We wanted people to pick up the package, get engaged with the story, and buy the damn game.


Or I'm just a sick puppie? C. 1. The best part of those games is the copious cartoon cleavage. Popped it in but it was not, in fact, Cov2. Then he say, "No you were suppose to beat the other one."

I always ask why people is lamenting on that cover when I find it excellent, very 80ish. Then he's so into his music that he totally misses a crazy spaceship passing his back. Or he could create a story that would make people stop and think about it. I'd be interested to see if their strategy worked! “Banjo man” does not appear in the game at any point. But Keith was a brilliant idea guy and always was. Great write-up! It had great graphics, great levels and boss fights, and it was a blast to play. When ZombZ put out the call to help him find this guy’s identity, I was all over it. 1. If we couldn't do anything else, we'd try and get the potential purchaser to stare at the package and try and figure out what just happened. I actually find it sad that the marketing guys state "we knew the game didn't have a lot to offer", but of course this is coming from people who didn't play games at all. Kemcos not without talent, just seem to misplace it... Like all of it... fairly frequently especially when it comes to sub par 3ds RPGs. Old Man (Solo) – Neil Young; Cripple Creek; Undone In Sorrow – Ola Belle Reed; Redemption Song – Bob Marley; You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman ; Agape – Bears Den; Psychotic Girl – The Black Keys; I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash; Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison; Cotton Eyed Joe; When The Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong; Hurt – Johnny Cash; Hotel California – Look at late 90s to current day marketing. This is exactly what I did. I still remember he first time I played this. 1 of 46. Especially with a word I may not have ever seen before lol.

1 of 18. Like the article said, sometimes it worked, and other times it was just lipstick on a pig. When my Super NES friend told me "Have you beat Phalanx yet?

"Even on the time of free up, " (even on the time of release, lol), "purchase their video games from third birthday celebration builders in Japan". Nope. This cover made AVGN's bad game cover art series back in 2015. G. 3. So that developer isn't looking great. OK game? Sort of like the Last Starfighter minus the arcade connection. Hosted by 44 Bytes. I seem to remember actually really liking Phalanx. Nothing but phalanx. Either someone doesn't know english or this was done by a bot, I'm not sure which. It just explains why they decided to use random/weird box art in a general sense. Some people just don't get the joke, I guess. Kemco's Phalanx may not be one of the greatest 16-bit shooters ever made - heck, it's not even close to being one of the best shooters on the SNES - but it has become famous for having one of the strangest western covers in gaming history. then when they realize it has nothing to do with the game you have hurt future sales on everything from the company because you lose trust that your product is what it says it is. I never even looked at the back of it for years when I passed by it in the video store. And I guess it's proof that was a good idea because people are still thinking about it. Definitely not a great shooter though, there are far better ones on the SNES alone. Word for word. 1 of 16. I remember the cover, but never really knew what the gameplay was like. Okay, but that still doesn’t explain why they specifically chose a hillbilly with a banjo. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I kept wondering what other one he meant. They probably could have used any number of a 1000 different ideas to create the same result, they just picked this one probably mostly by chance. I always thought the cover was trying to show some guy in the middle of nowhere playing his banjo late at night, looking up and seeing these crazy spaceships or lights flying across the night sky. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I would look at the back and be disappointed. The whole reason they used a guy with a banjo was to create a "wtf moment" that was completely random from the sci-fi game. Maybe not the best, but it had a great ship design and smooth gameplay. I was once looking for the Civ2 disc after it had been taken away, and found the blank label cd. I think he lived a good, long life.

Who the hell wants to play a game about an old man with a banjo? Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded.


Phalanx was released in 1991 and in that cover photo, Bertil looked to be about 86 years old. By the way: No swear-warning? It was... drumroll... Civilization 3! Just phalanx.

And life goes on. As for the guy on the cover? @dew12333 Seems like you're having a slow comment day, chum. After analysing the box for a solid 3 hours I still couldn't wrap my head around why there was a guy with a banjo on the box. Since the SNES though pretty much all US boxart has been bad. Good game though. Keith called this kind of thing the "heavy huh factor." 3. Even as a kid I thought this cover was awesome. Now I know, now I freaking know. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Speeds Into First Place, Immortals: Fenyx Rising Could Be The Switch Adventure You Need This Holiday, Nintendo Discounts Three Major Mario Games On Switch For A Limited Time (Europe), Random: Here's Why SNES Shooter Phalanx Had That Weird Banjo Guy On Its Cover. It was the final sale and my parents and grandparents spent 3 hours trying to find the best going out of business deals.

There was nothing really important about it being a guy with a banjo, just that it fit what they were trying to do....Which was find something completely off the wall and not related to the game it self.