Feminine version of Audenzio, meaning one who dares or one is who is fearless. Name Vibhi generally means Fearless, is of Indian origin, Name Vibhi is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Nabhith are mainly Hindu by religion.The different meanings of the name Nirbhay are: Sanskrit meaning: Fearless. All three names are the most popular they’ve ever been, indicating a trend among modern parents. For a girl, "Vondra" is a name that sorta means both. It is of Czechoslovakian origin, and its meaning is "womanly; brave." This cute display name generator is designed to produce creative usernames and will help you find new unique nickname suggestions. It gives you the courage to speak your mind, feel good about yourself, and stay calm even in the most unfavorable circumstances. Florian. Aurelius. Mel - One who is always fearless and daring; Kelsie - Daring and fearless; Juliane - Young and fearless Name Nirbhik generally means Fearless, is of Indian origin, Name Nirbhik is a Masculine (or Boy) name. They have a lot of qualities and love their family and friends. Warrick. 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Another name with conflicting etymologies - some connect it to a Greek word for “hunt,” while others link it to a Latin word for “height” - bold Theron is one of the oldest names on this list, dating back to the fifth century BCE. NAMES MEANING GENDER; Abhishree: A beauty who is fearless: Girl: Sanskrit: Hindu: … Sylvan. We have Separated Names which Means Fear Get your Name Selection which Means Fear. The original name for the island of Great Britain, the name Albion comes from a combative son of Poseidon in Greek mythology. Wow ..all names are good and best . Like any other state, Taiwan has beautiful female monikers with incredible meanings. Fearless, Brave, Courageous, Valiant, Bold, Daring; Feminine version of Audenzio, meaning one who dares or one is who is fearless. Though romantic Florian is especially popular in Europe, parents across the pond have yet to adopt this elegant name. 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Boy names that start with the letter P and Q: PARAKRAM (Hindu) : bravery, prowessPAURUSH (Hindu) : braveryPEDRETT (Modern) : strong, brave PHRIXOS (Greek) : the shivering of skin from fearPIERRICK (Breton) : rock, powerful, brave ruler PREWITT (Old French) : brave one QANIT (Arabic) : obedient, submissive, humble, god-fearing, RAYNARD (German) : brave one; mighty armyREINHARD (German) : wise, brave RENARD (French) : wise, brave RHISIART (Welsh) : powerful, brave ruler RIAN (Gaelic / Irish) : powerful and braveRICANSON (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler’s son RICARLOS (Modern) : powerful, brave, strong ruler RICHÁRD (Hungarian top baby boy name) : powerful and braveRICHARLES (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler RICHWARD (Modern) : powerful, brave, blessed guardian RICKEY (English) : powerful and braveRICKLIN (Modern) : free, powerful, brave ruler RICKOMAS (Modern) : powerful, brave ruler, twin RICKY (top English name) : powerful and braveRICO (Italian) : powerful, brave ruler of the home RIHARD (Slovene) : powerful, brave ruler RIHARDS (Latvian) : powerful, brave ruler RIK (Old English) : powerful, brave ruler RIKARD (Finnish/Hungarian/Scandinavian) : powerful, brave ruler RIKERT (German) : powerful and braveRIKHARD / Riku (Finnish) : powerful, brave ruler RIKI (English) : powerful, brave ruler RISTEARD (Irish) : powerful, brave ruler RITCHIE / Ritch’rd (English) : powerful, brave ruler RODRICK (Modern) : famous, powerful, brave ruler RUADHAN (Gaelic) : powerful and braveRUISEART (Gaelic) : brave ruler; a form of Richard (brave ruler)RUISEART (Scottish) : powerful and braveRYSZARD (Polish) : powerful, brave ruler.