They are sentient computer programs disguised as human government agents,[1] displaying a high-level of artificial intelligence. After the fight, Neo flies straight into MegaSmith's mouth, causing the Smiths throughout the Matrix to overload and explode. He then stands above the stricken Neo, uttering the line "[o]nly human," before being shot by Trinity, who managed to get in close enough to shoot him in the head at point-blank range while he was occupied with Neo. The Machine Civilization is run by cautious protocols, and there was still some chance that the Smith code had found a place to shelter within the system, or within an RSI.

Since Neo's powers far outmatched those of regular Agents, Upgraded Agents were allowed to bend the rules of the Matrix to a greater degree than the original Agents, possessing increased stamina and speed, more powerful punches and much faster reactions.

By contrast, Neo, with his unpredictable, emotional human nature, represents unbounded free will and the power of choice. According to Morpheus, in the time before Neo was freed from the Matrix, every human that had stood their ground against an Agent was killed. However, an unarmed Neo is still able to defeat them easily. In any direct confrontation, an Agent's abilities ensure they would prevail against a normal human opponent that would eventually exhaust their own firepower, stamina, and capacity to sustain pain and injury. This is the main cause of the player's difficulty in fighting Agents, since when the player is outside bullet time the Agents are able to dodge and counter all hand-to-hand attacks. He is reported to have been mercifully killed shortly afterwards. All Agents are Caucasian males (with minor exceptions of black Agent Perry and female Agent Pace from The Matrix Online game), which also provides a dynamic compared to the majority population of Zion, containing many diverse cultures and walks of life. Trainman | 5. He later develops an immense desire for the destruction of both mankind and machines alike, and it is stated by the Oracle that Smith's ultimate desire is the destruction of all of existence. Although they can be momentarily stunned by certain attacks (such as when Neo jabbed his fingers into Agent Smith's throat), they are generally impervious to pain and injury (the upgraded Agent that Trinity shot in the abdomen and shoulder showed no reaction to pain). ", reasons which he believes are "temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose, and all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. It is implied in the game Enter the Matrix that one of the main reasons for Neo's ability to defeat Agents was his ability to focus enough to move quickly for far longer periods than could normal rebels.

In The Matrix: Path of Neo, the final boss is the MegaSmith. Deus Ex Machina | Six months after Neo's transfiguration into The One, the Matrix retrieved agents Brown and Jones back to the Source and deployed the Upgraded Agents Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson. While redpills were not hardwired to the Matrix and so could not be possessed, Agents still posed a threat. The ability to possess anyone connected directly to the Matrix power plant made any human in the Matrix a potential Agent. The Matrix Reloaded introduced "Upgraded" Agents, Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson.

An Agent's speed, agility, stamina and reflexes enable them to leap great distances such as across building rooftops, sway their body from side to side to evade gunfire, and perform unusual counter attacks in melee combat (Agent Smith managed to directly counter a punch from Morpheus with a punch of his own to Morpheus's still-moving fist).

The Agents revert to their original programming with the collapse of the Truce. [2] Agents appeared to be human but collectively lacked a substantive personality, and so normally worked in trios where one Agent had a more defined personality for discussions or interrogations of bluepills.[1]. Agent Smith with both his sunglasses and earpiece removed. Agents typically appeared as Caucasian males with brown hair, and dressed formally to greatly resemble and appear to possess governmental authority similar to Secret Service, FBI, NSA, or CIA government officials. As such, Smith represents determinism and fatalism. The copies thereafter display the memories and special abilities of any assimilated programs, such as the Oracle's ability to see the future and control over The Matrix.

He later vocalized this hatred and his reasons for it when ambushing Trinity while using the body of Bane. Due to his current situation, Agent Gray was selected to act as recruiter and Controller for human beings that the Machines believe can assist them in controlling the Matrix. Agency Matrix is the web-based insurance management system your agency needs to maximize efficiency, productivity and sales ... with prices and features the others can't touch. White appears in only one section of the Redpill Rescue level called The Security Guard. They also terminate the Exiles, which are programs who don't have a purpose. As an independent insurance agency, you need one of the best agency management systems, with cutting-edge technology, an easy-to-use interface and dedicated support. Both are major characters. "Mister Anderson"), and seems to have a foolproof way of knowing this information about every human to whom he speaks. As a result of Neo's attack, something changed in Smith that allowed him to defy his programming. It was soon discovered that these beings were not agents at all, but rather were using some kind of disguise technology to try to implicate the machines for their actions. Matrix agents are both a hassle and a great learning tool. In some ways he is almost an Exile, but for the fact that he believes he will eventually be able to return to the Source. His sunglasses take on an angular shape that is an approximation of the rounded lenses Neo uses.

While these Upgraded Agents were quicker than previous iterations, they did not represent more of a threat to The One than their predecessors. Agents were endowed with superhuman agility, allowing them to easily outpace the average redpill in hand-to-hand combat and avoid bullets, notwithstanding point-blank shots or weapons with extremely high rates of fire. Agents Ash, Bird, Finn, Fine, Gray, and White are the only Agents named there, but other unnamed Agents have appeared as well. He gave commands to his fellow Agents Jones and Brown, and there are moments where Smith gets major side eye from his cohorts when given orders they don't 100% agree with. Neo's solitary role as The One is contrasted by Smith, who, by replicating himself, becomes 'the many'. [2][3], Apart from Agents Smith and Jones, Agents simply showed blandness and apathy for the human race, although Smith had an obsession with destroying Neo and a general hatred of humans, especially their smell.