While kissing on the beach house balcony, they are obviously being watched. [8] In 2015, Cross guest starred in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and later joined the cast of ABC thriller series Quantico playing the recurring role of President Claire Haas, a former Democratic vice presidential nominee. Kimberly sees the demonic image again and he tells her to destroy her enemies. To prevent this from going public, she has Matt attacked so she can change her results to be more to her liking. She decides to commit suicide, disguising it as an accident so she can leave him with accidental death money. They become friends again and hint at getting back together. They celebrate with a kiss but a drunken Michael loses control of the car and they suffer a terrible car accident. Kimberly's attempts to end this by threatening both Amanda and Michael appear to work but Michael continues to see Amanda. He goes to the beach house and is shocked to see Kimberly barely hanging to life. She does not tell Michael of her remission, but when he discovers it, he feels betrayed and says he wants nothing to do with her. Ismertséget 1991-ben szerzett, amikor elvállalta Victoria Broyelard szerepét a Knots Landing című nagyon népszerű amerikai szappanoperában. Michael and Sydney hire an actor who looks like Henry to torment Kimberly. It is soon discovered Kimberly is watching them. In 1992, Cross was cast as Dr. Kimberly Shaw in the Fox primetime soap opera Melrose Place. Xxoo m.”, Marcia Cross is a TV favourite. Coop considers Kimberly the love of his life. Marcia Anne Cross (born March 25, 1962) is an American actress. That night, he goes to the train station and finds Marion having Kimberly's coffin loaded onto the train.

Megan informs Michael of Kimberly's death. Kimberly asks Peter why he bailed Michael out of jail and he then asks her on a date.

She followed this with guest-starring roles on primetime shows such as Who's the Boss?, Quantum Leap, Knots Landing and Cheers.

On 25-3-1962 Marcia Cross was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Peter initially thinks it is good acting until he realises she really is insane. 2005 decemberében begyűjtötte zsinórban a második jelölését a Golden Globe-ra a Legjobb vígjátékszínész kategóriában. Peter says she will be re-institutionalized if she continues to claim Henry is haunting her. It appears to them Michael has attacked her and he is arrested. Kimberly says they are bad for each other but agrees. Legemlékezetesebb szerepe a Melrose Place-ben akkor kezdődött, amikor megkérték egy egyepizódos szerepre. Michael is released on bail, put up by Peter. She rejects his proposal initially but changes her mind on the way home. Michael tells her he is sorry for all the harm he caused Kimberly but that he truly did love her. Kimberly collapses and it is revealed she has an aneurysm and surgery will likely result in paralysis. Utána elhagyta New Yorkot és egyenesen Los Angelesbe ment szerencsét próbálni, és hamarosan olyan műsorokban kapott szerepet mint a The Last Days of Frank and Jessie James, ahol együtt játszott Johnny Cash-sel és Kris Kristofferson-nal.

Amanda agrees and so Kimberly begins terrorizing Amanda, making her think it is Michael. She awakens once day to see a pile of ironing done she doesn't recall doing. Kimberly has Michael and Megan over for a goodbye dinner but a fight between Marion and Michael prevents a goodbye.

When fully conscious again, Kimberly tells Michael he has ruined any trust she had restored in him and wants nothing to do with him.

This story was originally published in the New York Post and is reprinted with permission. Michael tells Sydney it was a mistake but falls prey to her advances once more and is caught by Kimberly. ONE of the stars of Desperate Housewives has spoken out for the first time about her fight against a serious illness and how she’s “happy to be alive”. An obsessed radio fan soon harasses Kimberly and kidnaps her but she breaks free and takes him to the police where he is jailed.

Marcia Anne Cross (born March 25, 1962) is an American actress. Cross became a fan favorite but refused for the longest time to sign a contract with the show. Mindkettőjüknek ez lesz az első házassága. However, noticing Billy and Alison's issues, she decides she does not want a roommate as it means getting involved in people's day-to-day lives. With that, Kimberly is never seen again.

It turns out Michael had Matt change his blood alcohol level reports after the accident to avoid jail time. Megan begins to feel neglected as Michael spends all his time with Kimberly. Surprisingly only fashion designer MacKenzie Hart is killed as collateral damage; she had gone to the complex to confront her husband Richard, who was having an affair with Jane. Kimberly says she is done fighting and wants to go peacefully. Kimberly informs the Carters of their grandson's well being in an effort to get pay back at Jo.