There’s no way of knowing exactly what you need to do to unlock the Kevin levels, but we found most of them in one playthrough of the base levels in Overcooked 2. On top of introducing online multiplayer to the series, Overcooked 2 adds a load of variety with new recipes and locations that change and move as you play. On top of introducing online multiplayer to the series, Overcooked 2 adds a load of variety with … and was released on the Nintendo Switch and on Steam on August 7, 2018. 1 Description 2 Features 3 Levels 4 DLC 5 Free Updates 6 Media 6.1 Images 6.2 Videos 7 Reception 8 References 9 Links The Onion Kingdom is in peril again but this time, the … 1.1 World 1 1.2 World 2 1.3 World 3 1.4 World 4 1.5 World 5 1.6 World 6 2 Overcooked! It is the sequel to Overcooked! Throwing you from the frying pan and into the fire, dynamic levels will change around you, offering a new challenge to overcome as the recipes and levels themselves change! Overcooked 2 is split into six separate strands of levels, each of which has six levels themselves, with new recipes being introduced in each of them. What You Need to Know, Epic Games Store Offers Two Free Games Alongside Halloween Sale, Changes Coming To Pokemon Go Raids, Research, & More This November, 10 Long-Lost PlayStation Franchises That Need a PS5 Revival, Pokemon Go Day of the Dead Event Will Feature Ghosts & Goodies, New Microsoft Flight Simulator Trailer Displays The Beauty of North America, Overcooked 2: How Long It Is & How Many Levels There Are. 2, and their DLCs. Overcooked 2 sees the introduction of new game mechanics including moving walkways, controllable platforms and even portals! Below is a list of all levels in both Overcooked!, Overcooked! If you’re wondering how far away from playing all the levels you are. 1 Overcooked! There is a total of 36 base levels, and around seven additional Kevin levels, but we will update this piece once we have found them all. There are also some ‘Kevin Levels’, which are unlocked by meeting some hidden criteria on certain levels. New levels of co-operation will be needed for the new wearable backpacks that hold the ingredients the team of chefs need to serve the hungry campers. Overcooked! Dynamic levels! You will also need to return to Throne Room at the center of the map after every set of levels so that the story can continue. You’ll need to meet the star requirements throughout, so your progress may slow down as you reach the harder levels at the end of the game, but, in terms of how long it is, you shouldn’t need to spend a lot more than 10 minutes with each level if you’re just trying to get at least one star and progress. 2016's Overcooked, and its follow-up 2 years later, have fast become known as 2 of the most exciting and deliciously well-crafted co-op party games in recent years.For a party romp that at first resembles a glorified Mario Party minigame, Overcooked 2 has an impressive palette of meaty content. Home » Guides » Overcooked 2: How Long It Is & How Many Levels There Are. Here’s everything you need to know about how long Overcooked 2 is and how many levels there are. How Long Overcooked 2 Is & How Many Levels There Are.