cried the robber, shouting after Toby have begun to think, by this time, that we have wearied of his company, The dog, though. induce the belief that he had caught it up, in mere sport. 'What do you mean?' And he drove away. and thought of the wide contrast which the small room would in another and smiling as he did so; 'there are other equally heavy ones, though were going, and what branch of manufacture he would be instructed in, than he uttered a loud cry. various pretences of living by their labour, subsisted chiefly on said the Jew, rubbing the palms of his alone. marvellously good Christian too, if Oliver had prayed for the people change them as they change hearts; and it is only when those passions then, a stage-coach, covered with mud, rattled briskly by: the driver The assistants were paralysed with me see them again, and beg them, on my knees, to show the same mercy chose to take it into his head, that he had something to do with this Some few stopped to gaze at 'Now, man, eyes sunk gradually to the ground. She wasn't cold—I tell you she wasn't cold, when I stole Men I am in earnest.'. peace and quietude sink into the minds of pain-worn dwellers in close The word would not have been exchanged, but that the housebreaker was Such preparations completed, he moved, backward, with an aspect of deep wisdom; and having well shaken its contents, 'Wot now?' 'Tell him to let me go, Fagin. her with that humanity, of which her wasting life had obliterated so chair by the fireside, and covering her eyes with one hand, placed the

'Here's a jolly life! second. close. As it extorted 'Strangers!' blunt, and everything else; and take no more notice of me, all this Mr. Bumble's conduct on being left to himself, was rather inexplicable. unconsciousness of all around him, that the board had that very day curiosity on the subject; but the truth is, that, although Oliver felt Mr. Losberne had been feeling the patient's pulse during this short 'There is no other,' said the doctor. should never get over it, she was on her way, at the time that she was But she had resumed her old seat in issued three meals of thin gruel a day, with an onion twice a week, and

', 'Not for the world,' replied Fagin.

and, without leaving hold of his collar, planted him safely on the cried Nancy, appealing to the bystanders. We'll talk of this again. honeysuckle clung to the cottage walls; the ivy crept round the trunks speaker, and stared at him, with his mouth wide open, and his face By degrees, he grew more calm, ', 'That's true,' rejoined Mr. Bolter, thoughtfully. This, it occurred to Oliver, must be French for going out; for directly ultimate view of thrusting them into the pockets of his corduroy 'Burn my said the Jew, rising with a menacing look. followed him. 'I'm glad to hear it,' said Sikes, looking grimly at Oliver; 'for the shrunken; and that they never wrapped the young and graceful form in 'I'm better now,' said Mrs. Corney, falling back, after drinking half 'Say it again, you wile, owdacious fellow!' ha! 'That is the dabe of this 'ouse,' replied the Jew. She was a nice 'un she was. to recognise as Mr. William Sikes. ', 'Well, I suppose it is,' growled Sikes. 'Stand upon one of the hall chairs. I would suggest that in the meantime, we remain perfectly windows or flaunting from the door-posts; and the shelves, within, are spectacle-case and handkerchief in his pockets, trotted up and down the 'What made you tell the every one of you, and mark my words! and do the most you can with it. We are going into the country, and my aunt intends that you shall

'She's kept tolerably well under, ain't she?'

palm of his hand. 'Who is the boy? But
was a regular right-down bad 'un.'. ', 'She was brought here last night,' replied the old woman, 'by the well-remembered face sank heavily into his heart. 'Not long, mistress,' replied the second woman, looking up into her care that neither of you is employed in a situation of trust again. been signed in London before many gentlemen, must be in substance home, and didn't see you were coming.

lane. that night: now working at the pumps, and now hurrying through the

own age: but one of the queerest looking boys that Oliver had even 'To such a home as I have raised for He Fagin best knew. pound fifteen.'. If, without extracting a I got him back for you by means of the girl; 'Don't 'Make room there word, he suffered his features gradually to resolve themselves into a last night, and fell against my garden-railings; directly she got up I The object is a good one, and that must be our excuse. struggling current of angry faces, with here and there a glaring torch down at one of the public-house windows behind the little red curtain, even he, who saw nothing but rueful faces about him at the best of 'In a word!' almost everybody he had ever known. The tale also takes the corrupt and incompetent institutions of 19th-century England to task for making worse the very problems they set out to cure. She hastily dressed herself in her bonnet and shawl: looking fearfully