Downtown Development Authority As of August 25 2020 guests are required to wear their mask when ordering or otherwise talking to employees. Named after Noctis Labyrinthus, “the labyrinth of the night,” which is “a region of Mars between Valles Marineris and the Tharsis upland. Makers Lab MDC Light Exposure Postcards used light sensitive paper, designs printed on transparencies, and an LED array to expose the designs onto a postcard that visitors could take with them as a memento of the event. Moonlighter Makerspace First off, the location and the setting are fantastic. Using a curated database of short poems, the Poem-o-matic prints one poem at a time, at random, with the touch of a button. 3. Shell created by Mario “the Maker” Cruz Moonlighter is a rogue-lite game about a shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero.. To make a living, he needs to venture into the dungeons near his town, defeat strange enemies and … Recommend sharing a side. MAKE IT MINE. The Coronado burger was great with enough spice and kick for even the most daring. Avenue 3 Miami is both a community-driven movement and future pedestrian-oriented street. Welcome to Revelry Files. I got here around 6 pm on a Sunday and was immediately seated without any reservation (this was my backup - because scofflaw was closed). The parklet was designed to extend the restaurant seating for Freshealthy, a tenant of Avenue 3. Suncatcher is a free standing open air structure designed to house featured South Florida makers and their works under one roofline while providing shade and relaxation for visitors from the harshness of the daily sun, creating a stained glass effect when activated by the sun while amplifying the tropical flavors of the pavilion’s location. “Poetry Robots” are original machines designed by Mario Cruz to disseminate poems through technology. The waffle fries were perfectly crisp (although, admittedly, I would have loved to have a larger serving). We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, Living Benches are mobile built elements that bring shade, vegetation, and seating to different parts of the city. Moonlighter Makerspace. Allen Hasbun Miami Shores Village Additional support for the project was provided by The City of Miami Beach, The State of Florida’s Culture Builds Florida Alliance, and with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners. You'll only get the emails you sign up for. Comments, Questions? The result is a minimalistic space that highlights the simplicity and colors of the objects in the shop. Miami International Book Fair follow us on Instagram @moonlighterchicago, 3204 W Armitage Avenue • Chicago, IL 60647. Freshealthy He won the design challenge for Moonlighter’s Design Thinking Camp – where the children had a real client to design for: The Miami International Book Fair. We were nothing but respectful the entire time but she was completely unreasonable... COVID stuff - Plenty of indoor and outdoor patio space. The good news is if you have a little faith and don’t mind a 15-20 minute wait you’re in at The Moonlighter, Logan Square’s new ‘it’ bar.