The river was wide, and the water was clear and clean,” Logatoc said, sadly looking at what was left of the river. Tapian open-cut mine site being converted to receive mine tailings from the San Antonio mine on a temporary basis.

Heavy metal runs through Racquel Logatoc’s veins. Tapian site. The government attempted to cover up the fact they had not enforced environmental laws throughout the years. That was when Bocboc village chief Logatoc learned the heavy metal in her blood system remains high and that she needed regular monitoring. “That’s the only way they could go to work and return home,” Semilla said. “I believe that Barrick Gold remains legally responsible and can be held to account in Canada if the people of Marinduque choose to pursue that course of action,” she said. Required fields are marked *.

Marcopper Mining Corp. began its mining operations in the Mt. At the same time a dam was built in the Mogpog River in case the Tapian pit was not sufficiently large. [8] The 27-kilometer Boac river, which was the main source of livelihood for those who did not work for Marcopper, was declared unusable by government officials.

[1] Consultations with local governments and indigenous communities also became a priority.

Unhappily, the mining operation caused pollution of the waterways and deaths from poisoning in the population. Death toll: No one died as a result of the flooding on the day of the disaster, but subsequently many villagers, especially children, presented with toxic-waste related illnesses, many of which proved fatal. Mining officials blamed an unusual rainfall brought by a typhoon.

Three years before that, the company’s Maguila-guila siltation dam also burst, flooding the town of Mogpog, where two children drowned in the mine waste. Sources of drinking water were contaminated with toxins. Mining in the area has polluted waterways, killed fish, … A tunnel leading from the old mine to the Boac River was sealed and the resulting pit took the waste from the new San Antonio copper mine. [1] The disaster prompted government to revise the rules of the Mining Act to focus more on the protection of the environment and address social issues. Complaints from local residents led to the Mt.

[7] The Tapian pit contained around 23 million metric tons of mine waste. Twenty other villages had to be evacuated. Tapian’s reserve, Marcopper moved to the San Antonio copper mine, three kilometers north of the Mt. The disaster led to drastic reforms in the country's mining policy.[1].

Janairo convened a regional interagency committee for an environmental health assessment in 2017. In 2015, a Nevada court ruled it had no jurisdiction over the class suit filed by the Marinduque provincial office against Placer Dome.

He said doctors will always have their theories on why people get sick, but they need scientific data to back these up. The rush of tailings displaced river water which inundated low-lying areas, destroying crops and vegetable gardens and clogged irrigation channels supplying water to rice fields. The inhabitants of 20 of the 60 villages in the province were told to evacuate. [9], After the disaster, Marcopper and Placer Dome closed all their mines. Caballes expressed hope the provincial government will continue to support his proposed P20 million water testing laboratory, after years of being told there’s no money for it. The government estimates this toxic tailings waste killed P1.8 million worth of freshwater and marine life and P5 million milk fish fry. Because of the support coming in from outside the community, the people had more power to mobilize.

On the 23rd anniversary of the Marcopper mine spill, MGB regional director Roland de Jesus said the government will pursue legal action and would stick to filing a case using the Marcopper name, not the new company name, MR Holdings. However, they too denied responsibility, selling out the following year after making a token contribution towards the rebuilding of houses and infrastructure repairs. Muhi’s study focused on the non-carcinogenic lead and the cancer-causing arsenic.