And the rest of the Kims disperse into the night. They subsist on wages earned folding pizza boxes and from stealing wifi. Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s’s Rebecca. They spend the evening drinking and eating and making a mess of the place, when the doorbell rings: it’s Moon-kwang. King, Ray Charles, and Muddy Waters often come to mind almost immediately, but we wouldn’t have blues as w, With the new film The Trial of the Chicago 7, writer and director Aaron Sorkin tells many of us might not know about at all — but a select group remember, Awesomely Terrible Horror Movies That Are So Bad They're Good, The Best Spooky, Scary Halloween Movies On Netflix Right Now, Everything Leaving Netflix in November 2020, These 20 Movies Are Incredibly Scary & Gore-Free. They scout the house out and notice that at night the lights flicker Morse code. Ki-woo Kim (Choi Woo-Shik) is a young man living in poverty in the slums of a nameless South Korean city with his family - father Ki-taek Kim (Song Kang-ho), mother Chung-sook Kim (Jang Hye-jin), and sister Ki-jung (Park So-dam). This gives viewers a lot to think about when it comes to the film’s title. Deep trouble: Parasite, Us and the movies' subterranean blues Bong Joon-ho follows Jordan Peele down the rabbit hole into a hidden world where the underclass lives below society’s surface Da-song had a traumatic incident where he saw a “ghost” in the house and had a seizure and has been needing help with his art. A life that separates them from the ones they love. They return home to find their apartment completely flooded with rain and sewage. The logline for Parasite is "Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan." What Is Parasite About? We're going to spend a lot of time talking about the final frames of Parasite, so I think we should take some time to set it up as well. Ki-woo leaves the rock in a river and observes the former Park house where he sees the lights flickering – Ki-woo translates the flickering from morse code, and learns Mr. Kim is controlling them from inside the bunker, where he is now living, sneaking upstairs for food from the new owners. Bong Joon-ho shows that the lower classes are willing to kill one another over the limited space serving the top. Her name is Moon-gwang, and we learn she's been hiding her husband, Geun-se, in the Parks’ basement. The last position is that of the housekeeper, Moon-kwang (Lee Jeung-eun). But, the overriding theme of the movie is about the rich and poor classes and the relationship that exists between them. When asked by Slashfilm if he has an interpretation of the ending, he says: "That’s quite difficult to say, but I have my own thoughts on the ending. PARASITE (2019) NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Alex Ki-woo Kim (Choi Woo-Shik) is a young man living in poverty in the slums with his family – father Ki-taek Kim (Song Kang-ho), mother Chung-sook Kim (Jang Hye-jin), and sister Ki-jung (Park So-dam). The Kim family is very poor. Parasite is a layered film with many interpretations. AMC THEATERS - LOEWS CINEPLEX - REGAL CINEMAS - CENTURY THEATERS. As Ki-woo, naively ,really believes he can free his father he also has fallen for the dream. Mr. Park screams at his driver, Mr. Kim – who is trying to stop Ki-jung’s bleeding – for the car keys to take his son to the hospital, and he throws them to him. The next day, Mrs. Park decides to throw an impromptu party for Da-song.

And like the servants they had before the Kims as well. When realistically, they outnumber their oppressors and could easily have all teamed up to kill the Park family and lived comfortably in the home together.

It’s breaking (some rather specific) box office records. They manage to do a good enough job that the rest of the family is able to hide while Mrs. Kim gives the Parks their dinner – when Moon-kwang breaks out and runs upstairs, Mrs. Kim shoves her back down the stairs, where she hits her head and is severely wounded.