this didn’t go well last time, but the trail’s mixed with the smell of meat and he’s starving so he’ll try anything. Congratulations, Westward Ho, you are no longer the worst movie I’ve seen. The bigger dog is dead. ( Log Out /  This was just an hour and a half of watching this dog go through hell. Neewa’s just fine living off grass, so why wouldn’t Nikki be? Nikki struggles to help but he’s tied to the cage. But the ravenous wolverine isn’t done yet. Frustrated, Nikki takes off on his own to search for food with little success. Andre tries to make himself nonthreatening in the face of the mad dog, speaking softly and holding his hands up defensively. Makoki catches a rabbit for dinner! He doesn’t move fast enough, so the dog pulls his rope hard enough to break free of the canoe. Out of nowhere, Lebeau leaps back up and kicks Andre square in the face. The bear cub leads Nikki out into the world, but the remains of the leather string catches on a branch and almost garrotes him! Unless, of course, dog fighting is a plot point. It seems the whole fort has come to the realization that dog fighting is despicable, and the new overseer has signed it into law. Lebeau initially refuses, but without Makoki’s help he’ll get nothing so he has to agree. Nikki overhears the commotion and barks to wake Andre. Andre catches up and scolds him for causing trouble, then spots the bear cub stranded in the treetop. Winter comes so we get our obligatory scene of our cute animals playing in the snow, just like in Bambi and Perri. At first, Andre doesn’t believe it, but after a beat he recognizes the dog he lost as a pup. Only a dog is crafty enough to escape a steel trap. They paddle for their lives and grab a fallen log, rushing down the raging river until finally, they wash up on shore. It’s okay, though, Nikki’s alive, and Neewa is too! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As Andre’s canoe continues on its way, Neewa watches from a cliff. Andre himself emerges to investigate the commotion. Nikki and Neewa are safe at last! He’s played by a female Malamute, also named Nikki, though I can’t find anything to say whether or not it’s the same dog when he’s a puppy. Winston Hibler is even back as a producer! Dog. Of course, Nikki, being a dog, understands none of this, so he howls, thinking he’s found human companionship at last. He can’t stand his partner, who treats him as a slave solely because of his race, and apparently treating that as a bad thing is also progressive. There is no linking or other HTML allowed. But at the last possible second, Makoki steps in to reveal that Nikki didn’t kill Lebeau at all. He warns Nikki not to go too far, but of course he goes too far while romping and playing as puppies do. He doesn’t count on how fast Nikki is, nor on how bad of a shot he is, so Nikki easily gets away. What? He treats his hunting partner, Makoki, as a servant, just because he happens to be Native American, and Makoki’s starting to get tired of it. But Nikki tries to help anyway, and actually gets the killer bear away so Neewa can climb down to safety. Well, apparently not. If this movie has a redeeming quality, it’s the visuals. Real talk, this is not actually a True-Life Fantasy, but it’s very, very close. Still, the movie made a modest profit, got mostly positive reviews, won an Eddie for Best Edited Documentary, so we’ve got that going for us! He explores outside the den and is generally adorable, playing with some angry goslings. All isn’t lost, though. Andre Dupas is Nikki’s rightful master. Let me repeat this. ( Log Out /  Topics Walt Disney Tells the story of Nikki (Wild Dog of the North) Disneyland Records. Nikki returns to the trap line and springs the trap as usual, but this time the meat smells different. I did like him, he had no patience for Lebeau’s nonsense. We slowly hear the danger she sensed: Andre’s voice, calling for Nikki. He almost leaves it, but curiosity gets the better of him so he returns to lick it. We’re not supposed to agree with him. Hopefully Emile Genest is less reprehensible in his other two Disney films. Andre investigates the cut rope and silently thanks Makoki. For a moment, I almost have to reference Old Yeller again. Neewa is a stubborn little bear cub. The late 1800s means Westerns. It looks like they’ll never be reunited. He breaks the sign over his knee and yells to everyone that they’d better let him have his dogfight. A narrator who sounds a lot like the narrator for Sleeping Beauty but isn’t introduces us to Nikki the Malamute puppy and his kindly master, Andre Dupas. The snarls become joyful barks as he leaps into his master’s arms and for just a moment, all is doggie kisses and ear scritches. He abandons the rabbit (after all that!) Lebeau notices something keeps stealing his bait without having the decency to stay in the trap. He offers it to Nikki, but it’s a matter of pride for Nikki to fight his own battles. Now Neewa is thoroughly lost, so he climbs up a tree to get a better look. So Lebeau has the reasonable reaction and shoves Andre into the pit with the vicious, foaming dog splattered with blood. Well, apparently not. Nikki is a gorgeous Malamute who grows up wild after being separated from his owner. He remembers his old master! I'm a sassy snarky salt bucket lucky enough to live in Orlando, Florida. Ughghghgghghh. Oh my god. By summertime, Nikki is fully grown and Neewa is much, much bigger. Lebeau doesn’t care what it is, he’s going to put an end to this by poisoning the bait. This story, based on the novel Nomads of the North by James Oliver Curwood, is about the adventures of a malamute dog named Nikki. Just like me, Makoki has had just about enough of this. The team that shot the vistas of the Canadian Wilderness did an impeccable job of bringing out the natural beauty of the Yukon. He calls for his dog. In fact, he doesn’t even remember his old best friend. I guess making him suffer like he made everyone around him suffer would have been too graphic for a Disney film but god he made me sick. The authors’ claim no ownership of this material. Thankfully, the resulting abuse is only shown via Makoki’s reaction shots and sound effects but this man is still going Michael Vick on us. He decides he doesn’t like the taste so he leaves it, but one lick is all it takes for some of the poison to get into his system. We check back in on Neewa exploring the world around him while Noozak snoozes. They use light and color very well here, and I can certainly see why they won an award for the editing. I didn’t think it was possible for us to run into a character I utterly despised more than Uncle Wilse, but here we are. How many of them will make me go completely mad? Could it be Andre? I've had a lifelong interest in the Walt Disney Company and the films and theme park attractions they've created. Lebeau forgives Nikki completely for robbing his traps. They see a dog who killed a man, and order poor heroic Nikki shot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Like Perri before it, this film combines images taken directly from nature with the plot of an existing book. On screen. Andre decides to leave it because bears are too dangerous to track, but Nikki races off. It’s brief, it’s early, but it’s the only thing that didn’t make me cringe. to bully the lynx for the deer it killed. He’s sure it’s a wolf, but Makoki knows the wilderness better than that. In his efforts to stop his dog and his bear cub from brawling, he takes his hands off the paddles just long enough for the canoe to drift into rapids. I’m glad there wasn’t much to it so I could get it overwith lol. Mostly, though, I just felt terrible for this dog. Dog. It’s Makoos, a vicious grizzly who loves nothing more than murdering cubs. He gives this big, glorious speech on how they all ought to be ashamed of themselves and how barbaric it is to make these beautiful, loyal creatures murder each other in the name of entertainment, then kicks everyone out of the fort. Lebeau comes out of hiding to rage over how little the dog ate and how that won’t kill him, but Makoki spots the erratic dog tracks which might just mean they got him. Finally, finally Nikki pin the other dog. Your score has been saved for Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (2) Would you like to write a review? Something familiar. There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. He climbs a tree to escape, where he’s perfectly safe even without Nikki’s help. Nikki, Wild Dog of the North is a 1961 Walt Disney film directed by Jack Couffer and Don Haldane. This time, Nikki doesn’t see the trap and steps in it, so it catches him on the leg! We wouldn’t have needed a narrator, as we’d be able to hear Neewa and Nikki speak. Makoki can now proudly call himself Andre’s business partner and equal. Oliver Wallace is back to score another nature movie. The opinions expressed therein reflect those of the authors and are not to be viewed as factual documentation. Change ), Follow The Great Disney Movie Ride on He asks who owns the injured malamute in the pit and warns Lebeau that he’d better look after him. Durante jumps into the pit to rescue his injured dog and Lebeau orders Nikki to attack him! Nikki doesn’t understand this and howls to wake him up, but he’s out like a light. Everything is bright and luxorious, until we get to the Fort. Please do not use ALL CAPS. Possibly because we see so little of him, there’s not much to him other than that he’s a good dude. He leaps into the pit to beat the crap out of Andre, with more of that terrible fight choreography we’ve come to know and… well, know. Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (1961) I thought Perri was the only True-Life Fantasy? Nikki hears Andre calling but Neewa stubbornly makes him trek through the wilderness, and the man can’t hear his dog barking for him. Review this Episode. But then Lebeau grabs a massive stick and clubs him until he’s aggressive towards the world! With the coming of winter Neewa goes into hibernation and Nikki wanders off alone. Unless, of course, dog fighting is a plot point. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. It’s caught in a snare, right behind a trap buried in the snow. Nikki whines and steps towards Andre. I don’t want to give out zeroes because I don’t believe any movie is irredeemable. They struggle for freedom, but Andre holds them tight and hauls them into his canoe. I told myself that they repeated movie-making tricks from Old Yeller again, muzzling the combatants and playing sounds of snarling over them, but there’s no information whatsoever on this movie to confirm or deny that. A bigger, meaner dog lunges out of the bushes. Well, there’s a big fluffy dog in it, so how can it be? I mean, sure, he dies, but it’s by pure accident. Neewa’s doing just fine, as no one interrupted his winter to turn him into a bloodthirsty monster. He sticks his face inside because it’s always smart to put your head in a wolf’s den (he still thinks he’s a wolf). It’s terrifying, both from a cinematic perspective and from an animal cruelty perspective. Somehow I find that doubtful, looking at the filming in this thing. Eventually, Neewa chooses a lower branch and Nikki contorts into a position that won’t strangle him. He finds a little construction of sticks on top of a chunk of meat, ready and waiting. And I hate Westerns. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Nikki recognizes his old master, however, and joins André in fighting Lebeau, who is accidentally killed with his own knife. ( Log Out /  Maybe seeing more of him being a good dude (like, oh, I don’t know, sheltering Nanette?) He’s gone. He’s a good and loyal owner who takes good care of his dog until they’re separated by no fault of his own. His ending is just as unsatsifying as his predecessor, too. Walt Disney Tells the story of Nikki (Wild Dog of the North) Disneyland Records Addeddate 2018-11 … When Nikki encounters Neewa, a black bear cub whose mother was killed by a grizzly bear named Makoos, Andre ties the two animals together, plops them in the canoe, and heads for the rapids.