"cheery" y "melancholy" Sí estoy de acuerdo. antonym.com. If he be proved culpable in this most melancholy business, and, alas! given to or marked by long, quiet thinking, the bleakness of winter sometimes gives me cause for, Post more words for melancholy to Facebook, Share more words for melancholy on Twitter, 'Cordial': A Word Straight from the Heart. Sorrow and grief are for definite cause; sadness and melancholy may arise from a vague sense of want or loss, from a low state of health, or other ill-defined cause; sadness may be momentary; melancholy is more enduring, and may become chronic. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Usage: solemn and … They always are heavily loaded, and you must bear half. Another word for melancholy. 2. adjective. Antonyms for melancholy Antonyms for (adj) melancholy. This drawing shows a certain wistfulness I think, a certain melancholy even, it's not Leonardo, the great philosopher gazing into the distance. Nearby Words . It's a flesh and blood man at the end of a career that had achieved a great deal, but also maybe failed to achieve a great deal as well. Etiquetas aplicable a "cheery" como antónimos para "melancholy" Sugerir etiquetas. Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won. Do not make best friends with a melancholy sad soul. Antonyms: glad, cheerful. Synonyms:affliction, distress, grief, mourning, regret, sadness, sorrow, tribulation, trouble, wo. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? Find all the antonyms of the word melancholy presented in a simple and clear manner. Vivian felt every moment his disgust and his melancholy increase. No estoy en desacuerdo. a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed, a humor that was once believed to be secreted by the kidneys or spleen and to cause sadness and melancholy, characterized by or causing or expressing sadness, "growing more melancholy every hour"; "her melancholic smile"; "we acquainted him with the melancholy truth", "solemn and mournful music"; "a suit of somber black"; "a somber mood", Synonyms:sombre, somber, drab, melancholic, sober. Definitions of Melancholy. This page is prepared for melancholy antonym. Preposition:Grief at a loss; for a friend. "Yes," he said; and looked at Stineli with a most melancholy expression. Join our early testers! black bile, melancholy (adj) a humor that was once believed to be secreted by the kidneys or spleen and to cause sadness and melancholy. melancholy, melancholic (adj) And that was to Andrew the most melancholy sound in the world. Synonyms.com. Full list of antonyms for Melancholy is here. Definition: grave or even gloomy in character. In such a diversity it was impossible I should be disposed to melancholy. Thanks for your vote! More 100 Melancholy antonyms. Antonyms for 'Melancholy'. More than 47,200 antonyms available on synonyms-thesaurus.com. She pitied herself,—that lowest ebb of melancholy self-consciousness. If the antonym for melancholy are wrong, please inform the site editors by writing a comment. The creation of this page took 0.000357151031494 seconds and the size of page is only 89Kb. melancholic, melancholia. "Trouble him not," murmured the melancholy man, with gentleness. Antonyms: cheerful, glad. Delivered to your inbox! Also you can find some other opposite words using the online search on our website. Melancholy Thesaurus. "melancholy." Antonyms for melancholy include cheerful, happy, glad, joyful, joyous, sunny, blissful, buoyant, buoyed and cheery. Here you can find the antonyms list for the word melancholy.