Sophie Seydoux. Conveniently situated in the City of Langley, this studio is built to meet the demands and needs of BC’s ever-growing film industry. So I wanted to make a film about our strange relation to the sacred.”. Every year the Grand Témoin delivers a keynote as a Market introduction and participates in several events. Saturday morning, the students of Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset middle school had an envy-worthy day of cinema. The “brothers” invited two people on stage to speak in the name of the thousands of vulnerable hotel and restaurant workers and others, whose livelihood is being threatened by the pandemic. A celebration of the work of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne for what it is: humanist, bold, committed, turned towards the young generation and crying out for truth. The tragedy of ‘Lazarro’ is about people who have the illusion that they are fighting for the poor, but in fact they are fighting for the privilege of the rich.”. The Lumière Film Festival is an annual film festival held each October in Lyon Metropolis, France since 2009. Fabienne Vonier Prize. ‘Lazzaro,’ in particular, talks about those who are the victims of history. Exhibition starts October 8 at the Cinema Gallery 2, 3 rue de l’Arbre sec, Lyon 1st. “Working on celluloid is beautiful. A selection of documentaries, never screened before. Video . We are like insects in a field: we must leave the world, if not better, definitely not worse off.”. Featuring write-ups, tips, interviews and more. No, it's not Joe le Taxi (of the song by Vanessa Paradis), but Jean-Serge Ribera, an outstanding driver who has volunteered at the festival for three years. Repairing Lumière film. Lumière will also host a large part of the Cannes Classics selection, restored films from the Cannes Film Festival. From the Lumière brothers to the Dardenne brothers... Like a symbolic passing of the torch, in all likelihood for eternity… Friday evening, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne received the 12th Lumière Award at the Conference Centre of Lyon. Synopses, analyses, newly published photos… Plunge into the universe of movie directors and go BTS (behind-the-scenes) of all the films on the Lumière 2020 lineup. Our hotel partners are ready to welcome you with special deals. Vital Danish filmmaker, Thomas Vinterberg affirms a real presence in the cinematographic landscape. A tribute to Tonie Marshall, a loyal friend of the festival, who attended each edition. “It’s the means that expose the end – be it violence or power. Since  the  first  feature  films  directed  by  Jean-Pierre  and  Luc  Dardenne,  Christine  Plenus has been the appointed still photographer. A daily glimpse into the festival, its encounters, screenings and favorite picks by the editorial team! Bertrand Tavernier. Tribute to the Greek actress with effervescent charm, who later became a politician and defender of European culture. An Auction House Is Selling the Bar From Hilter’s Yacht. On festival Saturdays, get 40% off tickets, while kids ride free. “We shot it with the same farmers who were in [her last feature] ‘Happy as Lazzaro,’ they are my neighbors.”. “I saw how difficult it was for them to explain what they are going through. Merci de mettre à jour votre navigateur Internet Explorer vers une version plus récente ou de télécharger Mozilla Firefox. Lumiere Film Studios is a full service film production studio with over 20,000 square feet of fully functional space. Actor, director and screenwriter Albert Dupontel deploys his talent with a very particular mastery of the absurd and the grotesque.