Later that day, his forces captured Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, whose status as a Reclaimer would be used to activate the rings for him. Obsessed with the Great Journey and keeping the Covenant intact, Truth would suffer no disloyalty. Nevertheless, High Charity and its fleet rushed to Installation 05 and released a fleet of Phantoms full of forces to save Regret from a strike force led by John-117. Produced By:Paul Lipson and Finishing Move Inc. Casto lodged a formal complaint, but was rebuffed by his superiors who did not wish to anger the Kig-Yar. Michael Anthony Claudio Wincott 1 (born January 21, 1958) is a Canadian voice actor. While Truth had kept the discovery of the human homeworld a secret, the Prophet of Regret managed to independently discover the location of the Portal. They ascended to power, taking the names of Truth, Regret, and Mercy. As evidenced by his desire to achieve divinity at the expense of the entire galaxy, Truth was a callous individual who disregarded the lives of both his allies and enemies. However, she hesitated to kill Johnson, giving Truth the opportunity to shoot her in the back with a Brute Spiker. Despite the Prophet's efforts, the combined forces of the UNSC and the Elites deactivated a section of his shield and broke through, along with the newly Flood-controlled High Charity. Eager to exploit its power, Regret quickly departed with a fleet of fifteen ships, not realizing that this planet was in fact the most heavily defended human world of all: Earth. Before it could succeed, the Lekgolo worms inside the Dreadnought short-circuited it and stopped Mendicant Bias. It is probable that Truth allowed Regret to be killed, using the Demon to rid himself of Regret, and providing a long needed pretext for the replacement of the Sangheili Honor Guards. Written by Benjamin Burnley, Published by: Seven Peaks Music o/b/o itself and Breaking Benjamin Music (ASCAP). After the death of the Prophet of Regret, the Prophet of Truth charged the Elites with no longer being able to guarantee their safety, and despite arguments that they could have stopped SPARTAN-117 if they had not been withdrawn due to his order, the Prophet began to set in motion a plan that was preconceived: the shifting of power within the Covenant from the Elites to the Brutes. – )[1] kanadai színész, szinkronszínész. In public, Truth displayed a calm, stoic personality. While on Delta Halo, Regret transmitted an apology to Truth, apologizing for his reckless attack on Earth, having not anticipated a strong human presence there. című filmjében, melynek korábban a színpadi változatában is szerepelt. – Így add tovább! Az évtized végén vendégszerepelt a Crime Story és a Miami Vice című bűnügyi sorozatokban. Unknowingly carrying Spartan-117 onboard the ship, Truth headed for Earth, and after his fleet managed to defeat the orbital defenses, he landed the Dreadnought on the Forerunner artifact. Truth and Mercy then dispatched the Arbiter and many high-ranking Elites, including Rtas 'Vadumee, to collect the Index from the Library of Delta Halo, fully expecting most, if not all, of them to be killed by the Flood, and secretly ordering Tartarus and his top Brute warriors to kill any Elites that made it to the Sacred Icon. Truth departed from High Charity onboard the Forerunner Dreadnought, severing the ancient vessel from the city's power grid. Wincott két további alkalommal dolgozott együtt Oliver Stone-nal: a Született július 4-én című 1989-es háborús filmdrámában sebesült vietnami veteránt, a Doors című 1991-es életrajzi filmben pedig egy producert alakított. On November 17, the UNSC managed to break through the defenses and assault the Dreadnought directly. For him, this was an opportunity to crush his enemies—both the humans and the Sangheili—once and for all. He then derisively commented to Johnson that he now understood why the Forerunners had left humanity behind: Humans were too weak and sentimental to be worthy of ascension to godhood.