Dr. Stephen Stigler This page last modified 12 October 2011. The assault troops were also surprised to discover that even though they were approaching the beach at high tide as planned, a miscalculation of the lagoon's depth caused their small boats to go aground, forcing them to walk the final 250 yards (230 m) to the beach in waist-deep water. It was my most vivid memory of the war. It’s always hard to see a buddy get killed. The current was pulling us back but we somehow made it to the sub. His parents are Andrew Fred Cook and Ina L. Stewart. Dallas H. Cook Sgt. "I" Names Carlson's Raid: The Daring Marine Assault on Makin; Find More Information on the Internet. I’m glad they’re finally coming home. USMC casualties were given as 18 killed in action and 12 missing in action. The bodies of 6 of the Marines were returned to their families for private burial and the remaining 13 were interred in Arlington National Cemetery in 2001. Call Of Duty: World At War; the opening mission: Semper Fi and the online maps Makin and Makin Day, take place on the Island. The ceremony closed a remarkable chapter in history that had begun nearly six decades earlier. The Japanese also launched two Banzai Charges which the Marines beat off. Strong resistance from Japanese snipers and machine guns stalled the advance and inflicted casualties. Princess Mako of Akishino, first-born granddaughter of Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Two civilian personnel were attached to the Japanese forces as interpreters and civilian administrators. "Q" Names The landing force, Task Group 52.6, consisted of units of the 27th Infantry Division commanded by Major General Ralph C. Smith, transported by attack transports Neville, Leonard Wood, Calvert, and Pierce; attack cargo ship Alcyone; landing ship dock Belle Grove; and LSTs −31, −78, and −179 of Task Group 52.1. MHQ, Experience, Spring 2002 By the time we got abreast of the first ship they were out on deck, standing at attention, saluting us. Reduction operations were hampered by the frequent inability to use heavy support weapons, including tanks, because of the danger of cross-fire. There wasn’t much I could do, so I went to sleep. At 09:00, Lt. Peatross and his 12 men found themselves behind the Japanese who were fighting the rest of the Raiders to the east. The Japanese garrison only posted 83 to 160 men under the command of a warrant officer. Militaria While the Japanese were building up their defenses in the Gilberts, American forces were making plans to retake the islands. The Marine Commandant spoke at the memorial ceremony prior to their internment. The 27th Infantry Division staff learned the change of target on 28 September, scrapped the original Nauru plan, and began planning to capture Makin.[3]. Sergeant Walter Carroll and Pfc Dean Winters of the U.S. Marines Second Raider Battalion prepare to debark from the submarine USS Nautilus before the Makin Atoll raid. After evading capture for 12 days with the help of some natives, they surrendered on August 30 and were eventually beheaded by the Japanese on Kwajalein Island. Joseph Gifford Cpl. As soon as I finished praying I saw there was a native standing in the coconut tree and he motioned for me to sit down. "Y" Names The names of the 19 Marines recovered were: Capt Gerald P Holton, 0-7549 Electronics I remember firing about 20 rounds. Our guys got in touch with the submarine and took the rubber boats around to the lagoon. All Types"A" Names As the landing craft approached Yellow Beach from the lagoon, they began to receive small-arms and machine-gun fire from the island's defenders. The next morning several boatloads of Raiders were able to fight the surf and reach the sub; but 72 men, along with just three rubber boats, were still on the island. "N" Names There were about 10 of us, paddling out over the breakers, and we were tipped over three times before we got past them. Anyways, as another Tongan would … Even Tongans themselves couldn't have taken great pictures like you did or have recorded anything that close. Despite the swamping of many of their outboard motors, 18 of the 19 boats made it to shore near the intended location by 0500 on 17 August 1942. Lt. Col. Carlson decided to land all his men on one beach, rather than two beaches as originally planned. The Japanese, however, did not respond to the attack on Red Beach, and withdrew from Yellow Beach with only harassing fire, leaving the troops of the 27th Division no choice but to knock out the fortified strongpoints one by one. LTC Carlson reported counting 83 Japanese bodies before he left. There are many fine websites that have additional information on this "Carlson's Raiders on Makin, 17–18 August 1942", Marine Corps Gazette 87(8): August 31, 2003. I had the Boys [antitank] gun along with Tiny Carroll. On the return trip we were also below decks because we thought we were sneaking back in. Two destroyers of the destroyer screen, USS Hull and USS Franks, left the destroyer screen, leaving a gap in the screen. One plane crashed; the other burst into flames. In addition there were also four members of the seaplane tender base and three members of a meteorological unit. At 07:00, with Company A leading, the Raiders advanced from the beach across the island to its north shore before attacking southwestward. No bodies of the raiding force were recovered when US forces returned and captured the island in 1943 however. They were there to honor 13 fellow United States Marines who were finally returning home—marines who had been left behind in a daring raid on Makin Atoll in 1942. I heard a guy in the conning tower yell, “Get your ass up here, we’re going down!” I said, “Holy shit.” I never swore before I got in the corps and I haven’t stopped since. Tolv år blev det til i Los Angeles for et Raiders-hold der stadig har en del fans i byen. And then he was gone. The subs were undamaged. Having lost most of their weapons and equipment, the exhausted survivors struggled back to the beach to link up with 20 fully armed men who had been left on the island to cover their withdrawal. Dean Winters For good results, try entering this: 1942 makin raid. The Marines killed virtually all of the Japanese garrison of the island. If any one who sees this knows anymore about efforts to find the remains of these Marines, please email me! After rendezvousing with Argonaut at dusk, preparations were made to disembark the 211 Marines -- 13 officers and 198 enlisted Marines -- into rubber boats at 0300 the next morning. Call Of Duty: World At War; the opening mission: Semper Fi and the online maps Makin and Makin Day, take place on the Island. It was miserable. Of the 12 MIA Marines 9 were captured and taken to Kwajalein Atoll where they were interrogated and eventually executed with the Japanese never reporting them as POWs. Makin was garrisoned with a single company of the 5th Special Base Force (700 – 800 men) on August 1942, and work on both the seaplane base and coastal defenses of the atoll was resumed in earnest. In August 1942 the 2nd Marine “Raider” Battalion raided what was then called Makin Island in the Gilbert Archipelago of the South Pacific. Without working radios to contact the subs, unaware of whether the subs had survived the air attacks or if his men had reached them, and believing he was facing a reinforced enemy, Carlson called a council of war and decided to surrender. It turned out to be a fortunate error. I put on their shoes, two-toed shoe things. Chinese and Suluks revolt against Japanese in North Borneo, US Eighth Air Force B-24 Liberator bomber, Carlson's Raid: The Daring Marine Assault on Makin. The 1943 American war film Gung Ho! Patrick K. O’Donnell is the author of Beyond Valor: World War II’s Ranger and Airborne Veterans Reveal the Heart of Combat (Simon & Schuster, 2001). We were ordered to withdraw, and the Japanese hit us with a banzai attack, but we stopped them. Grumman FM-1 Wildcat fighters escorted Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bombers and Grumman TBF Avengers from escort carriers USS Liscome Bay, USS Coral Sea and USS Corregidor; followed by 8-inch (200 mm) support guns from fire support ship USS Minneapolis and other war vessels. I got away from them and knelt down and prayed. Seven boats with fewer than 100 men made it back to the submarines that night, leaving half the force, including wounded, on the hostile Makin shore. My squad had the nickname the Flying Wedge. I was an officer and in the conning tower, so the captain quickly got the rest of the men on deck. Of the 12 MIA Marines 9 were captured and taken to Kwajalein Atoll where they were interrogated and eventually executed with the Japanese never reporting them as POWs. Young, Howard. One plane crashed, and the other burst into flames. We landed about 100 to 150 yards from the main landing point. Additional Japanese personnel may have been killed in the destruction of two boats and two aircraft. The August 1942 raid on Makin Atoll by the 2nd Raider Battalion ("Carlson's Raiders") was staged as a diversion to the invasion of Guadalcanal. W.E.B. At 19:30, the Raiders began to withdraw from the island using 18 rubber boats, many of which no longer had working outboard motors. The raid on Makin Island was prominently featured in the Treyarch video game Call of Duty: World at Waras the first level in the campaign mode. Makin means a lot to me because I lost five men from the squad. Michael Crichton, writer (Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain). "H" Names Carlson's Raiders went to the Solomons where they fought again on Guadalcanal. They told me there was another group trying to leave because Carlson had sent a couple of his men to the Japanese with a note offering to surrender. It felt like we had really done something worthwhile and good. The Gilberts lay within 200 miles (320 km) of the Southern Marshalls and were well within range of United States Army Air Forces B-24 aircraft based in the Ellice Islands, which could provide bombing support and long-range reconnaissance for operations in the Gilberts. Despite possessing great superiority in men and weapons, the 27th Division had difficulty subduing the island's small defense force. At 23:08, having managed to signal the subs to meet his Raiders at the entrance to Makin Lagoon, Carlson had a team, led by Lt. Charlie Lamb, build a raft made up of three rubber boats and two native canoes, powered by the two remaining outboard motors. The other Marines left behind were listed as missing in action from August 1942 until their remains were discovered, identified, and recovered for proper burial in 1999.