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It's hard to believe, but as of September 30th this year living legend Britney Spears will have been driving us crazy, loving rock and roll and seeking Amy for exactly twenty years - and what a wild ride it's been. Artpop Act II was going to have the best unreleased tracks from the first Act, which had 75 songs excluded. Ooooh, this is named after the Hannah song, right? By We only have about 12 tracks (give or take) that could be on said Act II.

This leaves around seventy-five unreleased tracks that we haven't heard, out of which we have concrete titles for thirteen - a full albums worth.

Since our start as a blog called #PopHatesFags in 2012, PHF has consistently provided you with the latest pop culture news and hottest new releases. Writing had started right after the release of Born This Way in May 2011, and by the time the Born This Way Ball tour had come to an unexpectedly early end due to a hip injury, up to fifty songs had been considered for inclusion. All we can hope is that Gaga's team is smart and prepared enough to release anniversary editions of each of her albums, and that we'll receive a special edition of. 2. So let’s continue with the emotional shit. 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' was another Kendrick Lamar collaboration which Gaga sang the chorus for. Gaga first introduced the album as 'ACT TWO' during a Twitter Q/A[1].

Paste as plain text instead, × The album would include production by DJ White Shadow, Madeon, Zedd, and Gaga herself.

Would ARTPOP Act II have been more successful than ARTPOP? That's why some time ago we decided to work on a new project. Here are some tracks that could've possibly been on ARTPOP Act II.

Congratulations on being my first down vote, Hillary.

By MadameFreedom Billy B said on Instagram Live that Britney reads BreatheHeavy. Thanks to ongoing leaks, we've had enough choice selections released to form a small EP of demos that might have made the cut; but most of the truly intriguing tracks like 'Onion Girl' and 'TEA' have gone unheard of for the most part.
So to celebrate her career-defining Super Bowl performance, we’ve decided to look back at one of Gaga’s biggest unkept promises, ARTPOP: Act II, and revel in the little concrete information we know about it.
Radio silence on the subject. And every time fans were prepared to give up on their dreams of a sequel, Gaga would string them along for another few months with the vague promise of "soon" in an obscure radio interview.

I would've gladly taken a commercially pop album over Joanne any day.

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The tracks that were considered for, There are several other songs recorded during the, Sadly, given that four years have passed since the release of the original, Early last year, Gaga mentioned in an interview that she had heard her fans opinions and considered releasing a compilation album of unreleased and rare tracks, but we've heard nothing more about any such project since. Gaga first introduced the album as'ACT TWO' during a Twitter Q/A. Honestly, it's not like she's selling any of these songs to other artists and the production fees can't be too high given the unknowns she's working with, so I don't know why she doesn't release them on rarities albums. 12 minutes ago. Yas!

Obviously, not all 75 were going to be put on the album.

After following an emotional post of him crying, he continues with these words. So on the eve of what will surely be a career-defining Super Bowl performance, we've decided to look back at one of Gaga's biggest unkept promises, ARTPOP: Act II, and revel in the little concrete information we know about it. Burqa 2. ARTPOP was released, but it's sequel, the long-awaited Act II, was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, Mother Monster didn’t reveal anything else about the second installment, but it seems pretty likely that she’s plotting a Justin Timberlake-style second release (hopefully her sequel won’t also lead to tepid reviews and murder fantasies).

Get an eyeful of even more pop music coverage, from artist interviews to exclusive performances, on Idolator’s YouTube channel. Sadly, given that four years have passed since the release of the original ARTPOP, it's doubtful that we'll ever hear the album as it was initially intended. 'Cake Like Lady Gaga' is a joking trap track which was produced by DJ White Shadow and released online for fans.