Life essence, AKA hearts, are dropped automatically by dragons when they have a life flower to pull it from.

How do I bring the dragon gems back to my camp when I get them on a playing level? Sie können Objekte, die sich auf totem Land befinden, nicht verschieben, aber Sie können mit ihnen verschmelzen, also legen Sie Objekte in der Nähe an.

Es ist aber ratsam, nicht zu klicken, sondern die Herzchen zu kombinieren.

The game puts a very unique twist in puzzle games because it does not follow the usual board-clearing mechanic but instead gives you the freedom to combine objects as you wish. Merge 3-5 of them, and you'll get a Magnificent Dragon Star, which you can tap 10-12 times for Dragon gems! Befolge sie genau und tue nichts, bis du dazu aufgefordert wirst. Eine weitere Methode zur Heilung von totem Land besteht darin, sich mit den bereits darauf befindlichen Objekten zu vermischen. I have put 2 exact items beside a dead item but these will not merge, what do I do?

Luckily it let me move on to 18 and I skipped 17.

Merging 5 objects together leads to double the output; i.e. However, in contrast with games such as Matchington Mansion —which we wrote about a few days ago —that is more similar to Candy Crush both in its concept as well as in its design, Merge Dragons literally revolves solely around fusing elements and objects.

You can merge three dragons together to make a bigger version of the same dragon, with better ability to harvest.

You are also not obliged to keep combining objects if you have already met the goals. Wenn sie zu lange alleine gelassen werden, fangen Drachen an, Dinge selbst zu ernten. Furthermore, the higher up you go on the chain, the more value you’ll get per coin. Question: How do I sell some of my Merge Dragon chests? Levels are generally fairly easy to beat. Ziehe Objekte von totem Land mit Verschmelzung ab!

In this manner, you will optimize your energy consumption, and won’t lose excess time trying to clean up your field.

You are also not obliged to keep combining objects if you have alre… Merge Dragons is a new zen-influenced match-3 game by Gram Games, their first f2p release ever. Eigentlich schon für März 2020 geplant, verschob Ubisoft sein Hacker-Spiel "Watch Dogs Legions" auf das Geschäftsjahr 2020/21.

Did you think we were joking when we said that combining stuff is an essential part of this game? Toasted Gamer Boutique shares strategies to improve your gameplay, visit these Guides for more Tips!! Just make sure you have three or more Dragons ready for the whole process.

I seem to have a lot of matching chests that won’t merge and they are taking up a lot of space, is it possible to merge them or get rid of them?

Goldene Herzchen können angeklickt werden, um Gesundheit zu sammeln. Dragons provide different items that can also be combined to produce things that you will need in the game. Stay tuned for us to announce the winner and to announce our 2,000 subscriber contest!

I had the exact same result.

How do you collect wood in Challenge 17? You can work toward the same progress on both platforms, and if you have made in app purchases on one platform, they’ll transfer over to the other platform to link up in the account with the one that you already use on a mobile device is. Where do you find these tacos to feed the dragons.

I've replayed this level several times and now my next prize is a valuable Dragon egg nest!

Once you meet those objectives, then you can have fun with combining other things to gain more points. All that you have to do to beat a level is to merge the three Gaias together and to use life essence to revive the land. Though the gameplay is pretty simplistic at first glance, there's a lot that can be overlooked if you're not aware.

The answer to that is you can use them on your camp.

You can get gems by playing the levels- some levels reward you with gems.