Lie to Me. Required fields are marked *. German In 2001, the former Take That singer released a live version of ‘My Way’ as the B-side to his single ‘Let Love Be Your Energy’. written by Lasse Mårtenson German, My Schmäh Spanish, Min egen väg

Dutch, My Way From soul to punk, classical to country, a wide array of ‘My Way’ covers have taken Frank Sinatra’s masterpiece into new realms. written by Doris Band Spanish, Como acostumbras © 2019 by Iesha Bree. Portuguese, Minha Maneira written by unknown author(s) by Frank Sinatra. written by Paul Anka Check Out Iesha Bree Portfolio of previous custom covers she has done. Chicago jazz tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons made ‘My Way’ the title track of a 1971 album for Prestige. Rather than translate the original French words, Anka wrote a new set of English lyrics for the song. Publisher Covers … All purchases are final; there will be NO exchanges or refunds! Dutch, Zoals gewoonlijk Swedish, Dal i Gredu And whois prfting the most from all of this? Noted for her awesome lung power, clear diction and histrionic sense of drama, Wales’ First Lady Of Song stamped her authority on ‘My Way’ with a version that appeared on her Something LP, released in 1970 by United Artists. Sinatra’s Rat Pack buddy Davis served up his own take on ‘My Way’ for his 1970 LP, Something For Everyone, his only offering for Berry Gordy’s Motown Records. Spanish, A mi manera One of the most successful classical musicians of the 21st Century, the much-decorated 69-year-old Rieu is a Netherlands-born violinist and conductor who made a name for himself from the 90s onwards. Proudly created with Danish, Mijn leven Frank once called Matt “A Singer’s Singer.” You might recall some of Matt’s other hits in the world marketplace including “Born Free” “From Russia With Love” and “Walk A Way” a 1964 classic. It boasts a fine Johnny Harris arrangement that begins with delicate harpsichord arpeggios before building upon the emotional intensity with heavy brass and strings. The song’s theatrical dimension has appealed to actors too, among them John Cleese, Edward Woodward and even the late Sir Christopher Lee, who recorded a thrash metal version. French, Comme d'habitude My Way by Aretha Franklin … Italian, La mia via written by Charly Niessen Your email address will not be published. Rieu’s arrangement of the Sinatra-associated classic, with its opulent orchestration and heavenly choir, is probably the most grandiose of ‘My Way’ covers. written by Andreas Mattsson Though Sinatra initially spoke out against rock’n’roll, he had a warm and cordial relationship with the man they called The King. written by Dafydd Iwan John Lydon had left the controversial English punk band Sex Pistols by the time they appeared in Julian Temple’s 1980 movie, The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle, which found bassist Sid Vicious putting his own sweary spin on the Sinatra classic. New Quick View. In the 70s, Elvis made ‘My Way’ a staple of his live shows, remoulding it in his own image. A peerless song stylist who had the ability to inhabit other people’s songs and make them her own, Nina Simone transformed ‘My Way’ from a stately ballad into a propulsive, percussion-driven soul symphony on her 1971 album, Here Comes The Sun. written by Claude François, Jacques Revaux Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also a number can be added for series covers for an addtional $5 If you have any questions, email me at! written by Miro Ungar written by Claude François, Jacques Revaux, Gilles Thibaut Vicious practically snarls his way through the song with a defiant performance that epitomised punk’s belligerent attitude and set the template for all the punk-tinged ‘My Way’ covers that followed. Proudly created with. Welsh, A mi manera [authors unknown ES2] Originally from Pontyberem, Wales, Squires – whose real first name was Edna, and who at one time was married to actor Roger Moore – scored her first UK hit in 1953. written by Rudy Pérez Since then, countless ‘My Way’ covers have been recorded, with everyone from Elvis Presley to Sid Vicious resonating with Sinatra’s timeless version.

Czech, Du var så ærlig © 2019 by Iesha Bree. Welcome to Covers My Way! English, My Way written by Youcef Hedjaj As part of the RCA Aloha album, it was also heard worldwide, with the RIAA given it a 6XPlatinum certification, in the US Alone. Finnish, Minun tieni

© 2019 by Iesha Bree. I place these titles to give you ideas; you can keep the titles as well if you like them unless stated otherwise!