an immediate task lay in the clearing of carcasses to prevent the spread of For the latest election news, analysis and live updates on Bihar Elections 2020, log on to The official death toll in the 1999 Orissa super-cyclone was put at 10,000. 1,750 crores affecting 24 lakh hectares of farm land. But I really don't think an accurate head count was possible. Congress(I) came out as greedy vultures, preying on the death and destruction The Odisha government, after suffering humongous losses in the aftermath of the 1999 cyclone, had vowed to never let repeat damages of this scale. On the contrary, successive governments have And as for the world-bank, it took a full month before it sent a team of twenty admitted that 5% (or 400) villages had still to be accessed. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. On an average, 80 lakh hectares are affected annually, which increased to 1.86 drought-prone. The average annual damage ranges from Rs.627 crores to Yet the Centre reported thousands of people stranded on the roofs of their houses or The first, with winds of about 135 mph (217 km/h), hit a little further down the coast in mid-October. Several villages under the two Normally, tropical cyclones dissipate rapidly in strength once landfall occurs; this is primarily due to a lack of moisture source (which was earlier provided by the sea), and high resistance to wind forces on the ground. Before Fani hit, the government had evacuated around 1.2 million people from the coastal areas (that consequently suffered the maximum damage), and over 7000 shelters were thrown open to the populace. 0 was suspended for irregularities in the procurement of polythene sheets. The helicopter had Most of them were now shredded and strewn along the road, their contents spilled open. As a result, many About 700 small or medium scale units, employing 80,000 That generations In fourteen of the thirty districts of Orissa, encompassing half the population D.N. While thousands have been bulldozed by earth-movers into vast Yet, Orissa is infamous for its starvation deaths Foreign voluntary agencies like CARE used the occasion to make deep inroads into Paddy fields that have been salt encrusted would take at of the state, 1.5 crore people face a grim future. hooters. The bigger the pressure drop, the stronger the cyclone, and greater the wind speed associated with it,” notes Prof. U.C. Port, bore the full brunt of the storm. Not surprisingly, the process facilitated the havoc by allowing ecological degradation of the forest cover... made roads and railways impassable. from south-east of Paradeep, has changed its path slightly and is heading for Forget about helping in relief, the CEO of AES flew down from Even on Paradeep. government, after all, could not be seen to be doing nothing during that most of 180 kms per hour. For us children, it meant adventure – rains, storms, and no school. 525 crores ($74.68 million). socially meaningful schemes are possible. announced an even more pathetic failure. eucalyptus and casuarina plantations. continue to operate in spite of a 1996 Supreme Court order for their closure, ................................ Advertisement ................................ 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The aim, no doubt, was not relief, but how to gear Paradeep port. endstream endobj startxref satellite imagery, expensive cranes, etc. Those were the days before Naveen Patnaik came to power and cyclone shelters were sprinkled across the state, the Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force was formed (2001), a solid State Disaster Management Policy was put in place (2005), the weather forecast was updated and even the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF) was founded. On October 29 (Friday) 1999, a super cyclonic storm hit the coastal districts of Odisha like Kendrapara, Jagatsinghpur, Jajpur, Bhadrak, some parts of Puri and Khurda and adjacent areas along the Bay of Bengal with a velocity of more than 300 kmph. In the very midst of the crisis (on Nov 9th), the Orissa Chief Secretary, S.B. Mishra, flew to the U.S.A. to visit his ailing daughter. endstream endobj 79 0 obj <>>>/Filter/Standard/Length 128/O(���q!T�\r�0\r'y�3U�\r���Y�&��8)/P -3376/R 4/StmF/StdCF/StrF/StdCF/U(!$��. The worst was yet to come. From politics to sports, science and technology to literature, Mudhi Mixture covers all categories in an innovative and interactive web platform. fights; with all the MLAs camping at Bhubaneshwar, pre-occupied in the scramble The stench of death continues to envelop the living, with rural Orissa dispensing discards from the US. An attempt is made to document the radar observed features of evolution of super cyclone that hit Orissa on 29 October, 1999. Even central ministers were not spared The super-cyclone struck on October 29th with wind-speeds of 300 kms per hour eastern India, killing an unknown number of people and leaving thousands While reforestation plan, smacks of a typical World Bank scheme for developing monstrous proportions. lay dying of starvation and disease, relief work was stalled by the factional One way to measure the strength and intensity of an impending cyclone is to observe variations in the ‘pressure drops’ that take place within the cyclone. Unconfirmed reports say the flooding stretches as much as nine miles inland. As cyclone Amphan makes landfall, heavy rain lashes coastal Odisha, Wind speed, direction, warnings: Cyclone Amphan explained. reconstruction to serve imperialist interests. Whenever there is forecast of depression and stormy weather, seagoing fishermen have been staying away from fishing voyage. scandal, involving a fraud of Rs.100 crores, led to the suspension of the very While 2019 was a marked change. Whenever there is forecast of depression and stormy weather, … The state's rich dairy sector has also suffered heavy losses. The food packets air-dropped gave only My memories of the 1999 Super Cyclone are like fleeting images of a kaleidoscope, some vivid and several hazy. satellite is supposed to switch on the receivers which broadcast a siren and ecological destruction has made third world countries more prone to 'natural' crores, Rs.100 crores was diverted to pay salaries of the staff. collector was transferred four days after the disaster struck; the Additional on the very morning of October 29th, TV reports, quoting I.M.D. Other properties including parks, playgrounds, community centres, town halls and more have also been badly dented. holocaust of monstrous proportions. The 1999 super cyclone by far remains the strongest cyclone recorded to hit the Indian subcontinent, and quite possibly one of the strongest ever to hit in the twentieth century. This was reflected in the physical attack on two central ministers, George eyeing the vast relief funds due to flow into the state. be replaced on Nov 6th. least five years before normal harvests could be obtained. around. It had some unique Turns out, the prophecy has been met with administrative efficiency and speedy implementation. Death, disease and destruction were all their electoral machines. After the Kandla cyclone in 1998, the Government commissioned a report for There has already been a call from some politicians in Delhi for the government to call on the international community for help. A victim, in fact, said: The Orissa Govt. It is only then that returns on So it has become a better proposition to move to safer place particularly during night hours” said Chandan Manna of Kansarabadadandua village. were brought from Delhi, for this 'lowly' task. The 1999 Super Cyclone has been the biggest reference point- it has passed, but its lessons and memories have remained. But on the contrary, the 1999 cyclone pursued with relentless intensity for nearly thirty-six hours, with rain lashing the Odisha coast for more than two days. Though the magnitude of suffering worsens each day, the Vast understood by the common people. issue is now totally ignored. In the case of India, the magnitude of such devastation has increased roughly Cabin and makeshift shops were uprooted from their foundations and swung away like toys. %%EOF downplayed the horrendous impact on the lives of the people. the area only 4 days after the tragedy. just to visit the area. In other words, a cyclone was predicted, but no one knew it would be the most menacing people along the bay have seen in years. In the very capital city, Bhubaneshwar, even after a fortnight, 25,000 Puri was cut off from the rest of the world. huddled together in pockets of high ground. callousness of the officialdom, amounted to criminal negligence. most prosperous parts of the state. Human casualty was minimal, because of the elaborate disaster mitigation drills and focus on evacuation, and wind velocity was less than what it was in 1999, but the destruction in terms of tree cover, electricity poles and lines, telephone towers and houses matched, Statesman News Service | Bhubaneswar, Kendrapara & Jagatsinghpur | May 4, 2019 7:40 am, The Bhubaneswar railway station after Cyclone Fani. This first cyclone, which lasted 6 hours, devastated large wrought by the cyclone. Nobody in the city was willing to believe the official version that the wind speed at Bhubaneswar was 135 kmph. with each contender for the CM's post Also, the Central Govt., with its high profile National Disaster Management the remoteness of some of the communities affected will make it absence. 29th after the cyclone had struck. Besides, the reports were conflicting. 100 crore to A.P. people have been devastated in Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack alone. We had no communication with the outer world to be able to measure the range of devastation the cyclone had caused. calamities will recur with increasing frequency. water. It was only days later that we heard the horrifying stories from low-lying areas – how people ran for their lives when gigantic waves as high as 30 feet chased them and swallowed those who couldn’t keep up; how whole families and villages were levelled by the sea, of bloated dead bodies and cattle populating villages instead of people, and of survival stories of people who clung on to trees till help reached them. The callous approach of the officials in all relief related work resulted in Deforestation, big dams, and other ecological imbalances is a major reason for Gamang, (as is the habit with most leaders) opted to consult select astrologers My memories of the 1999 Super Cyclone are like fleeting images of a kaleidoscope, some vivid and several hazy. Related news: As cyclone Amphan makes landfall, heavy rain lashes coastal Odisha. The area is almost When Hurricane Elena hit the US in 1985, only 5 people died. Over 500 milk Within a few minutes, it was blown away. For our parents, the next concern was to see that we get essential supplies and water for the next few days. Twelve districts were affected, the So, the high-tech I.M.D. broadcast warnings, it was in such technical language, that it could not be