I have a few versions of this popper for Stripers/bluefish, Tuna, Roosterfish/cuberas. Follow TackleDirect for exclusive giveaways featuring top brands. Full Foam Filled and made from HD ABS Material. The Chug 180 is the … (29), AWESOME CONSTRUCTION POPPER. Well, in the world of tough poppers, capable of dealing with the toughest fish in any sea, Nomad developed the Chug Norris (Yep, its a play on Chuck’s tough guy persona). The hooks are designed for making hook ups every time. I'll definitely be adding more of these to the arsenal. This popper is my favorite popper because it moves so much water when popped that really gets the fish going. Otherwise these are well built and tough. Will prob upgrade the trebles to inline circle hooks first though. great popper , great chug noise and action. Nomad Design Chug Norris 120mm Popper 45g Floating comes packaged with BKK 3/0 inline. The Dartwing concept was created to mimic skipping baitfish, and entice any predatory... You've just added this product to the cart. The Chug 180 is the meanest toughest popper you can throw and it brings fish up from down deep. The Chugg Norris is constructed with a thick outer shell of HD ABS plastic surrounding its Gorilla Through Wire system, and is then filled with foam for ultimate strength and durability. Larger than I anticipated but gave it to a friend and he had great success offshore! We troll these as teasers and they bounce, pop and splash a lot. Customer Reviews Super Easy to pop due to the unique design, this is the best offshore popper you'll ever use. Tough enough for any top water bite, blackfin, cobia, king mackeral, barracuda, mahi mahi. I am not sure why maybe it's user error or the fact that I switched out the treble hooks for inline hooks, who knows. … Throw in super strong split rings and BKK inline or treble hooks and this popper may just be tougher than the guy it was named after. The lure creates a massive bubble trail when popped with a long drag. We've had several hits on them but no hookups. Purchased this for casting at mahi, was surprised at how bright the color pattern was on this lure. EXCELENT COLOURS AND HOOKS. Anyone who has thrown a big popper all day long for big pelagics offshore knows just how exhausting it can be. 29 Reviews. Nomad Design Chugg Norris Poppers > Back to Parent Item. Solid construction and amazing paint! They work as described and are pretty tough too but They are a bit expensive. The Chug Norris is designed to be the ultimate popper! The popper can also be worked in a few different ways making it easy to switch up your retrieve. The Chugg Norris was designed around the concept of maximum action for minimum effort. There are no questions or answers for this item. I bought a few of the 50mms for my dock. cant wait to try this out. Be the first to know about product news, exclusive sales and events. Simply put, the Chugg Norris is the ultimate popper. A great and easy lure to use. It captures all of the best attributes of a popper, as Nomad Design Tackle put years of experience and effort into designinging this masterpiece. Nomad Chug Norris 180. Full Foam Filled and made from HD ABS Material. We believe it captures all of... Nomad Dartwing 165mm Sinking - Rigged with Custom Nomad Double belly Hook and 4/0 BKK Tail hook. Earn 35 Reward Points Learn More... Color. Each cast creates a great action on the surface making it irresistible to the fish. I love the wild colors of the â€;œ;Nuclear Coral Troutâ€; version of this lure. The 50mms are a little small I'd recommend going to the 95 mm unless you need a sub 2" popper. It can be worked with either short hard pops or long drags. The Chug Norris … The Chug Norris is tough, … Years of experience in big popper fishing has led Nomad Design to create a lure in the ideal shape that not only excites fish, but is super easy to work. Best top water baits I have in my box. Great for surf or from a boat. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. The Chug Norris … The Chug Norris is designed to be the ultimate popper! Sign up for newsletter today. Chug Norris Popper 180mm - 125g, matrix metal plate construction, fitted with 2 x 11/0 BKK Inline single hooks and ready for anything. Nomad Design Chugg Norris Popper - 180mm by Nomad Design. Despite it's size these things can cast a mile without wearing out your arm or putting too much strain on your rod. Unlike many supposed poppers, the mouth design is large enough to create a good pop and splash. Chug Norris Popper 180mm - 125g, matrix metal plate construction, fitted with 2 x 11/0 BKK Inline single hooks and ready for anything.