This should place you in from of Boobeam 4 which you can hit with another Crash Bomber. Jede neu erhaltene Fähigkeit bringt ihm einige Vorteile im Kampf gegen gewisse Gegner, so auch gegen die Robot Master. He is so powerful that he can lift and carry a rock of two tons.

Proto Man: Stop. ", Copy Guts Man: "What?! A fully charged Atomic Fire will destroy Wood Man in a single hit on normal. Defeat the two Robot Walker Joes here to reach the control room. You can then finish him off with a Quick Boomerang or two. Unlock all DLC in Mega Man 9 and 10. ^^Playlist:\u0026list=PLGHv1evKGVBLsC2Jah_5UnFqq4NYqX4Rz Guts Man refuses, and helps Mega Man to fight against Air Man and other Wily robots. It is possible to stay far back and jump through the twisters, but this takes a lot of finesse and practice, especially if two low twisters spawn close together. It will likely track you a bit, stop, then move again since it is out of the Bubble Lead’s a range. Climb up and kill the Met, and climb up to the top of the ladder on the next screen. Heat Man is one of the most predictable bosses in this game, he’ll stay on the opposite side of the room and pitch three fireballs that travel in an arc in your direction. When you hit him, he will use Bodily Crash, where he will stop, raise a heat shield for a second, then streak across the room as a comet of fire. Powerful off-roader. You can use Item-1 to reach it, or take the lower path if you don't have that item. Once the final leaf is in the air he will throw the shield in Mega Man’s direction. You can carry E-tanks, but using save states could mess those (for example if you will pick up an e-tank and load the game before the pick up, achievement will reset). These blades are aimed at Mega Man and you’ll have to move out of their way or jump over them to avoid getting hit. Guts Man, alongside Cut Man, are the bosses with most appearances in the series. Blue The Quick Boomerang works even better. Mission Complete: The Crystal Mines have regained time, and Flash Man is destroyed. After Wood Man tosses the Leaf Shield, switch to Air Shooter, get close, and shoot him once before he replenishes his Leaf Shield. Fire Man: Evil! My flame of justice will have its revenge on you! Then stars appear in the room, and the battle begins. Like with the rooms with the Hot Dogs, you can also use Time Stopper near the beginning of the room and get through the room as fast as possible. This ability is somewhat slow in combat, as Guts Man must create the block, pick it up, and then throw it; it also cannot hit smaller enemies at ground level. Click here to view the Mega Man 2 (NES) description page for passwords, screenshots, and more information. What's up, old man? Destroy the wall with a Crash Bomber then shoot another one at Boobeam 1. Drop down, avoiding the spikes (pausing the game is useful here.). I missed these achievements because I was carrying at least one of them. Guts Man is one of the six bosses from the "Mega Man 1~2" course. Well I cannot put this stage off any longer... time for Quick Man's stage. Dr. Light and Dr. Wily worked together as partners to build the first six robot masters featured in Mega Man 1. Gattsuman The block will hit the other blocks, so the block will break into smaller blocks. He is weak to the Air Shooter, that shoots upwards, and since Crash Man jumps whenever Mega Man shoots, he's the ideal target for the Air Shooter. You will have to kill him and ride his Thunder Chariot (cloud platform). Picopico-Kun 5: Stay to the left to avoid this Pico, which assembles itself on the right-hand side of the room. Jump across the platforms here, avoiding the spikes. Drop off of that ledge, and as you fall, fire a Crash Bomb at the space in the wall between the Sentinel and the Crash wall below it. If you have Item 1 or 2, drop down to get the Energy Tank and use your item to cross. A well placed Air Shooter blast can kill this boss in a single hit, otherwise you’ll have to fire it off two or three times to defeat him.
Picopico-Kun 8: A block will rise up from the floor to the right and another will drop down from above it to meet near the center of the room. "Guts Man Stage"Original Mega Man theme. He can create shock waves by slamming his hands on his robotic stomach and can also grow larger and more powerful by consuming food or garbage. The Crash Bomber trick isn’t as effective here, but you can use one or two to soften Guts up if you wish. Mecha Dragon is invincible until his life meter appears on screen, so do not attack him. Wood Man uses a simple, yet effective strategy: Fill the room with projectiles. These things are a nightmare. Guts Man's weakness to Time Slow is a possible reference to where slowing time holds advantage to the Earth making the Earth almost immobile as Guts Man was meant to be an Earth-mover robot. Run under him and dodge his bombs, and shoot him at any time. Try to jump to the far side of the first one so you don't have to run across before jumping again. Mega Man will have to jump onto Guts Tank’s front and blast his face with Quick Boomerangs or a charged up Atomic Fire. Wir wagen uns erneut an ein kleines, aber feines Projekt für zwischendurch: Mega Man 2. It surprisingly doesn’t do too much damage, but it’ll kill him fast enough. Next is a long area where you will have to jump onto Yoku Blocks to get over walls, all while avoiding Tellys. Let's Play Mega Man 2 [German / HD / 100%] (Part 6): Guts Tank & Boobeam Trap! The first and third lead to dead ends, the second leads to an energy tank, the fourth leads to a large energy capsule, and the fifth is the path that leads to the top. Mega Man 2 is unique among it’s counterparts on the NES in that the North American release has two difficulty settings: Normal and Difficult. Just jump up and hit the Pico once it approaches you. With Transport Item 2, players can circumvent some of the hardest platforming in the game with little to no effort. Anyway, don't use the following weapons: When you defeat a Robot Master, he drops a large energy capsule. A large mecha based on Guts Man's design. So what? Dr. Wily rides in his UFO attached to a spaceship and fires large energy blasts at you as he moves back and forth. ", Guts Man: "The Doc ain't just my Pops, he's much more than that. The Metal Blade is also fairly effective if you run out of energy for the Atomic Fire. One way to deal with the problem is to hit start the second the beams fire and change your weapon. Lure it to the left-hand side of the room before blasting it. If you didn't use Time Stopper on the screws, you might want to use it now. Simply repeat this process until you defeat him. Drop down, kill the Met, and use Item-1 to reach the tank. This is the only enemy here, but it does high damage, so avoid it at all costs.

Misc. First, Wood Man will launch four leaves into the air that slowly drift to earth, while encircling himself with a leaf barrier. The boss will usually perform a few short hops, followed by a long one. Climb down the ladder and kill the Robo-Rabbits in the next three rooms, climbing down into the final room. Jump up to your right and kill the Sentinel there, then jump back down to the central ledge. This one is composed of a block from the floor near the center of the room and one near the ceiling, stay to the left to avoid damage. Be careful with your Bubble Lead shots by the way, because it is the only thing that can hurt this boss.

Jump to another platform when he uses his stream attack. The acid drips at regular intervals, so watch and wait for the right moment to pass under. There are Yoku Blocks (disappearing blocks) here. It moves very quickly, so have your weapon ready and jump right after blasting it. Once you have dropped down, the only enemies remaining are Atomic Chickens that jump every few steps. In order to pull off the Crash Bomber trick you’ll have to jump up and fire it at Guts’ fist while it is raised, which will cause the bomb to explode, dealing damage to the boss several times. The Blue Bomber Saves the Day Once Again! There is a hole just before the ladder; use Bubble Lead to find it and jump or just use Item 2 to cross. Climb down to the volcano's core and into the base's control room, which is the boss room. Wait until he flies to the bottom of the screen, then jump and hit him with your bubbles. Wily will maintain his lateral movement in phase two, so wait until he is just about to begin backing up then fire a Crash Bomber so it passes just under the bubble that holds Wily. RetroAchievements provides emulators for your PC where you can earn achievements while you play games! Picopico-Kun 4: This one is composed of a block from the floor near the center of the room and one near the ceiling, stay to the left to avoid damage. For the fourth one, wait until he is behind you or aim Metal-Blade up. Picopico-Kun 2: The second unit forms up in the same manner, so jump and shoot it once it is vulnerable. The only weapon that will damage him in this form is Bubble Lead. A large mecha based on Guts Man's design. Be conservative when you use the Crash Bomber, you’ll need it in the next stage. Kill these and drop down again. Rōmaji: Guts Man also teamed up with Cloud Man and Ice Man to hold Duo captive, only to be defeated by Mega Man's team. He sport a yellow, red and black armour, he has a red button like accesory in the center of his chestplate and another one in the center of his helmet.