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Only one of them can exist in the real world at a time, but can switch places with each other.

before being transformed into a Marvel herself, being struck by a magic lightning bolt. Frankenstein | She is the alter ego of teenager Mary Batson (adopted name Mary Bromfield), twin sister of Captain Marvel's alter-ego, Billy Batson. Lobo |

Making her way to Gotham City (despite being warned by Madame Xanadu to avoid the place in Countdown #50),[9] Mary stumbles upon the former Kahndaqi embassy while being chased by violent criminals from the subway, who are killed by Black Adam. In early stories, if she had lost her memory or been transformed, her transformation would restore her. Mary appears as a main character in this follow-up series. The magical lightning had many other uses, including creating apparati, restoring damage done to Marvel, or acting as fuel for magical spells. Zauriel. Goals General Glory | Some time later, Eclipso returns hoping to finish her off, but Mary is too strong for her. Element Woman | Azrael | In the current continuity, Mary appears as Mary Bromfield, making her debut in Justice League (vol. Mary's powers were restored when she aided the Olympian Gods in retaining their freedom from Apokolips. Supergirl | Primm arranges for her childless employers, Nick and Nora Bromfield, to illegally adopt Mary. Speed of SeleneStrength of HeraFighting Skills of ArtemisPlant Control of ZisaIntelligence of AthenaFire of Mahuea The character is a member of the Marvel Family of heroes associated with Captain Marvel. Red Arrow |

", she would be transformed into Mary Marvel.

Batwing | See more ideas about Captain marvel shazam, Marvel, Shazam. Hawkman | In the eleven page preview to Judd Winick and Howard Porter's Trials of Shazam limited series appearing in DC's Brave New World one-shot comic (June 2006), Mary Marvel loses her powers in mid-flight as an after-effect of the death of the wizard Shazam by the Spectre in Day of Vengeance #6, and falls from a height of three miles (this contradicts her appearances in the 52 series, as she appears in that series using her powers, despite 52 taking place chronologically after Day of Vengeance). Eclipso then departs, leaving Mary alone again. Mary, Holly Robinson, and Harleen Quinzel manage to reveal Goodness' deception, and the trio follow her to Apokolips.

Captain Atom | Killer Frost | Adam refuses her and, after a big tantrum, she decides to become a solo superheroine. In 1972, DC Comics licensed the rights to the Marvels, and revived them in a new comic series called Shazam!. Booster Gold | mythos, and neither Mary Batson nor Mary Marvel appeared in DC Comics for several years. 3) #23–25, by the end of which she has lost her powers and returned to being a normal teenage girl.

backup feature by writer Geoff Johns and penciler Gary Frank, published between 2012 and 2013 in the relaunched Justice League comic series. He also threatens to go after Freddy for stealing his name. In 2002 she had lunch with Supergirl in "The Clubhouse of Solitude", in the spoof graphic anthology "Bizarro Comics". In addition, the list does not account for all of the superhuman traits shared by Billy and Mary, specifically Captain Marvel's powers of invulnerability, stamina, and courage. Mary, not having seen Billy, takes the package and opens it, discovering the adoption records and the Tawky Tawny doll. Faith | By channeling Mercury's speed, Mary Marvel, while not as fast as the Flash, could fly and move at hypersonic speeds exceeding Mach 10 (2 miles a second) while in Earth's atmosphere and could fly at close to light speed through space.

Elongated Man | Mary Marvel appears briefly in several stories relating to DC's 2005–2006 Infinite Crisis crossover. See, Wisdom of Solomon: enhanced intellect, knowledge and focus of the gods, Strength of Hercules: superhuman strength, Stamina of Atlas: superhuman stamina and near-invulnerability, Power of Zeus: control over magic lightning, near-immortality, and spell-casting, Along with the rest of the Marvel Family, Mary Marvel appeared in the 1981, Mary Marvel (as Mary Batson) appears in the, Mary Batson appears along with the rest of the Shazam Kids in, An African-American version of Mary Marvel was set to appear in season 2 of, Mary Marvel appears as cameo non-speaking character in, The DCEU version of Mary Batson/Mary Marvel appears as a playable character via DLC in, Although she has not appeared in any other television programs or films, Mary Marvel is featured in issue 20 of the, Mary Marvel hosted a puzzle page drawn by, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 07:58.

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Later, her Black Adam powers were restored, given to her by Darkseid. In addition to her impressive magical powers, her empowered form is now "aged" from late adolescence to adulthood, with clawed hands able to slice through metal. Rocket Red |

(1995–1999). She uses a rougher justice, such as turning soldiers to stone and shrinking poachers so their quarries chase them. Zatanna, Secondary Eclipso catches up to her and regains the diamond. He’s one of the world’s most iconic superheroes, his influence can be seen across the entire comic book industry, and he’s the embodiment of total wish fulfillment. Andrew Bennett | Origin The malevolent magic user is back and on the hunt for Billy Batson in this exclusive sneak peek at Geoff Johns’ Shazam! Shazam | Since then, she has guest-starred in both Superman and Supergirl comics. Mary exclaims that Billy cannot say "Shazam", inadvertently saying the word herself. Guardian | Mary and the foster siblings found Billy at the zoo, and he decided the key to defeat Black Adam was finding the Rock of Eternity in the Wizard's fortress. Despite this, this incarnation of Mary Marvel was erased due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, causing the collapse of the Multiverse. Rather than engage in destructive super-battles, she uses her power to protect and aid the escape of a large group of refugees. As Captain Marvel, Billy flies out to the Bromfields’ hometown of Fairfield to deliver the doll and the adoption papers to Mary. #28, Mary donned a white costume to distinguish herself from her brother. Green Arrow | Silver Sorceress | Billy was eventually adopted into the Vasquez family, but was originally hostile towards them until he saved Mary from the Bryers. Mary also appeared in DC's weekly limited series 52, with her most substantial appearance being in 52 #16 as the maid of honor at the wedding of Black Adam and Isis, two Shazam!-related characters. Over the years, he has been known by many names but today he is simply known as...SHAZAM! Billy realized that Mary was one of the contestants he was reporting for the quiz bowl, and he and his friend, Freddy Freeman, decided to follow Mary in her limousine while they were in their super-powered forms. Donna Troy | series; one finite source of power was shared between Mary, Captain Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. With the help of Talky Tawny, a trickster spirit who changes into various forms but prefers being a tiger when convenient, the siblings learn they are related.