This combination has accounted for many deer, a few antelope and even a coyote or two.".
Mr. Gould, once a police reporter for The New York Post and later the man who conceived the fun-loving bartender of "Cocktail," is clearly a moralist with a mind of his own. Zero-waste. I always feel creepy anyway in movies where cute little children look at the camera with big brown eyes and beg for my sympathy. Even though you get more velocity with the improved .243, I've also found that the improved version gives a bit more throat life than the parent case does. One Good Cop is a 1991 crime drama starring Michael Keaton as an NYPD detective who finds himself the legal guardian of his deceased partner's daughters. For small to medium-sized deer, Sierra recommends its 85gr HPBT GameKing for soft-tissue shots out to 200 yards. With a strong, pillar-bedded laminated stock, and fluted 26" heavy barrel in 1:9.25" twist, the single-shot 12-BVSS can often deliver 1/2-MOA groups with tuned handloads and can easily shoot under 1 MOA with factory ammo.

This elegant one-pass sizing solution produces very straight rounds with low run-out. Created by Andy Breckman. The film's cast includes Rene Russo, Anthony LaPaglia, Benjamin Bratt and Rachel Ticotin..
Barrel life is the downside of both the .243 AI and standard .243. Complete with its own Dribble and Carry Bag to absorb the last drip. My son used them to take 3 deer this year and none walked away. In desperation, he grabs his gun and a ski mask and robs drug kingpin Beniamino Rios (Tony Plana), whom he has investigated and knows is indirectly responsible for Stevie's death and orphaning the girls since Garret killed Stevie under the influence of Rios' drugs. Sierra recommended Hunting Load. Accuracy-wise, I don't think I'm giving up anything to the .260 Rem or the 6XC." In addition to the DTAC 115-grainers, other excellent long-range match bullets include: 105gr Berger VLD, 106gr Clinch River, 105gr Hornady A-Max, 105gr Lapua Scenar, and the 107gr Sierra MatchKing. Beniamino's girlfriend Grace De Feliz (Rachel Ticotin) is actually an undercover narcotics agent who suspects Artie, but his superior, Lieutenant Danny Quinn (Kevin Conway), defends Artie as one of his best officers and no action is taken against him. Niet overal even geloofwaardig, maar de film blijft wel onderhoudend en daarom nog net 3.0 sterren. One coming from "Horus-Month" (expected outcome would be *ϩⲁⲣⲙⲟⲛⲧ, so this doesn't sound right, or is it some vulgar dialectal form? | The A-Max will expand on impact while some high-BC match bullets will make an "ice-pick" wound. 1/2-MOA at 200. [Editors Note: Do NOT seat a bullet using this "Cream of Wheat" method. This will both resize the case (and bump the shoulder) as necessary, and allow you to adjust neck tension with bushings. And I don't think I really need the extra performance of an improved case. Click Here to download Nosler Partition Video (requires QuickTime). For Mule Deer, [I use] a Nosler 95gr Partition bullet driven to approximately 3085 fps by a maximum load of H4350. It started with an old love letter — and turned into a new romance. For the more advanced users out there, we offer 1-click access to WordPress with custom themes and developer tools. JoeH's Load--2950-2970 best with all powders. Most of you will fire form the brass with loaded .243 Winchester. I will then take the pinch of polyester and load it into the case so that it fills up the shoulder area of the case effectively making sure that the filler is held securely over the powder for fire-forming. We also believe that doughnuts (in the neck) form less readily if you full-length size with non-bushing dies as opposed to using bushings. For the light varmint 60-75 grain varmint bullets, you can use faster powders, such as Hodgdon Varget, H414, and Vihtavuori N140.

I don't know what the filmmakers thought, but I don't think "One Good Cop" has a happy ending. [2], Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a C-, dubbing it "a schizophrenic high-concept movie" with "an unconscionably cynical blend of violence and sentimentality."[3]. One would be hard pressed to ignore a cartridge as versatile as the .243 Ackley Improved. Lees ons privacybeleid voor meer informatie over hoe MovieMeter met je privacy omgaat. Off-the-shelf .243 rifles from Howa, Remington, Savage, and Tikka perform admirably with little or no modification. This movie argues that the end justifies the means. However, Bob finds the wax is not necessary if the polyester filler is placed securely.]. Choose from 140+ professional website templates that work on any device. If you shoot a .243 Ackley, Redding's .243 AI Comp Seater (item 55420) costs quite a bit more than the standard version and Forster doesn't list a .243 AI seater in their catalog. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Shot a mule deer at 512 yards with it, bullet exited, deer ran about 20 steps and that was it. Cylindrical design. If you want the "Cadillac" of production seater dies for the .243 Win, order the Wilson Stainless Micrometer seater (item 50-1114S) from Sinclair International.

Keaton portrays New York City Police Department Detective Artie Lewis, who, with his wife Rita (Russo), adopts his late partner's (LaPaglia) children and loves them as their own. How to use cop in a sentence. For larger varmints, the Barnes 85gr Triple Shock" X-BT bullet will deliver great performance with a max load of H4350 driving it over 3200 fps. But if you find some Norma .243 cases at a good price, don't hesitate to buy them.

Ebert's main criticism of the film was towards its resolution, in which Michael Keaton's character does not lose his job or face criminal charges for his illegal actions: ... even if you grant that premise, the movie's last scene, which is supposed to be a happy ending, gets less and less happy the more you think about it, because it assumes the silence and acquiescence of the entire police department (the possibility of an Internal Affairs investigation isn't even contemplated). This bar indicates the level of hosting performance including CPU priority and amount of allocated RAM. | Reloader's Bench .243 Winchester Page: Cartridge history with recommended powders. Het is alleen wel jammer dat met name het drama wel erg gesimplificeerd wordt weergegeven en is dan ook erg kort door de bocht. With web server accelerators and SSD storage in place, websites load super-fast, so it’s really no surprise that we’re hosting more than 1.5 million domains. We use 1st and 3rd party cookies for statistics and marketing purposes and to give you the best online experience.

Michael Keaton doet het op zich wel aardig als verbindende factor tussen deze twee. He presents Artie Lewis's little excesses as the honest responses of a man determined to do what's best for the children in his life, even if -- especially if -- those children do not happen to be his own. Michael Keaton delivers a critically acclaimed performance as Artie Lewis, an honest and dedicated police detective in this suspenseful, action-filled movie. The .243 Ackley Improved is one of the best long range varmint rounds going, and can add some extra punch for your light big game rifle as well. AlBoy's load. A police detective becomes the guardian of three orphaned girls when his partner is killed during a drug raid. Chuckhunter load.

Contact / Over ons | While we don't advocate "pushing the limits" with factory actions, Matt Bianchini has explored the upper limits of .243 Ackley performance with his Farley-actioned long-range rig, fitted with a 29" Lilja 3-groove, 8-twist barrel. One thing that you need to watch for is what version of the .243 Improved that you have. I'm often asked, "what gunpowder do you recommend"? No one's rated or reviewed this product yet. Finding the best web address for your project is simple with our advanced search and a huge selection of domain name extensions.

A reimagining of the classic animated series. In any case, -ⲙⲟⲛⲧ would be certain). The .243 Win excels with a wide variety of powders, and excellent factory-loaded hunting ammunition is available. This can help you monitor neck tension, one of the most critical factors in maintaining low ES and SD for long-range accuracy. Grace refuses to testify against him after learning that Artie's actions were not motivated by greed but as a father, so the federal government walks away from the case to avoid compromising its field agents. "[1] Janet Maslin of The New York Times plaintively observed: .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, The word "good" would not ordinarily apply to a police detective who robs, cheats and kills in the line of duty, as Artie Lewis (Michael Keaton) is seen doing in "One Good Cop." Wanneer je deze, als ook andere ingevoegde media op de site wilt zien, dan moet je hier even toestemming voor geven. However, Father Wills turns in most of the money Artie gave him; he used only $200 dollars of it to pay for a museum trip with the shelter's children, and all of Artie's co-workers make up the rest of the stolen money.

In 2070, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe fractures it into countless microstates fighting for dominance. "Forum member Jeffrey H of Mississippi reports: "I have had very good results with the Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip with the 95gr bullet. Made from Borosilicate Glass. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. 2.560" COAL. I can get 10-round mags, and feeding is 100% reliable, since the case is identical to a .308 except for the neck. Jump .007". De mix tussen politiefilm en familiedrama gaan hier niet altijd even goed hand in hand. Cartridge basics and external ballistics. For varminters, the Sierra 70gr Blitz-King and Hornady 75gr V-Max offer a good combination of accuracy, BC, and explosive impact on target. NOTE: This rifle is not available in the 2008 Savage product line, so you'll have to look for older inventory.