he has been here two hours already. | merchandise One of the chief sources of our national wealth and greatness. Quality coal was what owners required, but managers determined the standards for quality coal. | biographies The strike had failed. Payment . He had little education and no choice. The miners' crouch eases stomach muscles. | behind the scenes

Just after eight o'clock sees the night shift on its way home. h�b```��~�ʰ !��2^��������&��(�X�j �H/������J00.���@�����[|=������:��7@\ T�Hs10��ݥ����+�f�E �!. He died of Pithisis a common cause of death for coal miners. Dominion Coal controlled almost every aspect of a miners life in Glace Bay. © The Coalmining History Resource Centre from Raley’s Solicitors, the accident claim specialists. Surrounded by steel props which support the roof, crouched into a few feet of space, Tommy Shotton gets down his job of drilling coal from the face with the aid of his 'windy pick' (pneumatic drill). No miner eats much underground. Sixteen major mine disasters during A set - a series of ten tubs - carries the men to the seams, until the roof becomes too low for further travel. The company owned the stores and houses and determined the wages and working conditions. before the tubs are pulled away by his pony, he marks each tub with a token so that it will be credited to the men who hewed it.

Symbol of Coal Mining: The shaft with its great wheels. Coal from the face travel 90 yards along the mechanical conveyor to be loaded into tubs by the putter. His father had drowned and Tutty became the first in five generations to leave the sea. Other men have taken their places at the face. He was paid for each box of coal he delivered to the surface. However, in narrow seams, women and children had the job of carrying the coal while crawling on their hands and knees. Mechanization in British mines has already increased. The crouching position in which the men must work causes heartburn if the stomach is full.

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Tommy Shotton is a coal miner. It was a long and violent strike and 500 armed Canadian soldiers were sent to Cape Breton to deal with the potential unrest. at many mines there are not pit head baths and the men bathe and change before going home. The whole mine is a network of passages radiating out from the shaft, following the seams of coal.