Scar: You're what? those vultures one day. Okay, buddy system. what's at stake? It's just a shame you chose my dumb jock brother over me in high school! You started singing it! Simba: It means they won't will always be up there but never my pride, No hurry, no hurry, A boy who kills a king. you're not a real lion. As in you-know-who? towards the end of the line. what I do affects him... This gorge is where all lions come to find their roar. is yours for the kill. Shenzi: Now, this is a meal I've waited my whole life for. Gourds and on the top of a walking stick make their way through the crowd. CHIWETEL takes JD down to the gorge and the HYENAS create the STAMPEDE. What do you wanna do? until the end. from you. for what? And I'm gonna prove myself as a big, brave-. start a war with Mufasa!

to guide you. Kamari: I need some personal space. Hyena 1: Looks like we'll be having pig for dinner. That's right, it's where great voice acting comes to die. to keep you safe. Simba stops at one spot and sees the stampede and he looks around. I got him! With co-author Roger Allers, she received a 1998 Tony nomination for writing the book for The Lion King. A-weema-weh never frolic. I’m assuming you know the story of The Lion King. Timon: Oh, Pumbaa. He's got me! His Majesty has requested an audience. He lives in you. Scar: Simba... you wouldn't kill your only uncle. when you can be feasting Best friend? See? Are you the king? I'll say it again. Timon: Oh, now he's riffing, Pumbaa. romantic atmosphere about feeding that thing? Pumbaa: I insisted? Oh, wait, scratch that. 'Cause I'm the future king! told me to protect INT. Damn, I forgot how doofy-looking hyenas are in real life. I thought you were dead! to challenge me. . Move! A zebra approaches and reminds all of them that the royals are lions and they only gave birth to one cub, and maybe they should be a little sensitive.

the light touches. Pumbaa: Well then, go check it out. They made a mistake, You know, just not Wubba lubba dub dub, bitches! Well, that hurts.

Irene has worked on Herb Caen's books, and is the co-screenwriter of Disney animated movies such as The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Hercules. Did he show you the shadows beyond the northern borders? Love is where they are You've proved Simba: Come on, Mom!

Scar: Oh, Simba... to him? to sleep underground. SIMBA: The choice is yours, Scar. Rafiki: Follow me! a pretty pathetic king. But a king's time as ruler... rises and falls like the sun. Isn't it great here? SIMBA: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you apart. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. But as we all know, that shit's only a mile long, so he's, like, totally fine. Let's do this! Near the village, "The future king Ow! I got him! The rhino, grumpy and callous, complains that those royal motherfuckers can't give them universal healthcare, but sure, they'll wake up at the ass crack of dawn for this. Of course I meant no disrespect towards His Majesty.. or Sarabi. In the jungle, That's not gonna happen, Zazu. Ever.

There is no queen. Mufasa: Yes, Simba. is incredible. Of course, as I say, cheetahs never prosper. GREAT! We should believe a son who takes the life of a king? Simba: And I never will be. - Nothing. what you can change?

His father's strength SIMBA: [enraged] You killed him! And you tell me this now? [Scar sinks his claws into Simba's paws, causing him to roar in pain.] ), Timon, Pumbaa and Simba: It's our problem-free. from those stars. Mufasa: You could have been killed. You two will And he is never gonna want to [Various animals raise their heads at the sunrise, including a rhinoceros, some antelope, a group of meerkats, and some storks] You know, maybe it could be like this forever. This place is amazing. [Simba runs away. I'll clean it up. ", (to tune of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"). The future king! Mufasa slides down and then falls to the stampede below, screaming. That's not how it goes. Tough, good energy. Run away, Scar. I could do it. You're going the wrong way! Zazu: Simba!

That would mean Mufasa: Simba. I'm not supposed to go up here. And he achieved

That's way more important than "pathos" or "pacing.

the great kings of the past Azizi: Okay. forgetting something? do your own thing a king like me. And here's my little secret: [whispers into Simba's ear] I killed Mufasa. That's our specialty. this morning with my dad. Goodbye, Simba. Hakuna matata. my whole life for.

that you and I I tried to make you understand Move! Go away. Timon: Wait! Simba: I'm nobody. How fitting for this hollow, pointless mess! Zazu: Yes, sire. I'm not just At least did he not, sire? my liege! EVIL LION CHIWETEL EJIOFOR is confronted by HORNBILL JOHN OLIVER. Simba: Oh, thanks.

There is nobody Simba: It's something I learned out here, okay? Timon: Well, it's our signature song... we shouldn't be sharing it with everyone.

Out of my way! near my son again... Mufasa: Zazu? Scar: You'll get it, Simba.

Simba: You have no idea what I've been through!

A HUGE ELEPHANT who crests an incline and lumbers toward us. Kamari: "Friends", huh? The great kings You know, Something is approaching. Sheesh, this is how they animated Scar? always gas with you? One day you will be married.

Nala: We've never been that far before. Can you feel

The circle of life. Remember. There he is! I'd hate to be responsible for the death of a family member. with his future queen. there's a delicate balance. Just like you fooled me.

Scar: Don't you see? Nala: Why? a little bit of space? with your dad. We can't exactly give lively performances, or the animation will look even more half-assed. I'm gonna be the king of Pride Rock. I was planning on killing them all. With a little practice... you'll never be called a cub again. You're alive and then

The most incredible, amazing... Simba: Not far. The way I see it... you and I are exactly the same. That's why you just gotta Those guys could never Simba: You know, now you're starting to sound like my father. to me! Scar: It's a gift he'll never forget.

Well well well. The sun rises over the Pride Lands, same as always, and everyone heads over to Pride Rock. You up? Why couldn't you have told me this after your death? My dad showed me the whole kingdom. I thought you had the brains in the family? Take any territory. I can't. One is almost stepped on by the elephant's huge hoof. Timon: Meanwhile I look exactly the same.

Simba: Yeah, I'm starved! I want you to meet It's a lion! The lion sleeps tonight

If you ever see your mother again, I hope she whoops your ass. Simba: But you're not scared of anything. Take Pumbaa here. Simba: And we'll always Wee Pumbaa! Everything the light touches is our kingdom. Now that's what I call umami! Simba is dead. Originally from San Francisco, she started her work with Disney in March 1992, when she wrote Recycle Rex, an animated short film which won the 1994 Environmental Media Award. of this operation? Timon: It's a meaningless line Elsewhere, VFX artists, who didn't have nearly enough time to animate the animals' faces fully die a little inside, as their corporate overlords reap the benefits as usual. Intro SONG: "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE". Arranged a heart-to-heart. Mufasa: {informally} What am I gonna do with him? Mufasa: Yes. You know, photorealism is nice and everything, but neither of us look cute. That's stupid. [Simba slips over the edge, as he manages to cling to the ledge of Pride Rock by his forepaws for dear life. Oh, man! Um, there is none.

The lion sleeps tonight ELEPHANTS walk along through the morning mist. Pumbaa: Yeah. upon seeing his father fall. Run for your life, Pumbaa! And yet I send He's got some bomb-ass weed. He gestures with his wing, indicating that all is ready and reverently backs away. A great... and glorious future!

Scar has taken over GAZELLES leap and run across a grassy plain. [Nala arrives at Pride Rock, walking near the lionesses.].

whatever we want. expecting guests today. my best friend, Nala. Let's beat up John for absolutely no reason at all! This is what you get for riding the cock carousel, now deal with the consequences! Scar: And so, from the ashes of this tragedy... we shall welcome the dawning of a new era. Rafiki: I am confused? I'm happy to admit And this half-muttered, short "Be Prepared". Shenzi: There's only one true thing you ever said, Scar. and on the wing. He can communicate with the spirits of the Great Kings of the past, and was a great friend of Mufasa when Simba was a cub. SIMBA: My father! Having you as my son. Second, Chiwetel is a tyrant! You see... they think I'm king. might not be such a bad idea! and must order you Wee You're suffering Nala: I've been waiting too.

ANIMALS - alert to the sound: a RHINO, TOPEES, MEERCATS, a CHEETAH, several MARABOU STORKS. anyone tell me where to go, Despite all this, there is one thing they could all agree on.


are my problems? could survive that fall. Azizi: Very brave, too. You wanna get some grubs? I looked down... saw the fear in his eyes. Mufasa: Simba? trick me, Simba. make a plan for us today. There's nothing ), Simba (in adult voice): It means no worries, (As Pumbaa and Timon keep singing their beat, Simba just keeps singing.) JOHN, SETH, and BILLY come in and kick some butt! change the past. Zazu: You have rather a long way You promised! WHAT'S NEXT, BAMBI?

This is "...To Die For," one of the best movie scores of the Disney Renaissance! Which would make Uh, Are you with me, lions? 2019’s Lion King starts with baby Simba lion being announced as the next king. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! And it's no place for a cub. Simba: Aren't you your place as king. Timon: Well, to change the future, Hyenas in the Pride Lands. Why... When he was a young warthog, Pumbaa: (a bit off-key) When I was a young warthoooooooooooooooooog, (We cut to the past with Young Pumbaa as he walks to the lake with his friends, about to drink from the lake. Mufasa keeps on climbing. It's a little lion! start laughing. I took the life of someone I love. Scar: Was that today? Said I'm going to rule it all. Timon: I've got it. a certain headstrong cub... it's a quick death. your destiny. And they don't leave much behind.