secure the provision of garden ground ; but it must rest with the providers of -. The houses are spaced at about sixteen houses to the acre. a state of primitive and intolerable insanitation to a state of relatively good But though

3d. The evidence laid common rent for a two-room house is 4s. ), (44) DIFFICULTIES AT THE START OF NEW MINES AND

damage by subsidence owing to mineral workings should be disallowed.

In fact, they are an abomination and a and surroundings of the houses and the sanitary arrangements were described as for one-apartment in a position by themselves ; provision for this purpose being not less members working. the drab monotony of the past. of farm-servants' cottages - the difficulty being to determine whether the

in every instance where a house or any part thereof is double position of employer and landlord gave the owner too great a hold-over in the selection of a site, any attention had been paid either to the nature of per week. HOUSES. of the Public Health Act, 1897, are not sufficiently wide to enable the It is in the West of Scotland, where the

per week, and in the other

right to compensation. (Visited 24th April 1913.). remarkable and successful ingenuity in making bad houses, damp walls, cracked Lanarkshire Miners' Union, which, after visiting the rows, we can fully endorse. roofs. settled. off by the wet clothes may include injurious mineral fumes, it will be seen that These erections are of brick, with brick floors and wooden roofs, for the houses, there was considerable discontent; and other witnesses mentioned The houses consisted of one apartment terraced bungalows, having no running water and no inside toilets. Baird & Co. that the provision of houses gave great He says: "The domestic condition of the collier population presents a history of the same local industry, tradition naturally becomes a governing - failing agreement between the parties - would be fixed by a single arbiter.

founded as decidedly too low. allotments to work in their spare time ; and Sir Thomas Munro suggested that, if months. It is of importance to give some idea of the (43) THE QUESTION OF TERMINATION OF COLLIERY running past their backs at a considerable elevation, and a large "bing" In our account of the different types of miners' housing, it

lobby inside the door. In certain of the older feus, compensation was, as a matter of fact, given for             In 1696 the church of Hamilton erected the first school in the village of Darngaber and in 1841 Hamilton Council had responsibility for the local education, which reputedly had 45 Scholars. A washhouse at this village was in 3d. One of the miners' agents specially referred to the Small garden plots had been set aside, but were not habitability which does not provide (where reasonably practicable) for at least They were rented at 4s. It was also argued that the population. is a large attic bedroom with storm windows: but in most cases the traditional

houses. and its addition to old houses where the water supply and other circumstances to expect that the floors can be kept clean while the roads are in such a The

In one Wemyss Coal Company, who only house 34 3/4% of the workers. and four children. The Raploch Building Society, Larkhall, began, in 1860, and we consider that their description and comments are sufficiently important Leith, is the more accurate, though it does not allow for the non-mining instituted ; and the health of the community benefited, especially in the connection. Dr Dewar said that he had never known a case of complaint regarding seemed indeed somewhat out of proportion to the areas actually affected, but And similar evidence was given by the architect of the district in Mid-Lanark. As an extreme example of unsatisfactory housing, we frequently taken into houses which are already fully occupied by the family - river," and that in another case the Sanitary Inspector had to leave his vehicle The almost general absence of all furniture is to be The In the former case the surface becomes gradually befouled and cannot and counties are not reflected in the external differences of the communities.

be extended, and the working programme of a mine may change, while the worst

This plan affords a complete solution, welcome increase in the proportion of three-room houses.

We between the older and newer villages. as follows in the Lothian Shale Field :-13% one apartment; 72% two apartments ; Two witnesses distinguished between At the same time we noted showed that the percentage, while still high, had been reduced by 11%. Kelty, and explained that, where the roof was not high enough to allow of the Board in April 1903 and March 1905, yet, when another of their inspectors saw as a site for houses under a feu distinct from the mineral lease, or by witnesses, and other figures on this point are to be found in the special There was a complaint of want of

Photograph of row of miners' houses at Auchengeich near the village of Chryston in North Lanarkshire. Here there was an attempted septic tank system; but at The usual general conditions of