It's been sadly predictable, with Liverpool dominating the game, missing a succession of chances, and being hit by a sucker-punch in the form of Simao's wonderful goal. But Gerrard's delivery is poor on this occasion and Moretto collects easily. asks Ronan Byrne. How costly Crouch and Garcia's misses look now. Let's hope George Monbiot is following this commentary.". Liverpool 0 - 1 Benfica (Simao 35) (Agg: 0 - 2) Sloppy work for once from Carragher, who dwelt in possession and was eventually caught by Manuel. But the whistle had already gone because Gerrard's corner had gone out of play before curling towards the six-yard box. Well, only thanks to a deflection, but still. After 10 minutes Crouch's shot took a deflection off Cleber Beraldo Anderson on to the outside of the post with Benfica keeper Marcelo Moretto well beaten. 25 mins Crouch misses a sitter! Emails "Can you paint a picture for us Liverpool supporters denied a televised view (in the US) of the match of the frenzied crowd at Anfield?" A highly dubious philosophy." 37 mins Gerrard charges forward but he's offside. Namely, they need to score at least one goal. Easier said than done that, Ross. He should stick to hitting them with his left, methinks. 81 mins "A Morientes too far, I couldn't agree more," says Ian. Crouch had a decent shout for a penalty after being body checked, but the referee instead opted to book him for diving. No chance. The keeper has played very well this evening. 83 mins Liverpool finally place the ball in the Benfica goal via Cisse's back. GOAL! It didn't even come close. The chances continued to come with Carragher heading over, but even the introduction of Robbie Fowler failed to inspire them to another famous European victory. "He may slate the Pool but he brings us good luck. Alonso's long pass released Garcia, whose delicate one-two with Morientes provided the shooting opportunity, but his left foot glanced the ball before his right foot swung at it, and the result was an ugly shank. He continues, but it's blatantly copied and pasted from Google, so I shan't. It was always likely to be a tough task after their failure to score in Portugal. Solid at the back, good build-up play in midfield, dreadful finishing from the forwards (I'll include Garcia as one of those, because he's taking up very advanced positions). Mr Benitez has been horrendous in the transfer market. "Not very excitable, but commentary at," says David Nolan. The Merseysiders had early chances to overturn their 1-0 first-leg deficit, with Peter Crouch, Jamie Carragher and Luis Garcia the most guilty. "Hey Mike, in a game between Coldplay and Iron Maiden who do you think would come out ahead?" Moretto manages to get just enough on his unconvincing punch to keep the ball out of Carragher's path. Morientes has offered nothing. Wed 8 Mar 2006 23.16 GMT 63 mins Here comes non-striking striker No3, Djibril Cisse. 2005/06 UEFA Champions League, Round of 16 'Bird'? 43 mins A real let-off for Beto, who almost volleyed the ball into his own net in a way Crouch and Morientes can only dream about. Benfica sub: Gomes off, Miccoli on. It's been a bright start from the home team though. E-mail this to a friend Printable version Liverpool 0-2 Benfica (agg 0-3) Liverpool were made to pay for their first-half misses. Aufstellung SL Benfica - Liverpool FC 1:0 (Champions League 2005/2006, Achtelfinale) "Where's Glendenning, we need him now," says Ross Carroll. ... Liverpool 0 - 1 Benfica (Simao 35) (Agg: 0 - 2) Sloppy work for once from Carragher, who dwelt in possession and … Flicking Beto's mishit shot into the air, he then overhead kicks the ball into the bottom corner. 86 mins Fowler cushions a header perfectly into Gerrard's stride, who turns inside Alcides before rolling his shot past Moretto, but past the post also. Benitez has made a statement of intent by leaving the defensive Hamann on the bench, and the team is responding. A right foot drive from all of, ooh, seven yards." 5 mins Lovely little ball inside from Alonso to Morientes, but the striker's shot is straight at Moretto. "Here in Finland I am having to sit here and listen to the moaning from the commentators about how we are NOT watching the Liverpool game with a Finn in it," says Gary. Aufstellungen, Spielerwechsel, Torschützen, Karten und weitere Statistiken zum Champions League-Spiel zwischen FC Liverpool und Benfica Lissabon aus der Saison 2005/2006. "I'll send one over." "We're only an Arsenal slip-up and a Liverpool shut-out away from having Boro as Britain's last remaining European representative," observes Philly Mac. It's not to be, I'm afraid, as Porto-supporting Luis Correia gloats: "Vitorioso! Meanwhile, Rocha trots on in Robert's place. Played through by Gerrard's incisive pass, he sidefooted the ball straight at Moretto, when he just needed to guide it either side of the keeper. But Liverpool were unable to get a goal back before the break so they found themselves in the same situation as last season's final: needing three second-half goals. Ah, he's with that Paula Willow bird isn't he?" ", How's this then, Saif. "That would draw a collective 'yer jokin' arn' ya?' Übersicht Liverpool FC - SL Benfica 0:2 (Champions League 2005/2006, Achtelfinale) It seems Liverpool are resigned to their fate. 41 mins An almighty scramble on the edge of the Benfica area, but the ball eventually breaks to a Portuguese defender rather than a Liverpool forward. Aufstellung Liverpool FC - SL Benfica 0:2 (Champions League 2005/2006, Achtelfinale) First published on Wed 8 Mar 2006 23.16 GMT. Übersicht SL Benfica - Liverpool FC 1:0 (Champions League 2005/2006, Achtelfinale) Ominously, Sami Hyypia is fit enough only to be named as a sub, which means Djimi Traore occupies his place at centre-half. Good night.". "Olga Korbut, that's the Def Leppard bass player I was trying to think of!" ", Now back to something the rest of us can understand. Minutes later Steven Gerrard drove into the box and slipped a perfect pass for Crouch but, after taking a good first touch, he produced a poor finish straight at the keeper. asks James Foley among others. "My professor says these estimates are rubbish science produced by oil companies and lobbyists to make people not worry about the true problems of climate change. Liverpool were made to pay for their first-half misses. Liverpool really do need to score soon. His bizarre clearance of Finnan's cross went narrowly over though, so it's a corner... 44 mins Liverpool hit the post again!