Like Thomas is named after Edison, Alby after Einstein, Newt after Isaac Newton etc. Gally leads Teresa and Thomas out to the edge of the Glade near the doors, intending to use them as sacrifices to the Grievers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The Gladers stare silently at the Creators until. Thomas pulls up a message left by Ava Paige and the group watches as she tries to explain why they conducted the Maze trials in the first place. Technical Specs.

They are relieved to be free from WCKD but Minho expresses his doubts about Aris, saying that he doesn't trust him. The Keeper of the Runners, Minho is in charge of leading the other Runners through the Maze.

“He whipped out his sheet, then pulled it over himself and wrapped it tightly around his face like an old woman in a shawl.

Minho is aggressive, but loyal, and tends to be sarcastic. When Janson begins reading off names of various individuals, the group questions what just happened.

She insists that they won't be harmed but they need to help WCKD find a cure for the world. Minho In the Glade, Chuck had become a symbol for him—a beacon that somehow they could make everything right again in the world.

WCKD soldiers take him back to the berg as Thomas yells his name.

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Minho, Gally, Frypan, and Brenda gather around Newt while Thomas walks off to the WCKD tower. “I’m tougher than nails.

Minho, Thomas, Newt, and Gally see the battle between the WCKD soldiers and Lawrence's crew and manage to escape.

Minho pulls out something with a blinking light and notes that it has a digital number in the window, along with a WCKD nameplate on the side. They take the Gladers to their camp and reveal that they are planning to head to the Safe Haven tomorrow morning. Dead!”, Newt’s head appeared at the little glassless window, looking through the bars, a smirk on his face.

Aris and Winston split up to handle something and Minho, Thomas, Newt, and Frypan attempt to search for Teresa. Minho yells at Thomas to look out as a deranged woman missing her eyes comes charging at him through a gate.

Did he? Jorge tortures Marcus for information while the group looks on. Thomas finds out that their names aren't their real ones, but they are named after some clever people. After the meeting, Thomas meets up with Minho and the other male Gladers in the dining room. Thomas and Minho manage to break the window and they and Newt jump out of the window and into the pool. [trying to raise a chant]  ...blade and asks what they’re for and why they have the word WICKED on them. :

...corner that leads onto the passageway to the Cliff, they hear the sound of Grievers.

(Minho from The Maze Runner)”, “Real piece of work, this guy. She shows the result to Jorge, who notes that they came from WCKD, which makes them valuable. Like “Be careful, don’t die. So here we are in the Scorch.

Eventually, guards find them thanks to the alarm that has sounded, and Minho, in anger and frustration, jumps and knocks out a guard, stealing his gun for protection.

Thomas notices a building in the distance and encourages the group to run to it as a thunderstorm rages.


Alias He observes Thomas wrestling with Gally at the bonfire before the latter sends Thomas to the ground, causing him to remember his name. Confrontational and somewhat impulsive, Minho leads by intuition rather than thought-out planning, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

At night, Minho is brought to the medical wing where the scientists decide to raise his doses.

The Gladers hide in a basement level crawlspace from the Cranks, waiting for them to disappear. tags: james-dashner, minho, the-maze-runner.

Our, The Keeper of the Runners, Minho is in charge of leading the other Runners through the.

I've gotta get one of those shuck suits. :

Wow. Right. Teachers and parents! Thanks, Newt. |

Minho hugs Thomas. “You don’t understand, shuck-face! Frypan

Thomas goes to investigate and, ...what he can salvage. If he’d thought his headache downstairs had been tough, this was like three or four of those, all smashed into a coil of pain right there in his shoulder. No.

Brenda kills the henchman and leads the group to the zipline to escape. "And Frypan's gonna start having little babies, Winston'll get rid of his monster acne, and Thomas here'll actually smile for once.

We’re dead, you hear me? Who knows where this might lead us. Release Dates Thomas and the others help Minho into the building and manage to revive him. Goals Aris breaks the keypad on their end to prevent anyone from letting Janson out.

Gally insists he needs to be punished while Newt addresses Minho, asking for his thoughts. Minho, Newt, and Frypan vote to die with him, despite Ava and Teresa's pleas. One night in the Pit? The Maze Runner Ki Hong Lee. While Minho, Thomas, Newt, and Gally are hiding from the WCKD soldiers, Minho asks Newt how he is feeling. Like “Real piece of work, this guy.

[to Thomas] 

I’m just sick of hearing people’s voices.

Keeper of the RunnersMember of the Right Arm

...and Newt says that the Grievers took a boy named Adam who Thomas never met.

Read Minho Imagine 1 from the story Maze Runner Imagines by carefreelawley (Bri) with 39,290 reads."Y/N! The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together. Minho and Gally arrive at the berg, asking Brenda where the serum is. The group gets the door open, only to have Cranks grab and scratch at Winston's stomach before he's pulled to safety.

Thomas and Teresa cheer Chuck for finding the button. Before they can initiate their plan, Jorge visits them and asks them what they know about the Right Arm.

Before a decision can be made, The Box alarm sounds and Minho watches as Newt announces that the new arrival is a girl. Friends/Allies “A small hole in his shirt revealed a gooey red blob right in the meaty part above his armpit, blood pouring from the wound.

Minho calls out to them, causing them to turn to him. The other two boys note that they just arrived, versus Aris, who arrived a week ago.


The group begins to run out of supplies and continues to struggle against the harsh conditions in the Scorch. First Ben gets stung in broad daylight, and then Alby, and now our Greenie here has taken it upon himself to go into the maze, which is a clear violation of our rules here.

I think in all the time we've been here, no one's ever killed a Griever before. I could still kick your pony-lovin’ butt with twice this pain.”, “...You'd think the little part about them supposedly killing us would be the attention getter.”, “Tomorrow," Minho added. He runs after Thomas who is determined to go back into the Maze to examine the Griever corpse. Be happy. She leads them to Jorge, who asks them three questions. He and the other surviving Gladers are ushered inside a large warehouse-like building before being taken to a room with a table of food laid out for them.

Well, what do you suggest we do? Minho challenges the question about where they came from, stating that its their business. tags: minho. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of.

Gally Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Chuck As he continues to run. Nah, Fry. Get kissed goodnight.

The trio reunite and the girls reveal that they are working with the Right Arm. Minho

While resting, Winston gets ahold of the gun and the others struggle, trying to get it away from him.

Fancy stuff.”. Thomas hears bergs flying overhead and yells at the group to hide as they pass. Chuck runs into the hall after everyone’s left except, ...boy named Frypan, had prepared especially for him in gratitude for saving the lives of. Later, he returns with an unconscious Alby, struggling to make it through the doors. "Omg I thought you were going to say Jason Derulo.". Have bacon and eggs for breakfast, go to a real school. You were there with him.

"Real piece of work, this guy. me encanta su personaje del libro.

Newt, we gotta go back out there.

: The group defends themselves as best as they can against their attackers, finding a door that leads out.


Minho sees a little boy run into the hut and follows him, but is chased by a Griever. Thom-as! I say we make him a Runner. He freaking sacrificed himself for us—and they aren’t attacking, so maybe it worked.

Later, Janson visits the group after they've devoured the feast and shows them around the warehouse, claiming it is a Safe Haven from WCKD and the elements. Newt Yeah. He directs the Gladers to the shower room before they're given physicals and tests are run on them.

Thomas gives himself up, being forced into line beside Minho.

Once Teresa reaches the lever, she gets herself free and helps the rest of the group get loose. Whoever put us here obviously made the Grievers.


He killed it. Vince plans to shoot Brenda until Mary Cooper steps in, offering to help Brenda when she realizes that Thomas is with them.

Choosing to ignore Newt's advice, Thomas gets into a shoving match with one of the guards in an attempt to swipe his ID card.

Thom-as! The group gathers their possessions and crawls out through the air vents.

Minho and Thomas check for a light source and stumble across a generator, that brings the power on for the majority of the warehouse.

Both start to pull Alby up one of the walls until Minho hears a Griever approaching.

Later, Janson visits the group after they've … Yeah... but he saved Alby's life. “All of them, you slinthead shuck-faced piece of klunk."

: Minho's last words in TDC now I'm FEEEEELLLLSSSSSS. The Leader I tried googling, but all I …

When shown to their room, Minho claims a top bunk and falls asleep, while Thomas is woken by Aris, who shows him a mysterious room where gurneys are wheeled in every night.

And spreading through the rest of his body. of the keepers is Gally, who he knows is going to vote against him.