The packaging of the first series was slightly misleading by stating that it "included the pilot", but it really contained the revised first episode and not the original version of the pilot. Windsor Davies appeared in the final episode as the Mayor of Clumberfield, when the station staff re-enacted the station's opening for its 100th anniversary. Well, of course, it's sheer genius. A running gag in the series is Vera almost finding out about Cecil and May's relationship. What's the deal with "Summer of '69"? Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Professor Davis, who teaches at a correspondence school, discovers that a Nazi Agent is trying to prevent a trade treaty being signed between England and South America. We learn in Episode 14 that he keeps promising to take Ethel out, but never does. Die Textzeile “Six foot seven foot eight foot bunch” wurde als Refrain für Lil Waynes Song “6 Foot 7 Foot” verwendet. regular Felix Bowness made a number of appearances as train guard Bernie Bleasdale. Believing he is being sent to a ... See full summary », A hapless teacher named Will Lamb is hired by a grim school in Scotland. Sie erlebten den Tagesanbruch und das damit einhergehende Schichtende: Daylight come and me wanna go home. [16], This article is about the film. He returns her advances, but seems to prefer Gloria's friend, Amy Matlock (Tara Daniels), who appears in most episodes, albeit usually briefly. The plot of Oh, Mr Porter was loosely based on the Arnold Ridley play The Ghost Train. A running subplot to the series is the question of whether Gloria is actually Jack's daughter, or the result of May's fling with Cecil (although in the second series episode "Father's Day", it is generally concluded that Jack is her father). The film has been very well received over time. She has a crush on Cecil Parkin, the new station master and Percy, the guard. Entstehungsgeschichte. [13] Jimmy Perry, in his autobiography, wrote that the trio of Captain Mainwaring, Corporal Jones and Private Pike in Dad's Army was inspired by watching Oh, Mr Porter! Free delivery on all orders Shop now. Surely that doesn't need saying. To make matters worse, local legend has it that the ghost of One-Eyed Joe the Miller haunts the line and, as a result, no-one will go near the station after dark. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs. [6] The scene in which Porter travels to Buggleskelly by bus, while being warned of a terrible danger by locals, parodies that of the Tod Browning film, Dracula (1931).[7]. Determined to make his mark, he devises a number of schemes to put Buggleskelly on the railway map, but instead falls foul of a gang of gun runners. Wilfred joins the Army in one episode so as to allow Ethel to elope with her new American airmen boyfriend, but she ends the relationship. and sung by Su Pollard. What's New. The guy who wrote "Tell It To My Heart" owns a collection of famous baseballs, including the one that went through Bill Buckner's legs. The mirthful adventures of Police-Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot and his two constables, Albert Brown and Jeremiah Harbottle, who stage a fabricated crime-wave to save their jobs---and then find themselves involved in the real thing. Perhaps the shots were intended as part of the final reel. November 2005 auf Liedtext,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Despite the majority of the film being set in Northern Ireland, none of the filming took place there; the railway station at Buggleskelly was the disused Cliddesden railway station on the Basingstoke and Alton Light Railway, which had closed to goods in 1936. With Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Sebastian Smith. Without a station master the station has become rather disorganised: for instance the eternally miserable signalman Harry Lambert (Stephen Lewis), is so underworked that he is running several sidelines from his signalbox – including hair-cutting, selling fruit and vegetables, repairing bicycles and taking bets – seeing his signalling duties as an unwelcome distraction; he frequently speaks of "ruddy trains". It is an awesome song. The art of Mr P. Shop the new collection. Womenswear on NET-A-PORTER. There is a recurring gag, where Harry will say, "if they poke their noses around, they will get the flat end o' my tongue", that person comes and he starts sucking up to them. A snatch of the song can be heard over the opening credits although this version says, "I want to go to Birmingham, and they're taking me on to Crewe! An incompetent solicitor unwittingly becomes party to a bank robbery. Mr Porter, a music hall song. They investigate and are briefly captured by the gun runners, but escape and climb progressively higher up the windmill until eventually they are trapped at the top. They are all illegal, yet all the staff, including Gloria know about them, are customers and keep their mouths shut. B. Jedermann Kollapso „Komm Mister Jedermann, gemma bisserl sterben!“ von Gerhard Bronner, 1957; Waarom zijn de bananen krom von Andre van Duin, 1972; Come, Mister Taliban, turn over Bin Laden – daylight come and we drop the bomb in einer im Internet kursierenden Version) und zu Werbezwecken (z. [4] Im August 2004 erschien von Rick Maniac & Dr. Loop eine Hands Up Trance-Version davon. They welcome Porter to his new job by regaling him with tales of the deaths and disappearances of previous stationmasters – each apparently the victim of the curse of One-Eyed Joe. They fail miserably, and their ancient fire engine is stolen by criminals attempting to steal the... See full summary ». Songfacts - the stories and meanings behind the songs, with songwriter interviews and lyrics. Als unmittelbares Cover gelangte die Version von Leo Leandros im September 1957 bis zum elften Platz der deutschen Charts unter dem Titel Komm Mister Talliman. | Features | Guardian Unlimited Film, "Mr Porter returns to Cliddesden with guests in tow", Article on the song, with a sound file of the tune,,_Mr_Porter!&oldid=981220777, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 00:50. Coupling the carriages containing the criminals and their guns to their own engine, Gladstone, they carry them away from the border at full speed, burning everything from Harbottle's underwear to level crossing gates they smash through in order to keep up steam. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. He alludes to her in almost every episode, but she only appears briefly in an uncredited role in Episode 13. He is a perfectionist and is determined to make the station the best on the line. A bragging sea captain's maritime experience actually extends to navigating a coal barge down inland waterways. Wilfred was born in 1946, making him 17. Arley SVR station in Upper Arley was used as Hatley station. I like your (gooey parfait - ?) The 'football' train leaves at six a.m. the following morning, rather than the scheduled ten a.m., at the insistence of Joe and although Porter questions some of the odd packages being loaded onto the train, he accepts Joe's claim that these are in fact goalposts for the game. What a funny man you are!". Crewe is a town better known as a railway junction than as a destination. Oh, Doctor Beeching! He flirts with every woman he comes into contact with, except Vera. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The agent is posing ... See full summary », Through the influence of a relative, a hopeless railway employee is made stationmaster the sleepy Irish station of Buggleskelly. Oh, Doctor Beeching! On the surface, he seems refined, but it turns out that he knows the station's buffet manager because they had a passionate affair, which was going on behind her boyfriend (later husband) Jack Skinner's back. Wilfred often comes across as stupid, but sometimes displays signs that he is brighter than he appears – for instance in the episode "The Van", he finds Arnold's missing wife Jessica. It is widely acclaimed as the best of Hay's work, and a classic of its genre. The lyrics include this chorus: The bench was unveiled by Pete Waterman. Gifts. The title was taken from Oh! [1] Oh, Mr.Porter! Dave explains how the video appropriated the meaning of "Runaway Train," and what he thought of getting parodied by Weird Al. "Oh! 1 der LP-Charts notierte (nicht ununterbrochen) und bereits im Mai 1956, also lange vor der Single der Tarriers, erschienen war. She is also a flirt – she has a son from her marriage to a now deceased American soldier named Earl, whom she frequently refers to in the earlier episodes. The station staff react to him in different ways – most are tolerant of him, but Jack and Harry, the signalman, take an intense dislike to him, which only slightly mellows as the series goes on. A hapless fire crew are given the ultimatum: put out a fire successfully or else be sacked. Oh, Mr. Porter! May Skinner (née Blanchflower) (Julia Deakin) Buffet Manageress – She had a passionate affair with Cecil Parkin before she married Jack, which ended when Cecil was called up to serve in the Army. William Porter (Will Hay) is an inept railway worker who – due to family connections – is given the job of stationmaster at a remote and ramshackle rural Northern Irish railway station in the (fictitious) town of Buggleskelly, situated on the border with the then Irish Free State. She is often the object of Percy's desires. 1954 folgte eine Version von Louise Bennett, die aus Jamaika stammte. A band so baffling, even their names were contrived. The programme was filmed on the Severn Valley Railway. (MP3) Oh, oh, Mr. Mitchell, I'm crazy about your sweet poontang. It is situated out in the countryside, two miles cross-country from the nearest bus stop. "Oh! Her late husband used to work on the railway, as she frequently reminds the other members of staff; her catchphrase is "he was an engine driver you know". Listen to it high. I swear it is an experience in itself, especially the chorus. Accessories. Several other members of railway staff appear, including an older engine driver Arnold Thomas (Ivor Roberts); his inexperienced fireman Ralph (Perry Benson), who is training to be a driver; and the flirtatious guard, Percy (Terry John), with whom Ethel appears to be quite besotted at times. Der Song geht zurück auf ein altes jamaikanisches Volkslied mit dem Titel Day dah light, das von Schauerleuten (Hafenarbeiter zum Be- und Entladen) handelt, die in Nachtschichten Bananen verluden und über ihre Arbeit sangen. Oh, Mr Porter! According to John Huntley in his book Railways on Screen, "[t]he editor reversed his negative at one stage in preparing the title backgrounds, causing them to come out reversed on the final print". Oh, oh, Mr. Mitchell, I'll tell the world that it's a wang. She is fond of Harry, but he is not interested in her. His tall tales catch him out when he is coerced into commanding an ... See full summary », A disgraced school master, Benjamin Twist, is mistaken for a tough prison governor and assigned the charge of a prison for particularly hardened criminals. “Oh My Darling, Clementine” is a traditional American folk song, commonly credited to Percy Montrose (1884). The song was adapted for use in the 1996–97 BBC television situation comedy Oh, Doctor Beeching! Here are their histories and a design analysis from an expert. At the time of filming the engine normally resided on the Severn Valley Railway. Jack deeply loves his wife May (played by Sherrie Hewson in the pilot episode, with her scenes re-recorded by Julia Deakin when repeated as the first episode of the regular series) who runs the station buffet, but is prone to becoming very jealous of her around other men. The guy who brought us "Stacy's Mom" also wrote the Jane Lynch Emmy song and Stephen Colbert's Christmas songs.