Our style our difference MADO is a Turkish ice cream and pastry brand that has about 300 outlets in Turkey and 22 other countries around the world. Address : Ezdan Mall Al Wakrah Gate #1. long history of 300 years. Ice-cream and other products are prepared under cutting edge hygiene and quality standards in these world-class modern plants and are distributed under necessary conditions to our stores across Turkey and abroad; presented to the appreciation of your gusto, the esteemed gourmet. SOMUNCU CAFE, which open up to the world in the ice cream sector and was established under Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Inc., has a wide range of products. MARDO, is a trademark that we developed under Yaşar Ice Cream to meet the demand from the impulse ice cream segment. With this license, franchise, under the name of MADO CAFE trademark, starts to work, in result of the feasibility studies conducted by our expert teams on proposals made by franchise entrepreneurs for location, according to work flow planning and eligibility of investment conditions. It shall have menu of widest product range. This is the history of the “step by step” transformation of a savor tradition called Karsambac (snow mix) that entirely belongs to Anatolia. It works with at least 6 staff. K. Maras Ice Cream Two cities in the world come to mind as ice cream is mentioned: one is Rome of Italy; the other is K. Maras of Turkey. The ice cream shop became a chain after 1991. We responded to different requests, we received great interest from our guests. “Künefeci”, the newest brand of Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Inc., is one of these. When it came to 1989, foundations of a marketing activity at the world scale have been laid through incorporating the facilities of the Turkish Dairy Industry Institution into the Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Stuff Inc. Today, more than five thousand people including hundreds of executives and specialists are working in the modern facilities, which are based on an area of 33 thousand m2 and have a closed area of 6.500 m2. There are “take away” products. It works with at least 40 staff. It has garden and terrace. Mado’s ice cream is also special for the goat milk it uses, and serves a variety of desserts with slices of ice cream to be eaten with a knife and fork. You can also find ICEMAR products in the retail sector. We are increasing our brand awareness day by day in the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. This interest did not remain unrewarded and in the first six months, and we became an important franchising brand with a chain of 20 dealers.