“Automation devices will use TSN-based standard communication chips instead of today’s specific real-time Ethernet hardware,” explains Thomas Brandl, communication product owner at Bosch Rexroth. “C2C and C2D require cross-vendor semantics for motion control, functional safety, and remote I/O,” he says. Een protocol is een gedragsovereenkomst, meestal in de vorm van een aantal uit te voeren stappen. En voegt daar nog o.a. As the TSN standard nears completion, excitement is growing over the prospect of bringing IT and OT closer together. “At the same time, they also demand real-time communication capabilities with guaranteed bandwidth and low latencies.”. Een soort medisch protocol is een behandelprotocol, of een reeks stappen die moeten worden uitgevoerd voor het behandelen van een bepaalde kwaal. “The next step will be to extend the OPC FLC standard for the communication between controllers and devices, like I/O and servo drives,” says Brandl. EtherCAT’s bridging concept relies on shared frame forwarding and processing on the fly to streamline communications. The result is greater flexibility for master devices, a guaranteed maximum for latency, and a predictable frame loss rate. A framing method to clearly define end of one frame and start of another, incorporating errors detection as well. “Having CC-Link IE TSN supported natively in devices will allow doing safety, motion, and control on machines and devices that were previously disconnected,” says Tom Burke, who is both global strategic advisor for CLPA and global director of industry standards at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. This occurs at every level of the network, and each function must cooperate at each level to complete the larger task at hand. Without network protocols, the modern internet would cease to exist. Having been involved with the OPC FLC’s working groups from the beginning, Bosch Rexroth is preparing a software upgrade that will allow its new automation control platform to adopt the new communications standard. “Fortunately, because EtherNet/IP was designed using standard, unmodified Ethernet and the TCP/UDP/IP software suite, we believe that the primary impact of TSN will be on product hardware,” says Brooks. The Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) standard, which wasoriginally developed for IBM by Sytek in 1983 defines two entities: A Session Layer interface that is a standard API for user applications to submit network I/O and control directives to underlying network protocol software. “The basic TSN technology needed for bridges was completed with the release of IEEE 802.1AS this year,” adds Paul Brooks, manager of technology business development at Rockwell Automation. “The specification for running Profinet over TSN has been written, prepared, approved, and published since mid-2019,” reports Bowne. There are also formatting rules that specify how data is packaged into sent and received messages. “OPC UA does not define its own transport protocols,” explains Peter Lutz, director of the FLC initiative. “ODVA has chosen a measured approach by waiting until the TSN standards are finalized before adapting EtherNet/IP for TSN,” reports Beydoun at ODVA.