Since the government introduced generous incentive schemes in 2002 many PLB owners have replaced diesel vehicles with new LPG vehicles with the result that much of the fleet is now quite young. In November 2018 the green minibus trade agreed to support a government plan to introduce real-time arrival information via a mobile app. Figure 2 – Complaints against public transport @, 2013 and 2017 . New 19-seat minibuses will also have an extra half-step at the door, stop buttons at passenger level and seat handrails. 20190917 Unnumbered red minibus at Kwun Tong for Lok Ma Chau San Tin PTI.jpg 1,479 × 2,061; 559 KB A public light bus with Jusco advertisement (Hong Kong).jpg 3,000 × 2,000; 2.69 MB AR3712 Mong Kok to Lam Tin 14-03-2018.jpg 4,032 × 3,024; 1.67 MB The seating arrangement for *16-seat minibuses is four single seats on the left side of the bus and six double seats on the right hand side. Capitalist Dystopia and Everyday Sacralisation in Hong Kong: Occupy Movement, Religions, and the Making of Identity, (for speakers of the symposium) * with effect from 29th March 2015, 407 green minibus routes served by 127 green minibus operators will be included within the government's "Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities", which has been introduced in phases since June 2012 to other public transport, MTR, franchised bus services and local ferry services. Fares are determined by the driver and can increase sharply when demand is high such as during adverse weather conditions. At the end of 2015 there were about 8,000 green minibus drivers. There are 3294 (at end of 2019) licensed green minibuses all of which are regulated by the Transport Department. They operate on about 350 fixed routes with fixed fares and timetabled services, four of which are cross-harbour services. With regard to existing minibuses PLB operators are able to use their own discretion as to whether to increase the number of seats and by how many and also to decide on implementation date for any increase. The first 19-seat Optare low-floor wheelchair accessible green minibus began trials in January 2018All minibuses registered on or after 1st August 2004 must be fitted with seat belts which must be worn. These minibuses can accommodate one wheelchair with a telephone reservation service available from fourteen days to one day in advance. T, he Transport Department will appoint a technical consultant and a system contractor for conducting a pilot scheme, developing the system and the mobile application, and installing the system. Green Minibus routes, schedules and fares are controlled by the Transport Department. endstream endobj startxref Three low-floor wheelchair accessible minibuses being built by British manufacturer Optare are to operate on a trial basis on selected hospital routes with the first bus being trialled on route 54M (Kennedy Town Station - Queen Mary Hospital) from 26th January 2018. Where minibuses operate the same routes as franchised buses they generally tend to provide a faster and often more frequent service. 6/6X/260 (Exchange Square, Central to Stanley Prison) 23. Green minibuses participating in the scheme will carry a logo on windscreens, next to entry doors and on Octopus Card readers; USING THE GREEN MINIBUS The destination is displayed on the front of the bus in both Chinese and English (although the English lettering is often quite small and can be difficult to read from a distance). PUBLIC LIGHT BUS (Green Minibus and Red Minibus) The public light bus (PLB) was introduced in 1969 with a view to regulating the illegal operation of minibuses at the time. - Bus no. The coin box is located below and behind the Octopus Card reader. In 1969, when stability returned, by way of acknowledgment of the driver's contribution, the government allowed them to operate in urban areas. Wo Shing Wo or WSW (Chinese: 和勝和; Jyutping: woo sing woo) is the oldest of the Wo Group triad societies, and is the triad with the longest history in Hong Kong.According to the Hong Kong police, the triad is involved in extortion, drug trafficking, gambling and prostitution. Gordon POON and Elizabeth SOLOMON, Jason S Polley, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho and Chris Song. There are currently government proposals to convert red minibuses into regulated green minibuses. Media in category "Red taxis in Hong Kong" The following 137 files are in this category, out of 137 total. Red minibuses are unregulated, may set their own fares and are not required to operate fixed routes or timetables. Daily patronage of PLB's, as the end of 2019, is about 1.48 million passenger trips. constitut. Hong Kong Island is dominated by steep, hilly terrain, which required the development of unusual methods of transport up and down the slopes. The theme of the symposium is “Hong Kong Dystopia” {Facebook registration}, Venue: HKBU Phonology Lab, From mid-2017 minibus operators have been given the discretion to increase the seating capacity by up to 3 additional seats to a maximum capacity of 19 and all new green minibuses registered from 15th August 2017 will have 19 seats. Tai Mei Tuk Take the following bus or light bus, alight at Tai Mei Tuk and walk for 5 minutes: - Bus no. %%EOF New 19-seat minibuses will also have an extra half-step at the door*, stop buttons at passenger level and seat handrails. Police occasionally mount operations to reinforce the wearing of seat belts and during 2010 there were 2565 prosecutions. “A People is Missing”: Dystopia in Lost on a Red Mini-Bus to Tai Po (2013) 11:15 – 11:45 GUO Ting {abstract & bio} Capitalist Dystopia and Everyday Sacralisation in Hong Kong: Occupy Movement, Religions, and the Making of Identity. Subsequently, in October 2013, twelve hybrid minibuses, developed by local company Green Mobility Innovations, began trials with three green minibus operators. Meanwhile, the department will work with the GMB operators on various types of advance preparation work, which include the setting up of a working group to discuss the details of the system, and compiling the stop information for all GMB services. From 5th July 2020 under the Road Traffic Act (Public Service Vehicles) Regulations (Chapter 374D) specific standards were imposed with regard to destination indicators and display of fare cards in public light buses There two types of public light bus are distinguished by colour of the roof, green or red; GREEN MINIBUS. Participants who have completed the course and passed the course-end assessment are issued with a course certificate issued by the designated pre-service training schools. The LED signals will be installed above passenger seats. The limit is reviewed every 5 years and is to be extended for a further 5-year period from June 2016 until 20th June 2021 following consultation between the Transport Department and the PLB trade. However the majority of buses have no bells (although bells or buzzers are being introduced on some new and existing buses on certain routes). %PDF-1.5 %���� As at April 2017 the scheme extends to 522 green minibus routes served by 159 operators. In April 2012, new legislation came into effect, limiting the maximum speed of minibuses to 80km/h and, with effect from 1st December 2014, all newly registered minibuses must be fitted with an approved electronic data recording device (black box).The legislation also requires PLB driver identity plates to be displayed and requires applicants for a PLB licence on or after 1st June 2015 to attend and complete a pre-service course. The 16-hour course covers PLB operations, occupational health, PLB structure, safe driving and road safety, major contributing factors for traffic accidents and handling emergencies, customer services and handling complaints, and other items. A consultant, commissioned by the Government to carry out the study has proposed that the number of seats in both green and red minibuses should be increased by not more than three and, in December 2016, the Transport Advisory Committee confirmed its support for the proposal to increase the maximum seating capacity of both green and red minibuses to 19 and legislation to implement the increase was introduced in mid-2017. Toyota is the manufacturer of the 19-seat minibus with each vehicle costing HK$700,000. In March 2019 the Transport Department began a trial of a Alipay HK's "Easy Go" QR code fare payment system on Hong Kong Island green minibus routes 8 and 8X (Baggio Villas Lower - Central Exchange Square). 621 0 obj <> endobj Following the successful trial the Transport Department has arranged with several operators for the system is being rolled out across an increasing number of routes and by early 2020 over 1,000 minibuses had been equipped with the system. Although the basic function of PLB's is to provide services to areas where patronage would not support high capacity carriers some services do partially or wholly duplicate franchised bus routes and often provide useful “feeder services” to MTR stations and transport interchanges. The initiative will be government-funded and. The minibus service was borne out of the 1966-67 riots when 9-seater taxis restricted to the New Territories began illegally serving passengers in urban areas during a bus drivers strike. In October 2018 17-seat green minibuses, were introduced on new route 901 operating a circular service between Tung Chung North and the Hong Kong Port of the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge. Speakers: Kris CHENG, Marshall MOORE, In September 2020 the Transport Department announced a trial of a display system for seat occupancy and seat belt fastening. At the end of 2019 there are about 171,267 holders of valid full driving licences for PLB's and holders are allowed to works as either a green or red minibus driver. In November 2010 the green minibus operators association made a proposal to the Transport Department that the number of seats be increased from 16 to 20 in return for a three-year fare freeze and discounts for senior citizens. The detected status will be displayed through LED signals or LCD screens newly installed on GMBs. 1e�g~&�"xBQЬQ�ii�w!���u:�U8o�3�X@�†grm��f�r*O%H. Remarks: It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the campsite. Several seats are directly over the wheel arch have restricted leg room. 51, 54M, 56 and 58 on Hong Kong Island; route No. A further safety initiative, which was introduced from August 2004, is that all new minibuses are fitted with high-back seats. OEM 708, OEN Hall Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus, 11:15 – 11:45 GUO Ting {abstract & bio} PUBLIC LIGHT BUS (Green Minibus and Red Minibus) ... Sai Kung, 20C Tai Po Market Station - Tei Mei Tuk and 4M Shek Pai Wan - Wong Chuk Hang Station. 27M in Kowloon; and routes No. Details of routes covered by the scheme can be found here; The hybrids cost HK$1.33 million each of which a HK$900,000 contribution for each of the minibuses has been made from the government’s green transport fund. 75K (Tai Po Market MTR Station to Tai Mei Tuk) - Green minibus no. Neon lights flash, cars whizz by andhuge masses of people crowd the downtown. The film starts dazzlingly enough.