Just this month on a trip to Scotland, The Times report Mrs Obama as saying: ‘I will not be running for office. But he chose to deploy former President Barack Obama to Pennsylvania for the latter's first in-person event in 2020, perhaps the clearest sign yet that Biden’s team sees the state as the most important piece of the Electoral College map. No. And that, I think, is important. And some people don’t get shot. Jon Favreau Easy to do. You were on both sides of this. Even a well-meaning president can’t solve everything, but they can make some things better. latest news, feel-good stories, analysis and more, Donald Trump 'halted top-secret briefing to demand malted milkshake', Confused by 5G? The conversations can be searching, get philosophical, then quickly veer back to brass tacks. And also understand this. You push some more. They tend to be voters of color. You push. Maybe this is where sometimes I differ with Bernie, and even Elizabeth in part, in how we talk about this stuff publicly. How do you govern in a way that’s both bipartisan and productive, when the only way to break the gridlock with this version of the Republican Party is through huge Democratic majorities, getting rid of the filibuster, other big structural reforms, all of which will be seen by Republicans and much of the media as extremely partisan? It wasn’t because there were a bunch of lobbyists whispering in my ear. I have some pretty strong views about it. And good luck out there on the campaign trail. He was finishing up his presidential memoir, which will be … That's our lucky number -- 13 days until the most important election of our entire lifetime.". And a lot of those folks may be skeptical about what the government can do. That gives them pause. POLITICO’s Holly Otterbein breaks down where things stand in the fight for Pennsylvania. I mean, the truth is he doesn’t have the patience and and the focus to really substantially change a lot of US foreign policy. It’s great to look at policy and do they have what were there ten point plans on this, or that or the other. So the federal government doesn’t have power. Speaking of bad instincts, President Trump keeps tweeting that the attorney general should indict you or indict Vice President Biden for spying on his campaign. We’re gonna have to find ways to do that. Trump is a symptom of it and an accelerant to it. Trump was really complimentary of me for like the first two years. Derek Chauvin: Judge drops third-degree murder; more serious charges stand. You’ve got all these legacy systems. And whatever you think about whether the federal government can help on big major issues like systemic racism. I think we should give Republicans a chance to work with us around reasonable issues. Goldman Sachs pleads guilty in U.S., agrees to pay $2.9B in 1MDB scandal. You had this whole myth about me being aloof. That at least the vast majority of people can agree to. Tommy Vietor Yeah. But you don’t hear Joe being disloyal to somebody or mistreating them or, you know, being standoffish and pushing them away when they were asking for help. So you’ve sort of seen it from both sides. We get more progressive legislation done, the more Democrats we have in Congress, now more Democratic turnout happens. And good luck out there on the campaign trail. You’ve got the intelligence community. And I’ve never seen him. A serious disease, here’s the science, we can agree to that.’ And then, you know, you have a country like Sweden that decides. It affects how the world looks at America. Attorney General Barr has dismissed them. You didn’t scroll all the way down here for nothing. In a presidential election that has seen both candidates lavish attention onto the state, making nonstop visits and pouring tens of millions of dollars into advertising here, the rally serves an important purpose beyond ginning up enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket. Now I’ve lost the Senate. But yeah, we still have to move on a whole bunch other stuff that we weren’t able to get done at the time? She recently sent an email to her local party committee members about the presidential election, listing the ward’s turnout for Obama in 2008 (15,780 votes), Obama in 2012 (15,872 votes) and Clinton in 2016 (14,309 votes), highlighting the decline four years ago.