Imperium isolate and pick Ilja apart until Pete gets the hot tag and hits a German suplex before stomping the hands of WALTER. WWE NXT results for 10/14 . WALTER locks in a straight arm bar before Pete gets to his feet and hits a head scissors into an arm bar. Those two had some legendary battles in wXw and PROGRESS over the past five years and if they bring this match to NXT UK, people are in for a treat (and probably at least one bloody, raw chest). Wolfe and Dunne start things off for their respective teams by grappling on the mat before Pete clotheslines Wolfe. They brought up Pretty Deadly, who had been talking to Eddie Dennis recently with the contents of said talks still being a mystery. He was initially still billed as the champion and a tournament to crown an interim champion was held in NXT in April and May. WALTER hits a shotgun dropkick that sends Pete across the ring before Wolfe and Ilja come back in. I guess WWE wants to own the rights to that particular recording. Wolfe wasn’t the only Imperium member to visit Dragunov, though. Dawn looked better than in most of her matches and the story was that she got to Niven repeatedly. Vignette: Trent Seven discussed the importance of winning the Heritage Cup Tournament. - We get an extended video package promo by the former Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin where Jordan declares that he is the real Cruiserweight champion and welcomes anyone to come for the real title as we go to commercial. I gave the show a D- grade and found it to be a failure of a go-home show, which is especially troubling given that Smackdown is airing on FS1 this week. One hot tag later, we were back with WALTER vs. Dunne as the former champ ran wild on the current titleholder until both men were exhausted. Niven was more than ready, though, confidently countering the blow and prompting KLR to retreat. By Jason Powell, Editor…. NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament First Round Match. He also hit an impressive deadlift Gotch lift suplex on the 300+ pound WALTER. - A great video looked at the aforementioned Seven as he talked about the Heritage Cup. 1 Contender Ilja Dragunov stared down NXT United Kingdom […] Isla rolls Piper up for two before Piper runs her over and tosses her across the ring. Dave then wins in round three by knocking Joseph out with a stiff forearm for the referee stoppage and the win. Conners went at it with slaps again and Mastiff answered with two big forearm strikes that sent Conners to the mat. NXT UK results, Sept. 17, 2020: Dragunov comes face-to-face with WALTER after victory in NXT UK’s return NXT UK returned with a bang! We would like to send you notifications for the latest news and updates. Jungle Boy in AEW Title Eliminator first-round tournament matches, MJF and Chris Jericho’s dinner, 10/21 AEW Dynamite results: Powell’s live review of Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix, Kenny Omega vs. Sonny Kiss, Colt Cabana vs. Hangman Page, and Wardlow vs. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pete hits an enzuigiri before ilja gets caught in mid-air with a chop and WALTER powerbombs him for a near fall that Pete breaks up. Dawn bumped into Niven, who took offense and they got into it. Though Dawn showed resilience in kicking out after eating a huge spinning heel kick and a blockbuster, she had no answer for Valkyrie’s top-rope split leg drop. By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet). - We come back to an update on the condition of Flash Morgan Webster who has not been cleared to compete and that he'll be replaced by Trent Seven. Former champions Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, as well as The Hunt, Pretty Deadly, and Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter approached the ring to lock their eyes on Coffey & Wolfgang’s gold. NXT UK Updates From This Week’s Episode: Heritage Cup Matches, Kay Lee Ray Retains, & More . Pete Dunne drew the matches for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament bracket. -NXT UK streams on WWE Network today at 2CT/3ET. Pete locks in a triangle choke to WALTER with Ilja elbowing Wolfe in the side of the head before WALTER powerbombs Pete onto Ilja. Wolfe almost was done for after an X-Plex/top rope senton combo.