If so, then please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch right away. He also would take the Celtics to win the championship for a third time, and be named the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player for his contributions to the victory. 11 Most Valuable 1989 NBA Hoops Cards. It’s already selling for five figures, and this card’s stock is likely to only rise over time. A $60 - $70 card a year ago in PSA 10 condition, it now sells for roughly 7x that amount in today's red-hot market. They all played together for the Boston Celtics, and Hall of Fame shooting guard Sam Jones was one of them. They were fierce rivals in college and throughout their NBA careers so Topps was smart to pair them up on this card. Even for guys who had clear star trajectories like LeBron James or Shaquille O’Neal, there’s a difference between a potential big deal, and a proven star that can make their cards appreciate over time.

aired on ESPN, this card and many other basketball cards of that era have skyrocketed in value. Case in point, he became the first NBA player to ever average a triple double across an entire regular season. He compressed a nerve root in his back which caused him to miss 22 games that year. The design created an even greater scarcity than usual for mint condition, full intact cards. The image would actually be much more impressive as poster than a pocket sized picture. In the meantime, it's so nice to see it getting the attention it deserves. Tim Duncan was a stable basketball superstar. Oscar Robertson’s legacy is that of not only an all time great basketball player, but a remarkably versatile player. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list: During the spring and summer of 2019, you could expect to pay around $500 for Scottie Pippen's rookie card in PSA 10 condition. Baylor’s rookie card celebrates a great player and is hard to find in top condition, with PSA 9 copies drawing up to $20,000 at auction. He may well be the greatest Laker to have never properly won a championship with the team. 1995-96 NBA Hoops Kevin Garnett Rookie #272. That means that the best remaining copies can draw into five figure bids at auction. In a time of overused graphics, Hoops got it right with a clean design over a sharp action photo. But, no, Dennis Rodman out-rebounded them all, and sometimes his per-game averages were three and four rebounds ahead of the next guy. While many basketball cards, even from this era, feature action shots, or at least posed images of players looking as though they’re about to shoot, Thompson’s rookie card doesn’t exactly inspire such excitement. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Cleveland would beat Boston in the 7th game, winning the Eastern Conference. Will the values of some of these cards remain at these levels, or will they eventually trend downward? In pristine shape, the card can draw over a $30,000 valuation. It’s not as expensive as other Bird cards but a keeper nonetheless.

LeBron James is not only widely regarded as the best active player in the NBA today, but is good enough to be in contention or greatest player of all time status. A cut out of Bird dribbling the ball is placed over a heavily edited background, not unlike the school photo backdrops of the time. According to Old Sports Cards, inconsistent centering and print quality for the 1957 Topps set has made this card particularly difficult to find a perfect copy of.

His rookie card, though, appears to have increased more than others on this list on a percentage basis as you could find them in PSA 10 holders for $120 - $150 a year ago. I loved watching him play, and who knows if we'll ever see another big man who was as smooth and agile as Olajuwon? The card features a somewhat bland photo of Bird wearing a Celtics jacket warming up pre-game. The thick blue border on the left was an interesting design choice at the time making the 1991 Fleer set easily recognizable. Ever since The Last Dance aired on ESPN, this card and many other basketball cards of that era have skyrocketed in value. Larry Bird rookie cards are not the cheapest in the hobby, and are near the top of the most valuable basketball cards in the hobby. A large pink beam lays behind the star.

After a few-year gap without official, nationally distributed NBA cards, Fleer benefited from not only offering up rookie cards for that year’s freshman players, but also the recognized rookie cards for the players who had debuted in the intervening years. And, the price of his rookie card reflects it, in my opinion. We hope you’ve enjoyed the list. But, as fate would have it, the trade came to pass, and Scottie Pippen teamed up with Michael Jordan to lead one of the most dominant runs in NBA history throughout the 1990s. 1991 NBA Hoops Hoops Basketball Card Values.

And, he's not as popular as guys like Olajuwon, Magic, and Bird, who appear lower on this list and Charles Barkley, who doesn't even appear at all. Bob Pettit’s NBA resume is hard to touch. So it is that one of the most celebrated sets in all of cards includes a rookie card for the greatest player of all time. We can add on that in 1970 Topps chose to print its basketball cards in a taller than normal format, which made them all the less likely to be properly preserved and protected. Heading into his fifth season in the NBA, Michael Jordan was already a four-time All-Star and was coming off of back-to-back scoring titles. If so, then please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch right away. A mint condition copy of Pollard’s rookie card can command over $5,000 at auction.

He would depart Chicago the following season and opted to sign with the Orlando Magic, where he, Shaq, and Penny Hardaway would make a trip to the 1995 NBA Finals.

George Mikan was the top player of those early days of NBA basketball, and scarcity of this card in top condition has made it the holy grail for basketball card collectors. According to Old Sports Cards, it can go for upwards of $20,000 when collectors are lucky enough to find a copy rated at PSA 9 or higher. The border is green, matching the team colors perfectly.

Larry has been described as the epitome of loving the game of basketball and playing it passionately. He is an Olympic gold medalist, a three time NBA champ and a three time NBA Most Valuable Player.
I love how James Worthy is also shown on this card as he and the Lakers were such strong adversaries of the Boston Celtics during the 1980s. Cards #120 - 131 in the set are All-Star cards of some of the era's biggest superstars. The commercial was showcasing Converse’s new “weapon” basketball shoe line. It can command upwards of $30,000 at auction today. For the next seven seasons, Grant played a vital role for the Bulls as a solid rebounder and fierce defender. While ‘89 wasn’t so great for Bird health wise, it was a great year on a personal level. He was a true sports icon, and one of the definitive stars in shaping the in the NBA. Clyde Lovellette’s name isn’t necessarily synonymous with basketball for contemporary fans, but he holds the undeniably impressive distinction of having been the first man to win an NCAA Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal, and an NBA Championship. Due to the low price of this card, it is an easy one to find autographed, with multiple sources selling signed specimens for around $30. Russell’s 1957 Topps rookie card is a treasure. In pristine condition, the card can go for over $3,000 at auction.
Coming back after surgery, Larry just wasn’t the powerhouse that he once was. This card came out right in the middle of the ’80s when Bird and Johnson’s rivalry was arguably at its height. An integral part of the Chicago Bulls' first three NBA titles during the 1990s, Horace Grant originally joined the team as the 10th pick of the 1987 NBA Draft. It would be the first of the three years that Larry would lead The Celtics to win the NBA Championship. Like the 1990 Hoops and Skybox sets, there were just so many of these cards printed. The ‘91 season did have a true moment of glory for Larry. Some will say he was the best, but some won't even put him in their top five. He was a rare senior who stayed through his full four years at college, was selected at the top of his draft class, and went on to assemble a distinguished NBA career, bringing a total of five NBA Championships to San Antonio. The card, like a number of issues from the 1971 Topps set, tends to have centering issues, and finding a properly printed, cut, and preserved copy is a real challenge. 15 Most Valuable 1986 Fleer Basketball Cards.

Bird and Johnson even appeared in a commercial for Converse shoes with an epic one-on-one match, playing off of the duo’s real life rivalry. So, I haven't made enormous gains on it, but I'd never sell it anyway due to the sentimental value tied to it. How did a guy who stood 6'7" lead the NBA in rebounding for seven straight seasons during the 1990s? It’s not hard to see why so many have added Larry Bird to their list of basketball card must-haves.