go! I love the little story about William Powell’s loving encouragement of Jean Harlow’s passion of writing. As part of his scheme to seduce Loy, Powell decides to go through her father (Walter Connolly), a rich industrialist and an avid trout fisherman. Words! Check it out! Obviously 80 years have not diminished this film's entertainment value! Jeff Boston 2018-01-27 . Location scenes for the famous fishing sequence were filmed in the high Sierras of California. Gladys begins to fall for Bill after being engaged to Warren for far too long and decides to keep Bill as her husband. And the fishing in the apartment is hilarious! I blame the ridiculous charm of Esther and Van. Connolly (to Powell): “So, you’ve fished Gluckman’s Point. It's that time of year again....when summer begins to peak its head around the corner then our brains start to buzz with new ideas. Some say that you could judge a man by the books he reads. The worst aspect for me is that I really did not like any of the characters. -- and today I bring you the first of those. cantbesilent. Lots of quick wit, a top performance. Directed by Jack Conway. I think she’d have liked that best. Myrna Loy told of a note she received after Jean Harlow died from a friend.The friend expressed condolences and said how he imagined that Jean was probably missing sitting on Bill’s lap and that he remembered that adoring look she gave Powell. Had he smiled or winked when he said it, the joke would have made sense. Oh that’s a relief, I thought I said something to offend you!! This post is part of the Classic Movie Blog Association’s Spring Blogathon, entitled, “Words! However, the cab driver delivers the line straight, leaving the audience to decide if he means faster sexually or his ability to drive a car faster. (Digression: It’s a treat to see the Powell-and-Harlow scenes, since they were a real-life couple. This talented cast takes a good script with a zany central idea and turns it into comedy gold. When Harlow asks a cabbie if he can go any faster he replies, "I can lady, but the cab can't.". Thanks for putting a smile on face. Connie: If he’s first-class, I’m traveling steerage! I loved reading about this movie. He nabs an out-of-work reporter ( William Powell ) to marry his own fiancee Gladys ( Jean Harlow ), and then orders him to compromise Ms. Allenbury.