When asked if he would ever return he responded enthusiastically “Hell yeah! His wisdom and experience were legendary, and his words carried great weight. Defenseless, Windu was bombarded with Sith lightning as Sidious unleashed a torrent of deadly energy at the Jedi Master. He ordered Skywalker to stay in the Council chambers until the matter was resolved. He was too old to begin the life of a Jedi. Second only to the great Master Yoda himself. And you will know my name as Mace Windu when I lay my vengeance upon thee! This site contains affiliate links to products. As a result, Vaapad is often called the Ferocity Form. Well, you need to use a lightsaber like Mace Windu and become a Jedi Master of Vaapad.

Earned titles like, Yoda’s right hand, The sword of Jedi order and bad mother fucker. With Vaapad, the Jedi channels his own inner darkness into the lightsaber duel, and accepts the fury of the opponent. We send 2-4 emails a month maximum. In his own words “Vaapad is more than a fighting style. See Dominated Love Slave. His spirit would suffer in the years that followed. Seeing Double: The Rise of Clones in Pop Culture, Bounty Hunting is a Complicated Profession. The Jedi Master repeatedly deflected Jango's incoming blasts, and quickly decapitated the hunter with his lightsaber. You will learn something about everything! I’ve mentioned much of this before, but it bears repeating: lightsaber duels in the movies are choreographed (in addition to being entirely fictional, I should remind us) and bear little resemblance to an actually sword fight. Vaapad is the form developed by Mace. This was the ability to see shatterpoints in The Force. Jack De Graaf is a BA English Studies graduate and a part-time writer. Most vaapad had at least seven tentacles, while the largest specimen ever examined had twenty-three. Huh. He was there to free Jedi held captive by Count Dooku. And they could be from the future. Vaapads, the creatures, were brown ball-shaped creatures with yellow eyes and multiple tentacles used to kill prey. © 2020 - Nerds on Earth. My negotiations will not fail. You hear that, J.J.? Though the Jedi were loyal protectors of the galaxy, facing war on the battlefronts in command of the clones, Windu felt uncertain about the direction of the Republic. He was capable of easily summoning his lightsaber, as demonstrated on Geonosis when he quickly reclaimed his Jedi weapon by way of the Force before Fett could prevent this.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my Jedi brothers. Born on the planet Haruun Kal, Mace was given to the Jedi Order at six months old, as both his parents had died in the planet’s jungles. Commonly used to describe the sound in a text message to avoid conf.. 1. So you want to be a bad mother too? And you will know my name as Mace Windu when I lay my vengeance upon thee! All Rights Reserved. Furthermore, a lightsaber duel is not just about constant parrying as you skip around. The second baddest guy in the universe. Mace Windu war einer der führenden Mitglieder des Alten Jedi-Ordens zur Zeit der Klonkriege. And they are occasionally delivered telepathically for ease of consumption. A respected Jedi on par with the venerable Yoda, Mace Windu was a senior member of the Jedi High Council. Jackson was pleased: “There’s like 300 lightsabers, and I’m like, There I am, right there!’”. But before we talk about the specifics of Vaapad, let’s cover Fighting With Lightsabers 101. After filming the Battle of Geonosis, Samuel L. Jackson watched the scene back and had trouble picking himself out from the other hundreds of Jedis. © 2020 The Fact Site | All Rights Reserved | Sitemap, The Fact Site requires you to enable Javascript to browse our website, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day | May 3, 10 Facts About Your Favorite Droids: R2-D2 & C-3PO, How The Original Death Star was Saved From Being A Trashcan, 11 Wild Facts About Sheriff Woody From Toy Story. Though Skywalker wished to accompany Windu, the Jedi Master forbade it. Mace Windu defeated Darth Sidious. It was here that Mace was given a special Violet-colored crystal by the planet’s natives, which allowed him to construct the lightsaber he had seen in his visions.

Plus more, like toys, the MCU, and Star Wars. Mace soon became Mater of The Order and leader of the Jedi Council, and second only in the Jedi Order to Master Yoda. He mastered the technique Vaapad, something that many other Jedi failed to master. 1. As a Force user, Windu was proficient in various forms of telekinesis , which he could utilize as both attacks and defenses. He is seen to have the ability to smash bulletproof glass with his mind, he can beat a robot to destruction with only his fists and he even Force-crushed General Grevious’s chest, giving the General his trademark cough. He regularly conferred with Yoda and the ten other members of the Council, contemplating the very nature of the Force and the affairs of the Jedi Knights. The style used quick and deadly strikes to overcome the enemy, much like how the vaapad would use its tentacles on prey. Mace attempted to arrest the Chancellor, but Palpatine sprang into action. This color was acheived using an extremely rare crystal found on the planet Hurikane. Sadly a few of the only African American Jedis and is also three of the only black characters on Star Wars. Vaapad – Form VII – is one of 7 forms of lightsaber combat and was developed by Mace Windu, who named it after a creature native to the volcanic world of Sarapin. In an emotionally charged action, Anakin ignited his lightsaber blade and sheared off Mace Windu's weapon hand before he could strike Palpatine.

"Damn, I was havin a great time the other night. Kicks ass and has an awesome purple Light Saber. 2. Get a deeper understanding of your customers. They hoped to use Anakin as a conduit of information, to learn of the Chancellor's dealings. You too can be one bad mother. In his spare time he likes to read and do circus skills. That a Sith Lord existed somewhere in the galaxy, was not in doubt but could this shadowy villain really bring this much imbalance to the Force? One of the smartest jedi of the order. Due to this focus on physical combat, Vaapad was mentioned with a cautionary warning that the use of Vaapad led the user perilously close to the dark side. “You think maybe I can get a purple lightsaber?” He asked him. The were so lightning fast that there was no way to tell how many tentacles the vaapad had unless it was dead. Launched Innové Studios for social entrepreneurs by day. Though Fett had proven himself deadly against other Jedi, he was no match against Windu.

However, in legends(to explain away Samuel L's bullshit) there is a bit more of a story. Vaapad attacks flow into each other with liquid precision, creating a blur of attacking blades from every angle. This question seems specifically tailored towards me lol… But anyways, in canon, Windu got a purple lightsaber just because the actor requested one. Jackson was pleased: “There’s like 300 lightsabers, and I’m like, There I am, right there!’” Jackson did also ask for the initials BMF (Bad Mother Fu**er) to be inscribed on the hilt of his lightsaber, but this request Lucas did deny.

It is said the user’s arms becoming too fast to see, and Vaapad is used in the use of dual lightsabers as well. One such thing that Mace glimpsed through these shatterpoints was a violet-colored lightsaber that he would one day wield. Something was clouding the future, and the order's very connection to the Force was weakening. If you're a lover of Woody, or Toy Story generally, then keep reading as we learn the facts about him. In George Lucas’ first edition of the prequel series, Mace wielded just a regular lightsaber. Sam Jackson has said before how he really enjoyed playing Mace Windu, so much so that he voiced the character in all the Star Wars spin-off animated series, and has said before that he would love to come back for a future episode. But as the galaxy found itself increasingly fragmented by the rise of a powerful secessionist movement, he grew to question some of his firmest held beliefs. See jedi, master, star wars, yoda, anakin. Any fighter who would intentionally turn her back to an opponent, taking her eyes off her opponent while simultaneously exposing her whole body in the process, just to turn herself around and bring her weapon back predictably from the other side deserves to die in a sarlacc pit. Mace Windu: If they do, you must realize there aren't enough Jedi to protect the Republic... we're keepers of the peace, not soldiers. When an intelligence report from Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi revealed the Separatists gearing up for war, Windu came to realize that the time for negotiation had passed. Track emotional ceaction on your web page for free. clave [dot] jones [at] nerdsonearth [dot] com, jasonsansbury [at] gangsta mail [dot] com, michael [dot] adkins [at] nerdsonearth [dot] com, abram [dot] towle [at] nerdsonearth [dot] com. Such aggression was not in his character, Mace reasoned. I hope you all enjoyed these facts people, and may The Force be with you. Mace Windu Star Wars episodes I, II and III, See star wars, trilogy, space opera, sci-fi, Predeckis. Vaapad requires the user to enjoy their fight, and relish the satisfaction of winning.