Since this game is multiplayer and browser based, characteristics of your PC may be minimal. Get more out of your Kongregate experience. Kong Plus. That is, initially, all the characters are the same, but you can change the appearance of your Persian as you want. * Treatment - a character's ability, despite the exhibition unit opponent, punching it and cause great damage. Take advantage of ad-free gaming, cool profile skins, automatic beta access, and private chat with Kong Plus. If you already have all figured out now remains only to understand how to pump your character correctly. * Power - maximum damage from the attack of your hero. * Resistance - the ability of your character to withstand the blows of the enemy, thus softening them. * Protection - hero resists shock an enemy unit, thereby exhausting it. So first it is better to be fully acquainted with the world of the game, look to your hero and his abilities, to study management. Ninja Wars 2 online - is a browser, anime game, created in the style of MMORPG. * Punching - the ability of the hero trying to defend the opponent. Also Ninja Wars 2 online offers you a more convenient way to check in - through social networks. Ninja Wars 2 online - is a browser, anime game, created in the style of MMORPG. Depending on the abilities of your heroes can be a hero to do certain actions. In Ninja Wars 2 play during the battle you do not have, as they are in automatic mode. To celebrate the holiday season, we are getting you a special surprise – a huge update of the game. Live by the Shuriken Ninja Wars 2 online - is a browser, anime game, created in the style of MMORPG. show a detailed description of After the game, Ninja Wars 2 - is a colorful, multiplayer online adventure game that takes gamers to the sea for new sensations and pleasures. On the form you need to fill in all the registration key fields, namely the username (and hence the nickname by which you will learn in the game), password, and e-mail (to communicate with the administration). Create a ninja and use skills or magic to kill samurai, the emperor's guards, or other ninja from rival clans. Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year! Fit as your FaceBook account, classmates and in Facebook. * Crit - in this game meant a critical strike - his power and frequency. Since he has very many good characteristics. Just units will perform the techniques and attacks that they pumped the most, and that will fit in a particular situation. In Ninja Wars 2 registration begins from visiting the official site. Fans of animated worlds and good browser games of martial arts and martial arts, just be sure to play Ninja Wars 2. Well, of course, prompts the game to listen. Locate on the main page and click the "Play". Ninjawars: The ninja game where you battle other ninja for your survival. Game Ninja Wars 2 is not quite normal and has many of its own, original developments. The main thing that had a quality Internet connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbit / s. If you have a good, stable internet, then you can proceed to registration. When you play bude Ninja Wars 2, you can improve your skills such warrior: Then you just make a click on the button "to fight." * Accuracy - feature, which determines how often your opponent will dodge your attacks from Persia. After registration, you are transported into the world of this browser-based game, which is for you to start with the selection of a chibi-character. * Agility - evading enemy attacks and movement speed.