Well, I for one wear a T Shirt and jeans in my office everyday, even for first time client meetings! Accountant: (in tears) I embezzled it sir. & Winter, A. In my youth I was off to start a degree in engineering until my dear old Dad told me engineering was a dead end and I'd be better off getting a job in an office, I seem to have been fighting him ever since (even though he died 10 years ago). Share this content. Anchovy: No! One possible reason for their targeting of the accounting profession is that John Cleese's father wanted him to become an accountant. Blogger . Imagine sitting for the CPA exam where all the questions are stated in English coinage. An interesting development just released today (20th Feb) about the regulator in the UK announcing a major review of how companies and auditors assess and report on the impact of climate change. But it is not always apparent what this means, and how accountants can determine whether they are meeting this expectation. I love it! You don’t want your Scoop.it page to be public: make it private. What gets measured gets managed. We're sailing on the wide accountancy Perhaps some of you who commented on this blog, may be interested in contributing to my discussion on accountants and fashion over in Any Answers. In personality terms, they are smart, analytical, intellectual, hard-working and organised as well as being efficient, well-educated and professional but best of all, personable - easy to talk to. We're fairly incorruptible. No! This market failure could prove to be our undoing, unless it is urgently fixed. Monty Python - I've Got Two Legs Lyrics How could things have been improved? But who knows, the image industry may still pull off a con and generate some excitement into the role to attract aliens. I remember that as a spotty youth it was the money that was the attraction - my friends with accoutants as dads seemed to be wealthy, and fun! Artist: Monty Python