On the same day that the German Army launched Operation Nordwind, the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) committed almost 1,000 aircraft in support. Nordwind serves 98 destinations in 28 countries including nine countries and 23 cities in Europe, eight countries and 12 cities in the Middle East and Africa, four countries and four cities in South America, and six countries and 14 cities in Asia. Trang này được sửa đổi lần cuối vào ngày 24 tháng 9 năm 2020 lúc 06:22. The German offensive was an operational failure, with its main objectives not achieved. Nordwind Airlines, LLC (Russian: ООО «Северный ветер», romanized: Severný veter) is a Russian leisure airline. Heavy American fire came from the 79th Infantry Division, the 14th Armoured Division, plus elements of the 42nd Infantry Division. Another smaller attack was made against the French positions south of Strasbourg, but it was finally stopped. Luck later said that the fighting around Rittershoffen had been "one of the hardest and most costly battles that ever raged".[7]. [9], The Wall Street Journal reported that Nordwind transported approximately 7.4 tons of gold with a market value over $300 million from Venezuela to a refinery near the airport in Entebbe, Uganda. That's it. Nordwind Airlines (рус. It began on 31 December 1944 in Rhineland-Palatinate, Alsace and Lorraine in southwestern Germany and northeastern France, and ended on 25 January 1945. The 125th Regiment of the 21st Panzer Division under Colonel Hans von Luck aimed to sever the American supply line to Strasbourg, by cutting across the eastern foothills of the Vosges at the northwest base of a natural salient in a bend of the River Rhine. The 7th Army—at the orders of U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower—had sent troops, equipment, and supplies north to reinforce the American armies in the Ardennes involved in the Battle of the Bulge. Maximum flight altitude: 13 140 m. Flight range: 9 700 km. These March 2019 shipments allegedly expose a global underground economy the United States government suspects helps Nicolás Maduro stay in power in Venezuela.[10]. Operation Nordwind (German: Unternehmen Nordwind) was the last major German offensive of World War II on the Western Front. Smartavia known as Nordavia (till march 2019) is a Russian budget airline with its head office in Arkhangelsk, Russia. On 31 December 1944, German Army Group G—commanded by Generaloberst Johannes Blaskowitz—and Army Group Oberrhein ("Upper Rhein")—commanded by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler—launched a major offensive against the thinly stretched, 110-kilometre-long (68 mi) front line held by the U.S. 7th Army. On 25 January the German offensive was halted, after the US 222nd Infantry Regiment stopped their advance near Haguenau, and earning the Presidential Unit Citation in the process. [5] [6] By 2015, Nordwind flew to 33 cities. By 15 January at least 17 German divisions (including units in the Colmar Pocket) from Army Group G and Army Group Oberrhein, including the 6th SS Mountain, 17th SS Panzergrenadier, 21st Panzer, and 25th Panzergrenadier Divisions were engaged in the fighting. Here the Maginot Line ran east–west, and now "showed what a superb fortification it was". [4][failed verification], Nordwind Airlines was founded in August 2008 by the Russian and Turkish branches of tour operator Pegas Touristik and initially operated three Boeing 757-200s. But their arrival was delayed, and on 21 January with supplies and ammunition short, Seventh Army ordered the much-depleted 79th and 14th Divisions to retreat from Rittershoffen and fall back on new positions on the south bank of the Moder River. The pilots took evasive action and the plane continued onto Kazan undamaged. Strasbourg was saved but the Colmar Pocket was a danger which had to be eliminated. [8], In 2017, the airline acquired two used A330s. 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[4], Đến thời điểm ngày tháng 7 năm 2011, đội máy bay của hãng Nordwind Airlines gồm có các máy bay sau với tuổi trung bình 14,2 năm:[5], Information about Nordwind Airlines at ch-aviation.ch, Nordwind Airlines fleet list at planespotters.net, https://vi.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nordwind_Airlines&oldid=63860586, Giấy phép Creative Commons Ghi công–Chia sẻ tương tự, Wikimedia Commons có thêm hình ảnh và phương tiện truyền tải về. As of April 2020, Nordwind Airlines fleet comprises the following aircraft:[13]. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? ✪ Start Boeinga 777-200ER Nordwind Airlines, Latin America and the Caribbean regional office, Middle East and North Africa regional office. It began on 31 December 1944 in Rhineland-Palatinate, Alsace and Lorraine in southwestern Germany and northeastern France, and ended on 25 January 1945. Not to be confused with Smartwings. The airline was formed in 1957 by the merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways, but traces its history back to 1923 at the founding of Austrian Airways. Operation Nordwind soon had the understrength U.S. 7th Army in dire straits. The company is headquartered in Moscow,[3] and its hub is at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Seventh Army and French 1st Army in the Upper Vosges mountains and the Alsatian Plain, and destroy them, as well as the seizure of Strasbourg, which Himmler had promised would be captured by 30 January. On January 10 Luck reached the villages. To install click the Add extension button. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. "[3]:499, The goal of the offensive was to break through the lines of the U.S. It mainly operates scheduled domestic and regional services. Two weeks of heavy fighting followed. The fleet previously included the following aircraft: Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! [5][6], The number of passengers transported was as follows:[7], On April 29, 2013, two surface-to-air missiles were fired by unknown forces in Syria at a Nordwind Airlines jet flying from Sharm El Sheikh to Kazan. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Its main bases are Arkhangelsk Airport, Pulkovo Airport (Saint Petersburg), Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Nordwind Airlines primarily operates service between airports in Russia and holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. The U.S. VI Corps—which bore the brunt of the German attacks—was fighting on three sides by 15 January. The airline was founded in 1946 as a consortium to pool the transatlantic operations of Swedish airline Svensk Interkontinental Lufttrafik, Norway's Det Norske Luftfartselskap and Det Danske Luftfartselskab of Denmark. There is not a matter of prestige involved here. This article is about the 1944–1945 operation. V-III, p. 801, sfn error: no target: CITEREFAmbrose1997 (, United States Army Center of Military History, Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Operation_Nordwind&oldid=981884229, Battles of World War II involving the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 00:02. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Choose your seat; Online check-in; Order your meals; All Services This would leave the way open for Operation Dentist (Unternehmen Zahnarzt), a planned major thrust into the rear of the U.S. Third Army which would lead to the destruction of that army.[3]:494. Throughout much of the company's existence, it was a state-owned entity. Number of aircraft: 6 Boeing 777-300ER. Over the years of operation of the airline, the aircraft fleet has increased to 34 aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER. : званично— ООО «Северный ветер») је руска авиокомпанија основана 2008. године, као чартер компанија, са сједиштем на московском аеродрому Шереметјево. Nordwind Airlines was founded in August 2008 by the Russian and Turkish branches of tour operator Pegas Touristik and initially operated 3 Boeing 757-200s. This attempt to cripple the Allied air forces based in northwestern Europe was known as Operation Bodenplatte, which failed without having achieved any of its key objectives. [6] In a briefing at his military command complex at Adlerhorst, Adolf Hitler declared in his speech to his division commanders on 28 December 1944 (three days prior to the launch of Operation Nordwind): "This attack has a very clear objective, namely the destruction of the enemy forces. Hãng hoạt động tại nhà ga C ở sân bay quốc tế Sheremetyevo. For the 1941 operation, see, Grandes Unités Françaises, Vol. [2][3], Hãng hàng không này được lập từ một hợp tác của Pegas với các công ty tổ chức tour du lịch Nga vào tháng 9 năm 2008 và bắt đầu hoạt động vào tháng 12 cùng năm với đội máy bay ban đầu 3 chiếc Boeing 757-200. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. On January 7 Luck approached the line south of Wissembourg at the villages of Rittershoffen and Hatten. By 21 December 1944, the German momentum during the Battle of the Bulge had begun to dissipate and it was evident the operation was on the brink of failure; it was believed an attack against the United States Seventh Army in southern France, which had extended its lines and taken on a defensive posture to cover the area vacated by the United States Third Army (which turned north to assist at the site of the German breakthrough), could relieve pressure on German forces in the Ardennes. Nordwind Airlines, LCC (tiếng Nga: ООО «Северный ветер») là một hãng hàng không bay thuê chuyến với trụ sở đóng ở Moskva, Nga. We have created a browser extension. Cruising speed: 905 km/hour. Nordwind Airlines, LCC (tiếng Nga: ООО «Северный ветер») là một hãng hàng không bay thuê chuyến với trụ sở đóng ở Moskva, Nga. The consortium was extended to cover European and domestic cooperation two years later. Number of passengers: 440. Eisenhower, fearing the outright destruction of the U.S. 7th Army, had rushed already battered divisions hurriedly relieved from the Ardennes, southeast over 100 km (62 mi), to reinforce the 7th Army. Germans and Americans each occupying parts of the villages while civilians sheltered in cellars. The initial Nordwind attack was conducted by three corps of the German 1st Army of Army Group G, and by 9 January, the XXXIX Panzer Corps was heavily engaged as well. 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