Even though he possesses brainpower far beyond the average populace, he doesn't often get asked for advice. However, he didn't know this home for very long as both of his parents were tragically lost to a jungle disease they'd picked up during one of their travels when Milo was only four years old. He handed Milo a gift from his grandfather who had told Mr. Whitmore to only give it to Milo when he was ready. At first glance people don't see it in him but when it's needed it shows itself in spades. Some clues had been left all over history giving evidence of the existence of this book, though none existed supporting the city itself. Milo is a navigator on the Silvana and tends to make it quite well-known that he is searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Only recently Milo has learned that Thaddeus actually did finally find the Shepherd's Journal and it's now in Milo's possession. He had been a good friend of Thaddeus' but now also found himself on his deathbed. Feel free to use as you wish.}}}. He'd started at a hiring-level position but was promised many great opportunities and possibly a chairman seat in the near future. One thing he hates is letting people down so he tries extra hard to finish what he begins and never give up when people are depending on him. Despite his failings in instances of popularity or "fitting in", Milo excels in many others. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's extremely intelligent and usually has things figured out long before everyone else. Out of the midst of this gloom that had settled over his life, Milo was approached by an employee of a multi-millionaire by the name of Preston Whitmore and was taken to his grand mansion to meet the man who had been Thaddeus Thatch's last hope. Three years later found him still in "the dungeon" (the basement of the museum), still maintaining the boiler and running any other little errands that the "real" chairmen of departments needed. {{{You may use this section to outline your character's relationships with others. {{{Insert a little blurb about your character here.}}}. Unfortunately he wasn't exactly in a position of influence. When Milo was a bit older Thaddeus would leave for months at a time on small, low-funded expeditions, most of them unsuccessful. Also, it's implied that Milo never liked living on the surface until the Atlantis expedition. According to the 2-disc DVD, before falling in love and marrying Kida, Milo's first love interest was named Lisa McGrath. Enrolled at Oxford University, 1896. It had gotten buried thousands of feet under the surface of Reial during a cataclysmic event of volcano eruptions and massive earthquakes. Judging from your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else!" ―Kida to Milo. Milo's complaint about how much he does not like carrots after puking over the ship used to launch the. Born to a hard-working and adventurous couple in Melior, Milo started life in a loving home with much to stimulate his imagination and mental growth. Preston Whitmore's will left Milo with a nice chunk of change to start out with but there was much left to be done. It was a book which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be the one and only Shepherd's Journal!